Lauren London is just beginning to return to the spotlight. The actor/model has been in the entertainment market for practically 20 years. However, she took part time off to have actually her 2 children, and also she had one more hiatus complying with the tragic fatality of her late boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle.

Now, it shows up London is slowly starting to get earlier to work. She just starred in the enormous Amazon blockbuster, Without Remorse, the contrary Michael B. Jordan, and she will be starring in a mini-series opposite Kevin Hart soon.

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Lauren London | Leon Bennett/ Getty images

How did Lauren London come to be famous?

London rose to fame earlier in 2003. At just 18, she was booked for a starring duty in Pharrell Williams’ above “Frontin’” music video. Indigenous there, the actor’s reputation skyrocketed. She went on come star the contrary Clifford “TI” Harris in the struggle 2006 movie ATL, she has additionally starred in everything from Almost Christmas to BET’s The Game.

The 36-year-old to be also collection to star in the FX drama series Snowfall after john Singleton handpicked her role of Franklin’s Aunt Louis. However, as manufacturing was revving up, London discovered she was pregnant through her second child, and also she had to do a challenging choice.

“Lauren was handpicked by john Singleton come do Snowfall. She read, acquired the part, shooting the pilot…did stunts…this was her dream role,” London’s so late boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle said in an interview with GQ. “And then she gained pregnant v our son. That was a really tough decision for she to make.”

“It to be the toughest decision the my job by far,” London added. “Do I pick my spirit or myself? i went v my soul.”

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Lauren London has returned to acting after a lengthy hiatus

London to be returning to acting in the BET original series, Games civilization Play, after ~ the birth of her son, Kross Asghedom, once her boyfriend and also Kross’s father, Nipsey Hussle, was shot and also killed on march 31, 2019.

Sometime after, London told GQ, “I haven’t gotten to digest the fullness that it since it’s overwhelming, and also I’m in the process of heal myself and my family.” 

Now, it appears that London is ready to go back to work. Her great friend, Michael B. Jordan, convinced her come star opposite that in the Amazon element thriller, Without Remorse.

“Michael got to out come me together a friend and he was so unsure if i was even going to ever work again,” London told Entertainment Tonight“And he was like, ‘Look, i’m unsure if this is what you want to do, yet I have to follow my intuition, I have to ask friend if deserve to you simply read the script.’”

In the end, London took the duty because she feeling she deep resonated through the storyline because it deals with grief and loss.

What is Lauren London’s height?

London has always played memorable characters, and also she’s known for she dimples and also her transmittable laugh. However, she’s actually much much shorter than civilization would expect. The LA-born gibbs is only 5 foot 2 customs tall.