Private Setting on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a convenient means to hide papers you don"t want viewed by others, without the require for any type of third-party apps. When you"re in Private Setting, all your photos, videos, and also other files will be viewable. Exit Private Setting and hand your phone to somebody else. You have the right to rest assured they can"t watch any of your concealed papers, unmuch less they understand your code or unlock pattern.

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Here"s exactly how to erected Private Mode on the Galaxy S5 and gain began with it:

How to allow Private Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Swipe down from the peak of any type of display screen on your Samsung Galaxy S5 utilizing 2 fingers. Now tap on Private Mode from the list of symbols. The first time you enter Private Mode, you"ll be offered a short walkthrough and be asked to enter a pin code. This just happens the first time you enable Private Setting.


Keep in mind you"ll need the pin you set up for Private Mode each time you enter it. Be sure you pick somepoint you have the right to easily remember.

How to disable Private Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Swipe down from the height of any kind of display on your Samsung Galaxy S5 using two fingers. Now tap on Private Mode again. Your Galaxy S5 should currently be in normal mode again. Be sure to execute this before handing your device over to anyone you do not desire accessing things labeled for Private Mode Only.


How to add and rerelocate records from Private Setting on the Galaxy S5

Private Setting supports numerous various media varieties consisting of photos and also videos. Follow these steps to add supported records to Private Mode:

Turn Private Mode On. Now navigate to the photo or file in question that you just want viewable while in Private Mode. Select it or multiple files and also then tap on the Overflow food selection button in the upper right.Tap on Move to Private.


That"s it. Your Galaxy S5 will add those documents to a personal album or folder that is just viewable once in Private Mode.

I"ve noticed that Private Mode is a little glitchy for me and doesn"t offer the option on all my photos, only some of them. I additionally have to select them and also can"t tap right into them and also watch the Private Setting alternative. Anyone else seeing the very same issues? Let me understand in the comments!


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