State of decay 2: Juggernaut Edition puts friend in charge of a community of survivors in the wake up of the zombie apocalypse. Instead of play a solitary character, you cycle v each of the distinctive personalities in her community, an altering characters to satisfy the details challenges you face. Your neighborhood can grow larger as you recruit added survivors, or smaller if something walk wrong and you shed a teammate come the ravenous zombie hordes!
After a brief tutorial the teaches the basics of the video game (movement, combat, scavenging for loot, communicating with other characters), your community takes possession that a momentary base that operations. It’s not much much more than four walls and also some cots, yet that’s sufficient to contact it home. The next couple of hrs ease you right into the realities of post-apocalyptic survival v a series of missions that present the most common difficulties your community will face, native gathering gives to clearing the end zombie infestations. 
By the finish of this mission sequence, you’ll have actually the opportunity to claim a larger, more elaborate basic for her community. This represents your shift from early game right into the mid-game experience, i beg your pardon is less directed and much more open-world. You’ll also get the alternative to promote one of your survivors right into a leadership role, such together Sheriff or Trader. This is vital decision that unlocks certain benefits for your community, such as unique facilities girlfriend can build at her base, as well as a particular endgame heritage story (described later). 
Over the following several hours of play, you’ll confront the ongoing difficulty of maintaining your neighborhood healthy, safe, and also well-fed. In ~ the same time, you’re tasked with clearing the end the many dangerous zombie (those infected through deadly blood plague) from her town. Just by ruining every last afflict heart in the area deserve to you unlock the endgame tradition story the matches your leader selection.

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Perfect this heritage “wins the game” by cementing her community’s lasting donation to the world. It also unlocks a one-of-a-kind boon that benefits your later communities, offering them a leg up top top survival and also letting you try new strategies! want to know an ext about solution in State of degeneration 2: Juggernaut Edition? offer yourself an edge and also check out our Survival guide series on YouTube.