Ever since he was cast as The Bachelor, Matt James has been break records. The previous footballer is, that course, the very first Black Bachelor the the franchise has ever before had. Despite Rachel Lindsay Abasolo and also Tayshia Adams came to be the very first Black leads for The Bachelorette, it’s taken a ridiculous 25 seasons for abc to cast a black color lead in the original show. Because the executives made the decision to actors James in the elevation of the black color Lives issue protests of 2020, many people began speculating the the franchise was merely pandering to overcome fans and trying to save themselves from further criticism.

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Matt James and Chris Harrison | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

But everything the franchise’s factor for finally choosing a black color lead because that The Bachelor, it’s settled in your favor for this reason far. In fact, after selecting James as the lead, the franchise obtained a record variety of applications of females willing to contend for a shot at love through James. If the show’s host, kris Harrison, alluded the the increased variety of applications was as result of James’ character, his race likely factored right into the phenomenon together well.

Season 25 of ‘The Bachelor’ got a record number of contestant applications

Of course, few of Bachelor nation knew that James was prior to him gift announced together The Bachelor. Together he is finest friends with fan favorite, Tyler Cameron and has also developed a friendship with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, some fans were currently familiar with him. However, there were plenty of people who had actually no idea who he was. Thus the raised interested applicants might have stemmed indigenous the truth a more comprehensive variety of world were interested in date a black color man.

What is Matt James’ height and also is the the tallest command in ‘Bachelor’ history?

But James isn’t just breaking documents that need to do with race. The 29-year-old has also tied with one more former Bachelor together the tallest lead in the franchise’s history. Funnily enough, James share the record with another Matt. Hailing indigenous Season 12, Matt Grant, who was the an initial British lead in the franchise, was just as tall together James and they both was standing at a towering 6 feet 5 inches.

I blindfold you, take you on ours perfect very first day.. Where room we headed? pic.twitter.com/a7Y2y1jAZL

— Matt James (

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Of course, it’s been 13 years because fans of The Bachelor have witnessed together a tall lead on your screen. In fact, even Harrison seemed taken aback by James’s height. Pan also noted that James appeared to tower over the long-time host throughout the show’s premiere and many of them also took come Googling just how tall Harrison was due to the fact that of the drastic height difference between the pair.

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How tall is kris Harrison?

So just how tall is Harrison? The Texas aboriginal is of pretty median height. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, that is 7 inches shorter than James. That course, most civilization would likely look quick next come James even if lock aren’t. Clearly, the contestant who chose to carry the stepstool had actually the ideal idea. We’d wager that some of the shorter women room going to need to be a little an imaginative when they’re make the efforts to plant a kiss on the seriously tall lead.