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If you and also your office go v reams of paper in no time flat, stock up ~ above Office Depot copy and also print paper. This Office Depot record is created smooth, continuous performance and also is obtainable in huge quantities, therefore it\"s easy to store your manufacturing stations stocked and ready to go.

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If you and your office go through reams of file in no time flat, stock up ~ above Office Depot copy and print paper. This Office Depot paper is produced smooth, continuous performance and also is available in huge quantities, therefore it\"s straightforward to store your production stations stocked and ready come go.

104 (Euro), 92 (U.S.) brightness yields vivid text and also images.Acid-free document resists discoloration over time.Keep spare file on hand so you never run out in the middle of a job.Use this letter-size, 20-lb document with 500 sheets to finish all her general service needs.Flexibility is crucial for far learning and also when working from home.
sheet sizeLetter (8-1/2\" x 11\")
reams per case1
Recommended file UseGeneral Purpose
sheets per ream/pack500
bleaching chemistryElemental Chlorine complimentary (ECF)
Finish (Paper)Standard
paper brightness (US)92
paper weight20 lb
paper brightness (Euro)104
acid freeYes

Product LineCopy & print Paper
Colorlok TechnologyNo
number of holes punched0
brand nameOffice Depot
Distributed ByOffice Depot Inc.

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manufacturerOFFICE DEPOT
Product TypeCopy & polytheistic Paper
Total variety of Reams1
total variety of sheets500

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