Frankincense has actually been provided for a lengthy time because that its heal capabilities. The oil help to protect against infections, minimize inflammation, relax anxiety, and extremely boost a who immune system. The burn of the resin is typical in most spiritual rituals for functions of meditation, psychic energy, and also spiritual protection. The is crucial part the most religious occasions.

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In the past, prior to the arrival of cones and incense sticks, it was still commonly used. However, the process involved charcoal, i m sorry is not necessarily the best way to go around it. So, if you carry out not desire to address the smoke the is developed when burning using charcoal, how should friend go about it? Well, there are far better methods of act this. In this post, we are going come teach friend how come burn Frankincense without charcoal. Stay tuned.

Burning Frankincense utilizing an Oil Warmer

So, how do girlfriend burn Frankincense in one oil burner? it is a very straightforward process.

Get one Oil Warmer


You can pick one that two types of oil burners. You deserve to purchase a glass or a ceramic oil warmer. The ceramic type of warmers is a single piece conversely, the glass varieties feature a glass dish the is put on peak of a ceramic or metallic stand. They are widely easily accessible in shop that greatly sell candles.

Add some Vegetable Oil

You should include some oil come the dish depending on its size. In many cases, girlfriend will need one or two teaspoons of oil. It have to not acquire to fifty percent the size of the dish.

You can choose to usage sunflower seed oil or olive oil, i beg your pardon will boost the fragrance produced.

Note: avoid using thick oils or important oils. These will certainly not occupational properly in the process. Furthermore, the oil is vital step to avoid cracking the dish if the gets too hot. Also, the oil will not evaporate.

Add Frankincense Resin


It could be in various forms. You could have purchased some in chunks, in which instance you should include several small pieces. It might also be offered in form of powder, in which situation a tespoon of the powder need to work perfectly.

Put a Lit Tea irradiate in the Oil Warmer

Light the tea light, after ~ which girlfriend should place it in the oil warmer carefully.

There space two points to remember. Stop votive candles since they room tall and also avoid perfume tea light since their aroma could mix through the fragrance from Frankincense resin.

Wait for the Oil come Heat

The oil can take different times depending upon the amount of oil you added and the material used to do the dish. When the oil starts to heat, the Frankincense resin will heat and also the aroma will be released. Friend will start smelling the resin’s aroma.

At this point, there space two key choices. Girlfriend can choose to placed out the candle or allow it to burn completely.

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Now the you have learned exactly how to burn Frankincense resin without charcoal, you can enjoy the sweet aroma coupled through the be safe benefits that accompany it. In instance you perform not have an oil warmer or execute not want to purchase one, you have the right to easily choose to do one yourself. A pair of metallic bottles should help with that. Nevertheless, you must never leave the oil warmer unattended. Get an oil warmer today and also enjoy an impressive fragrance experience.