Beating Nano Virus on Brutal is sensibly similar to beating it on Normal, however you need to be a small even more aggressive bereason the cure builds a little bit much faster.

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You’ll need to invest in simply about every capability that reduces the cure. Don’t get also alequipped once the cure starts to climb ideal from the begin, you’ll have the ability to slow it down enough in the end to win.

Gene Setup for Nano Virus on Brutal

DNA Gene: Metabolic JumpTravel Gene: AquacyteEvolution Gene: Patho-StasisMutation Gene: Genetic MimicEnvironment Gene: Extremophile

Starting your Nano Virus

Start in China since it’s the largest country and has actually general benefits to all climates.

You’re going to begin fighting the cure automatically, since the kill switch starts being constructed before the human being is even conscious of your plague.

Acquisition Code Fragment Interception and also Radical Elements Stabilized on the Abilities web page ideal as soon as you have actually points for them. Next off purchase Code Segment Interception and Encryption Bgot to on Abilities too. This will sluggish the kill switch job-related rather a little bit.

Now that you have actually a tiny cushion, you deserve to start spanalysis more. Acquisition Air 1 and also Water on Transobjectives as soon as you have sufficient points.

Next buy these symptoms: Nausea, Coughing, Rash, Anaemia, Cysts, Hypersensitivity, Paralysis, Coma as quickly as you can. If Total Organ Failure ever before mutates prior to everyone is infected, devolve it automatically.

Take dvery own some of the resistances by purchasing Drug Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1, Heat Resistance 1, and also then Genetic Hardening 1 and also 2 below too to slow dvery own the kill switch some even more.

When you’ve spcheck out some more and also banked a couple of even more points, purchase Air 2, Water 2, and Extreme Bioaerosol under Transobjectives.

You must be making some great development at this allude, and also most points. The cure will keep rising, yet don’t panic yet because you have to still have time. The end moves pretty easily when the earth is infected.

Load up on some more contagious symptoms like Sneezing, Pneumonia, Sneezing, Sweating, Haemophilia, and Abscesses.

A ton of points have to be rolling in right about now. Acquisition Drug Immunity, Drug Resistance 2, Cold Resistance 2, and every one of the Genetic Reshuffles under Abilities.

If you have any kind of closed land boundaries that should be infected at this suggest, you have the right to purchase Bird 1 & 2 to aid infect them. This is once I prefer to unleash Replication Factory Overpack under Abilities to offer your pester a substantial increase in infectivity for a short duration, yet the side effect will certainly be a reduction in Infectivity in the lengthy run, which is fine bereason we’re around done spreading anyway. After you purchase Replication Factory Overpack, you can purchase Drug Immunity also to increase infectivity ago up in rich nations.


Once everyone in the planet is infected, it’s time to unleash hell!

Purchase Total Organ Failure, and also any other deadly symptom you deserve to afford. The even more human being die, the slower the cure will certainly build and also the more points you’ll get to purchase more deadly symptoms. Don’t let up, and also store throwing whatever you have the right to at them.

If the cure builds cshed to 100 in the time of this procedure (it shouldn’t, however just in case) purchase Broadactors Interceptor Overfill, which stops the cure totally for numerous weeks. This must offer you sufficient time to kill off sufficient human being to slow it completely.

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Congrats, you win!


Having troubles, or have suggestions or builds of your own? Leave me a comment below and also let me recognize.