New Amsterdam Vodka is part of the E&J Gallo portfolio of wines and spirits, along with New Amsterdam Gin, Carlo Rossi, Barefoot Wines, E&J Brandy, Boone’s Farm, André, Diplomatico Rum, and many other brands. New Amsterdam has a square, smooth bottle which evokes urban architecture, feeling like a skyscraper or office high rise. New Amsterdam Vodka and Gin are among the most affordable options without going into gut rot territory. Both the vodka and gin are grain-based and bottled at 40% ABV.

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In addition to their original Vodka, E&J also produces Gin and flavored vodkas under the New Amsterdam name.

The New Amsterdam line includes the following flavored vodkas, all bottled at 35% ABV.

WatermelonPeachGrapefruitPineappleAppleRaspberryRed Berry (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and boysenberry)MangoOrangeLemonCoconut
New Amsterdam Gin

A citrus-forward gin, with a very weak juniper presence. Really not ideal for Martinis or Negronis, or most drinks where you want the gin to show up and stand out. Just spring for Beefeater. Bottled at 40% ABV.

New Amsterdam 100 Proof Vodka

A corn-based vodka bottled at a higher 50% ABV. This packs more of a punch and is probably the best value in the New Amsterdam line.

New Amsterdam Gluten Free Vodka

Corn Vodka, triple filtered and marketed to the gluten-free crowd.

New Amsterdam Pink Whitney

New Amsterdam’s marketing mostly revolves around the NHL. They have released special edition bottlings of their standard vodka for numerous NHL teams, as well as this bottle of Pink Lemonade flavored vodka named after former NHL player and current NHL sports talk personality Ryan Whitney. Bottled at 30% ABV.

New Amsterdam Vodka Pricing

Below are the latest New Amsterdam Vodka prices.

New Amsterdam Original Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Gin750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam 100 Proof Vodka750ml$16.99
Pink Whitney by New Amsterdam Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Peach Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Pineapple Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Watermelon Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Apple Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Mango Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Grapefruit Vodka750ml$13.99
New Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka750ml$13.99


Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy out of Texas makes a really solid product at an affordable price. Not only do they have good original vodka, but they offer a range of more obscure flavors as well as a few of the expected ones.


A midwestern corn-based vodka, Prairie is another good brand if you’re looking for a well vodka and don’t want to spend too much.


The Swedish vodka made from winter wheat, Svedka is a safe choice as an alternative to New Amsterdam. They have a range of flavored vodkas as well as a classic vodka and are competitively priced.


Mango Thyme

2 oz New Amsterdam Mango1 oz Thyme Simple Syrup½ oz Mango Pineapple Puree½ oz lime juice

Build in glass, Top with soda water, agitate and garnish with a sprig of thyme

Just Peachy

2 oz New Amsterdam Peach½ oz ginger syrup½ oz lime juice2 dashes habanero shrub

Top with tonic water, garnish with a peach slice

Nick Lappan has worked in the restaurant industry since age 13 and most recently has worked as a cocktail bartender and bar consultant in the United States and China.

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