1. Who is Tana Mongeau? everything you have to know about the YouTuber.

So, we've all gained to know Tana Mongeau really well end the years through her YouTube channel and music career, but do we really recognize ~ every ~ the tea on miss out on Mongeau? discover out all the details ~ above Tana's life that you (probably) never ever knew.

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2. Exactly how tall is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is 5 feet and 4 inches tall (1.65m).


3. How old is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is 23-years-old. She to be born on June 24, 1998.


4. What is Tana Mongeau's genuine name?

Believe that or not, Tana Mongeau's complete name is Tana Marie Mongeau. <


5. That is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is a YouTuber and also singer. Tana's career was kickstarted with her "storytime" YouTube videos all about her stunner life. She then relocated onto music and soon she'll add reality TV star come her already extensive CV. In April 2019, Tana announced that she's obtaining her own MTV display called 'No Filter: Tana turns 21'.


6. Just how do you express Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau's name is express "TAN-A MOE-JOE". Tana pronounces the that means in the start of all of her YouTube videos.

7. What star sign is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau's birthday drops on June 24, which renders her star sign Cancer.

8. What is Tana Mongeau's net worth?

Tana Mongeau's network worth is reportedly approximately $1 million, i m sorry she has made through YouTube advertisement revenue. However, together her subscribers grow, and with a truth TV series on the way, this number is just going come increase. <

9. Wherein is Tana Mongeau from?

Tana Mongeau is American. She to be born and also raised in ras Vegas, Nevada. However she moved to Los Angeles, California, after her YouTube career took off.

10. What taken place at TanaCon?

TanaCon was an occasion in Anaheim, California, developed by Tana Mongeau after she didn't gain invited to it is in a featured creator in ~ VidCon in 2018. The totality thing ended up being a poorly-executed disaster and also the event was eventually shut down within six hrs of the starting. The meet couldn't host the number of guests, VIP packages weren't what lock promised to be and people literally passed the end after being left in the sun for hours. <

11. Who is Tana Mongeau's boyfriend?

Tana Mongeau is currently solitary after separating from Jake Paul in January 2020. Tana remained in an open up relationship v singer and actress Bella Thorne from 2017 come February 2019. During that time, Tana additionally dated Canadian blogger Brad Sousa native February 2018 to April 2019, till she found that he had cheated ~ above her. Prior to that, Tana dated YouTuber Somer Hollingsworth (2015-2017), YouTuber Kian Lawley (2017) and rapper Lil Xan (2018). <

12. Are Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus dating?

Fans very first started suspecting the Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus to be dating earlier in December 2019, ~ the YouTuber referred to as Noah she "girlfriend". Noah shut under the rumours, though, insisting they to be "just friends". Yet fast forward to September 2020, and also the pair it seems ~ to be feeding into the rumours once again. Tana shared a photograph of it s her cuddling approximately Noah, writing: "i average ofc i had actually to take it a rest from instagram till she to be my girl friend again." <

13. Is Tana Mongeau date Too hot To Handle's bother Jowsey?

Tana Mongeau is rumoured come be date Too hot To Handle's harry Jowsey after ~ they practically kissed top top TikTok. In the clip shared on Saturday (Sep 12), Tana is checked out dancing prior to she moves in because that a kiss indigenous Harry. No have confirmed if they're actually dating, however, Tana has actually received backlash due to the fact that of her friendship v Harry's ex Francesca Farago. In response, Tana said: "Francesca go out through an ex that mine!" But, Francesca has actually now stated that she's no longer friends v Tana.

14. Are Tana Mongeau and also Jake Paul gaining a divorce?

Tana Mongeau started "dating" YouTuber Jake Paul after her break-up with Brad Sousa in April 2019. Back Jake claimed the relationship was initially for clout and also YouTube see in his video clip 'The secret behind our relationship', they acquired married in las Vegas in July 2019 – but it wasn't legal. In January 2020, the couple then announced the they to be going ~ above a break.

15. Has actually Tana Mongeau had any surgery?

Tana Mongeau has actually admitted come having had cosmetic surgery. Tana Mongeau had septoplasty (a surgical procedure to correct a deviated septum) in 2016 come correct serious nose bleeds and aid with she breathing. She has likewise revealed the she has actually lip filler too, but has denied having had her boobs done or any other surgery.

16. Has actually Tana Mongeau to be in any YouTube scandals?

Tana Mongeau has actually been associated in a couple of YouTube scandals. She has actually been recorded in drama for saying the N word, making Mac Miller's death about her and of course TanaCon.

17. What is Tana Mongeau's present called?

Tana Mongeau announced the she would certainly be gaining her very own reality display called, 'No Filter: Tana transforms 21' in April 2019. The fly-on-the-wall series will follow the chaos of her life and show the fact of being a well known YouTuber. Tana is at this time filming the show yet it doesn't have a premiere date yet.

18. Tana Mongeau will launch her very own podcast dubbed Cancelled v Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau will launch her own podcast after ~ landing a multimillion-dollar transaction in partnership v The example Collective and DWE Talent. Cancelled with Tana Mongeau will cover pop culture and existing events, and will function influencers and celebrities. "I’m ultimately ready come talk about everything, and when ns say everything, I mean literally everything," Tana told page Six. "I have had plenty of offers to execute my own podcast, but now is the time to open up the vault."

19. What happened between Tana Mongeau and also Tristan Thompson?

In June, Tana Mongeau revealed that basketball player and Khloe Kardashian's on-off boyfriend Tristan Thompson attend her birthday party. She tweeted: "All i know to tweet around my date of birth party last night is that tristan thompson was one of the very first attendees. Choose babe where true." Sources later on told DailyMail.com the Tristan accused disappeared right into a bedroom with 3 women and a masculine friend for 30 mins.

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20. Is Tana Mongeau on OnlyFans?

Tana Mongeau launched her own OnlyFans account in might 2020 come share uncensored and explicit content. Like countless OnlyFans pages, you have to pay to view Tana's nudes, clear videos and also whatever else she chooses to post. Girlfriend can discover her ~ above tanamongeau. <