\015 I also have the same problem. The tank is dirty and soaking doesn"t get the stuff off. It also now has a odor when I use it because of this problem. They made the design so crappy you can"t even fit a baby bottle brush through the hole to scrub the walls of it.\015
There"s really nothing you can do to clean it once the stuff has dried up inside. After using the machine, clean it every time! I put hot water in a sink and **** it up into the collection tank, repeat this three or four times. Every now and again, remove the rubber anti-backflow piece and clean it out, too.That"s about all you can do. The only other thing you can do is to buy a replacement tank, they"re not expensive.

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You could try a solution of hot water and baking soda. Works very well for coffee residue on a carafe. Dilute and filter the soda before pouring solution into the tank . then hold the tank and swirl.
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Little green machine pro heat petthe collection tank wasn"t collection and dirty water was coming out of the bottom. i took it apart, cleaned it up and put a new "duckbill" gasket in. then it quit spraying, but i think i got that working again. now after i spray and get a good foam on the carpet, i switch to suction and it seems very weak. i can see the water moving (trickling) from the head into the hose but it is not reaching the collection tank -- actually, i am not sure where its goin


Can"t clean little green collection tank

There"s really nothing you can do to clean it once the stuff has dried up inside. After using the machine, clean it every time! I put hot water in a sink and **** it up into the collection tank, repeat this three or four times. Every now and again ... Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

Leaks out of the clean water tank - Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

... Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

Cleaning the little green cleaner and suction tanks

The link below is for the manualhttp://www.bissell.com/assets/0/132/134/228/83bcc4e8-41c1-4b5f-8547-17c9af450a80.pdf ... Vacuums

Dirt/Collection Tank Bissell Little Green

I had the same problem, so I took out the black stopper, and soaked the whole thing in bleach water for about an hour, then I took a hand full of " aquarium " rocks and put them inside the tank, and shook them inside using a bit of the same water ... Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

Vax is dispensing from clean water tank but dirty water tank is not collecting anything

... Vacuums

Cleaning the bissell little green

Take the jugs off the sides and wash the base. out with bleach water,also fill the solution tank with bleach water and shake well to remove the mildew and dirt from the tanks ... Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

Hoover F7431900 I am using this for the first time in a little while and both tanks, the water tank and the cleaning tank are both leaking. Any help in this matter would be appreciated!

The tank you are talking about has the soap container attched to the back of the water tank, then probably you need to replace the tank. If this has different tanks, then you may have to replave the seals that the tank sits on. ... Hoover V1 SteamVac SpinScrub Vacuum

My sister dropped her roomba than brought it to me complaining it does"nt work anymore. I took it apart, cleaned everything i knew to clean,could not find anything obviously wrong so I put it back together.I charged the battery than tried it. The green light comes on when you push the clean button and it makes a little grunt noise but that"s it.

Have a look at the motor brushes if there broken or poped out this is were the "grunt is coming from" the motor is trying to turn but cant? ... iRobot Roomba 4000 Bagless Robotic Vacuum

How to take apart bissell little green turbo to clean it

... Bissell 1720-5 Little Green Turbobrush Canister Vacuum

Cleaning the bissell little green

We took off the hose by pushing in the 2 white pins on either side of the hose at the end near the base.BE CAREFUL NOT TO PULL ON THE HOSE ITSELF but on the plastic where the hose connects.Flush water thru the hose to clear out all the mildew and jun ... Bissell 1425 Little Green ProHeat Handheld Steam Vacuum

Steaming very little. The mop used to have strong bursts of steam, but now will steam very little. I use distilled water in the tank. Should I clean it with vinegar and water?

Hi,It will not hurt it to try and clean it...Here is a tip that I wrote about the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop and why it maynot be getting steam to the head... ... Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop - Gray/ Purple Vacuum

The clip that secures the Solution/Clean water tank on my Bissell Little Green Model #1720-W is broken so that the tank does not stay in place on the machine

... Bissell 1720-1 Little Green Wet/Dry Vacuum

Bissell Big Green Machine just stopped working in mid-clean. Have emptied tank, rinsed tank, checked belt, checked brush and still nothing. Have even changed outlets. Suggestions?

The motor could have fried or the wires have been shaken off the motor terminals. ... Bissell 1697-7 Powersteamer Pro Deluxe Vacuum

Cant locate owners manuel for bissell proheat complete pet 2x does solution go in small tank and hot water in bottom tank ?????where does dirty water collect ??

... Vacuums

My bissell proheat 2x 8920 series will not dispense the cleaning fluid from the little tank. The water sprays out fine and everything else works, it just wont spray out the cleaning solution. Please help!

... Bissell 9500 ProHeat 2X CleanShot Upright Deep Cleaner, Red Berends Vacuum

The dirt is clogged inside the bissel little green 1400-7 hand held cleaning head. How can I unclog? Can the plastic piece be removed asw for the dirt is stuck on the sides of the cleaning handle?

... Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

I left dirty water in my Scooba for two days. Now the tank smells bad and there is a green film in it. Any ideas how to clean it or does it have to be serviced? Thanks for any advice (except not forge

... iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum

My little green machine won"t spray the solution but it will pick

We had the same problem. After dissassembling the whole machine we could not find a clog or any other obvious problem. The manual suggests priming the pump by putting the solution reservoir in and out a few times. This did not help much. What did ... Bissell LITTLE green Compact Multi-Purpose Cleaner Vacuum

I have a Bissell Little Green Scruber Model #1720-W that has a broken clip which secures the solution/clean water tank to the front of the machine. Where can I purchase the clip to repair this machine

... Vacuums

I need a user guide for Bissell Little Green; I want to clean some carpet and seats in vehicle, but can"t find user guide.

Go here.... under "Find a User Manual" enter your model # Hope this helps. http://www.bissell.com/csmain.aspx?id=2174 ... Bissell 1400 Little Green Pro Canister Steam Vacuum

This is a roomba 560. First started acting crazy, ""even ""singing"" on the base. No no power at all, no clean botton light at all, the base turns green when you put it in there like charging ... The baterry measures little over 14V. I tried to reset it but no change...

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Something is blocking the battery current and preventing the Roomba from running.\015\012\015\012Low voltage contacts can be blocked by thin films formed by condensible organic outgassing in the home environmental (That"s the yellowy haze ... iRobot Roomba 560 Robotic Vacuum

Iput the tank back on and it cracked - Bissell 1425 Little Green ProHeat Handheld Steam Vacuum

You can purchase a new tank if needed. No known way of fixing the cracked plastic.http://www.usavacuum.com/category-s/343.htm ... Bissell 1425 Little Green ProHeat Handheld Steam Vacuum

DYson DC07 not sucking properly when in upright mode. I have tried cleaning out pipes etc and even tried an old motor section I had in garage (replaced once under warranty as kept cutting out and they left old motor section here). Even the old motor section had same prob so this suggests its something in the rest of the vacuum cleaner (whats left after you have lifted off the green motor section and dust collection area if you see what I mean? Any advice weclome please.

Blocked filters ... Dyson DC07 Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum
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