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cotton asked: Hey, I\"ve been trying to animate top top firealpaca and I\"m having trouble, i wanna know if you just can\"t execute this or if I\"m as well stupid to number it out. I drew the very first frame (let\"s say, a face), and also for the 2nd one i don\"t desire to make an additional drawing since the second frame is usually the same confront with the eyes closed. Is there a method to \"copy\" a drawing and paste it in various other frames therefore I deserve to modify it? i m really sorry for bad English, quiet learning.

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There are two ways to carry out this!

1 - use copy and paste, in ~ the peak right corner click edit, under modify click copy, climate click modify again and click paste. You’ll have two of the very same layer lined up perfectly and also you can modify them however you want!

2 - Under your layers (Which room on the bottom ideal by default) there are four buttons. The 2nd button indigenous the left (The 2nd one closest to her picture) is a duplicate button. Pick the layer you desire duplicated and also click the button, friend now have actually two layers with the same photo you have the right to edit yet you want.

Another point I suggest is to have actually onion skin setting on when you animate, it’s really helpful, some world don’t like it however it helps me a lot! If girlfriend don’t know exactly how to find and use it just ask!

I expect this assisted if not I’m i m really sorry I’ll try again!

“I usage onion skin mode, ns tried what girlfriend said and when I paste it the pastes into an additional layer aside from the one I wanted to put it on, and also that messes increase the stimulate of the frames and also ends up looking bad. Is over there a method to paste it in the layer that ns want and also not a brand-new one? Thanks” -What was asked

my solution -

1) when you dough it it’s going to make a brand-new layer, if you desire the class to it is in in a specific spot you deserve to drag it up or down.Or you deserve to click the great you desire the pasted image above and it’ll drop best there.

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2) yet if you desire to integrate it through an already existing layer you have the right to use the unify down switch beside the duplicate layer. Before merging make certain the 2 layers room on top of each other.

As far as I know you can’t paste it on come a layer you’ve already created, you have to merge or redraw it. Sorry ns didn’t aid the very first time, if this is useless again allow me know! I’ll assist you figure out a solution!

“Yeah sorry I’m tired and I’m figuring out just how to animate instead of sleeping, thanks!” -What was said

My response - No Problem! I’m glad I could help! i m really sorry it take it a couple of guesses…