Have you ever wondered why her Toyota or Lexus can not play DVDs if in motion? It’s not broken; that just due to the fact that your vehicle has safeguards in ar to store the DVD player off when the car is moving. This safeguards are meant to protect against the driver from being distracted through the screen while on the road.

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Toyota and also Lexus have actually been act this for a lengthy time by wiring the DVD player to the parking brake so the it will just play as soon as the parking brake is engaged. They’ve recently adjusted the means they perform this; countless newer models have actually a device that monitors the parking brake, speed, and also and general practitioners coordinates, i m sorry keeps the DVD player turn off every time the car’s moving.


A device you should access anytime girlfriend want, via Toyota engine Europe

There are methods to bypass the parking brake safeguard, but the activity sensor bypass is much harder. Luckily, VAIS has a equipment for Toyota and also Lexus models the disengages the system’s surveillance capabilities.

Bypassing The movement Sensor Safeguard

Modern safeguards need a lot more finesse come bypass. In this case, a DVD bypass kit will do the trick. It’s just a unit you plug or wire right into your DVD player that’s designed to fool the video clip system right into thinking the the vehicle is never ever in movement (which consequently gets the video system come let you revolve on the DVD player whenever girlfriend want).

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VAIS Technology’s ULM-71 model

VAIS modern technology offers a basic plug-n-play system that’s a three-inch long and also two-inch broad unit you can mount ~ above the carpet or chassis and also plug into your DVD player. Here’s substantial list that what we have available:

ULM-51 (Lexus models only):2007-2009 GS 350/430/460/450H2007-2009 ES 350/300h2008-2009 LX 5702007-2009 LS 460/600HL2006-2009 IS 250/350ULM-61 (Lexus models only):2010-2011 GS 350/430/460/450H2010-2012 ES 350/300H2010-2013 GX 470/4602010-2012 RX 350/400h/450h2010-2011 LX 5702010-2012 LS 460/600HL2010-2012 HS 250H2010 SC 4302011-2012 CT 200H/F Sport2010-2012 IS-F/IS-C2010-2012 IS 250/350ULM-71 (Lexus models only):2012-2014 GS 350/430/460/450H2013-2014 ES 350/300H2013-2016 RX 350/400h/450h2013-2015 LX 5702013-2014 LS 460/600HL2013 CT 200H/F Sport2013-2014 IS-F/IS-C2013 IS 250/350ULM-77 (Toyota models only):2014-2015 Corolla2015 Avalon2014-2015 Tacoma2014-2015 4Runner2014-2015 Tundra2015 Sequoia2015 Prius2014-2015 Camry2015 Sienna2014-2015 Highlander2014-2015 RAV42015 VenzaULM-81 (Lexus models only):2015 GS 350/430/460/450H2015 ES 350/300H2014-2016 GX 470/4602016 LX 5702015-2016 LS 460/600HL2014-2015 CT 200h/F Sport2015-2016 IS-F/IS-C2015-2016 RC/RC-F2015-2016 NX/NXH2014-2016 IS 250/3502016-2017 RX 350/450H

Important keep in mind From VAIS Technology

We know why Toyota and also Lexus have actually these safeguards in place. No one have to watch movie or navigate the device while driving. We developed our DVD bypass kits (which are likewise navigation unlock kits) come let you accessibility your system whenever you want. This kits are not to plan for usage while driving however are rather for passenger use only.