Presley Gerber is a popular fashion model, photographer, and social media celebrity native the joined States. Presley Gerber is most recognized as the boy of Cindy Crawford, a supermodel.

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On July 2, 1999, Presley was born. Brentwood, California, the United says of America, was taken to a mother, Cindy Crawford, and Rande Gerber. His dad is an entrepreneur, if his mother is a well-known supermodel. Presley also had a sister referred to as Kaia Gerber as soon as he was cultivation up. His sister, that is likewise a model, is an extremely well recognized. His nationality is American.

When it involves Presley’s education background, he graduated from Malibu High School. He, on the other hand, has actually kept more details about his scholastic background confidential.

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Gerber was standing 5 feet 11 inches tall and also weighs around 78 kg. Presley, too, had dark eyes and short brown hair. He, on the other hand, is a tall, handsome, and confident model. But, likewise, he has actually kept his physics measurements, shoe size, and further personal details private.

Full NamePresley Gerber
Date of bear July 2, 1999
Birth PlaceBrentwood, California
Age22 (2021)
Father"s NameRande Gerber
Mother"s NameCindy Crawford
Siblings 1
Occupationfashion model, photographer, and also social media celebrity
Body MeasurementN/A
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight78 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorBrown
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
Spouse(s)/Partner(s)Syndey Brooke
Net worth 700000 USD (approax)

Because Gerber to be a renowned supermodel and also actor Cindy Crawford, Presley anticipated gift a model in his work career. Instead, Presley make his advertising debut in the publication CR Fashion Book’s autumn issue, whereby he got highlighted in a chapter. The program obtained titled ‘Kid Royalty,’ and it gained photographed by famed photographer Bruce Weber.

The adhering to year, Presley modeled because that another component of the same journal’s spring issue. The title of this installment, which contained photographer Bjorn Looss, to be ‘Spring Formal.’ Presley was soon signed as a featured design by ‘IMG Models,’ a renowned an international model management firm. Presley gained taken by Scottish photographer Albert Watson for the pictorial “Only lover Left lively MDX” in the March problem of models. Com, “one of the most significant fashion news part in the world.”

He make his ramp figure in 2016 v the ‘Moschino resort Show.’ In addition, Presley has graced the runway because that renowned fashion houses and labels such as ‘Dolce & Gabbana,’ ‘Balmain,’ ‘Burberry,’ ‘Philipp Plein,’ ‘Tommy Hilfiger,’ ‘Armani,’ and also ‘Zadig & Voltaire.’ together a result, Presley has appeared in editorials for several deluxe publications. Collier Schorr, Mario Testino, and Taylor Tupy were amongst his collaborators. ‘Another One,’ ‘Another Man,’ ‘Another One,’ ‘Another One,’ ‘A ‘At Large,’ ‘Vogue Hommes,’ and ‘ODDA,’ to surname a few.’ In September, Presley got showed up on the sheathe of ODDA Magazine.

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Presley, on the various other hand, is a model also as an imaginative photographer. He and his sister produced an ‘Instagram‘ page. Presley’s shooting abilities gained featured on the website, and also Kaia serves as his model. His an individual ‘Instagram’ page has nearly 750,000 followers thanks to a series of photos. Presley is a really well-recognized figure.

In state of Gerber’s love situation, he is currently in a partnership with Syndey Brooke and also works at His Father’s Restaurant. Choose Nicole Brown Simpson, Syndey is the just child and only daughter that the late NFL star Nicole Brown Simpson. That has, however, previously dated Lily Moulton.

Gerber’s prior love background is murky due to the fact that he was apparently photographed kissing Charlotte D’Alessio and also seeing version Cayley King.

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Presley is renowned as a model and an Instagram sensation. Presley is a diligent young man. He has a net worth of more than USD 700,000 as of 2021. Together a result, he has yet to reveal details about his monthly income.