Blueberries are a little berry; they are deep-blue in colour with a tinge of what looks favor a patch of silver or water condensation on them.Tbelow are 3 major groupings of blueberry bushes: highbush, lowbush and also rabbiteye. Of these, highbush and rabbiteye are cultivated; lowbush tends to be a “controlled wild crop.” Rabbiteye grows in places via very mild winters.

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The berries thrive on brand-new lumber. They have to be ripe once picked, as they won’t ripen any kind of additionally after that. Many harvesting is still done manually, through a unique rake. Mechanization is being tried, however is tough owing to the rougher terrain the blueberries favour thriving on. Cultivated blueberries are twice the size of wild blueberries, yet the wild berries have actually a much more focused flavour. Still, they can be supplied interchangeably.

Most fresh blueberries for sale are grew ones; 99% of the wild chop is offered frozen.

Blueberries don’t crush rather as conveniently as various other soft summer berries, bereason their skin is a tad thicker. But even so, crush they will certainly if mistackled.

When buying fresh blueberries, choose ones that are entirely blue via no red tinge left (the red tinge implies they are underripe.) Look at the bottom of container they have come in: if it is clear, look for crumelted ones (avoid that container); if a cardboard container, look for juice stains (which means there are crushed berries at the bottom.)

Cooking Tips

Wash before making use of. Discard any kind of mouldy ones. Remove any type of stems and discard. Use frozen berries right from the freezer; don’t thaw first. Add frozen berries to batter at the last minute, just before turning into pan for baking.

Don’t usage blueberries in recipes where you have actually offered baking soda, as they will certainly react via the baking soda and rotate green.


Many type of daily recipes will certainly speak to for a deserve to of blueberries. If you just have fresh, and desire to follow the recipe specifically, you can make your very own “can”. Cook the complying with in a saucepan till thickened and clear (cool before using):

2-1/2 cups of fresh blueberries1 tablespoon of corn starch1-1/2 teaspoons of lemon juice1/8 cup of water


Good source of Vitamin C. High in folic acid.


1 dry pint of fresh blueberries = 10 to 12 to 14 oz = 2 cups1 pound (450 g) fresh or frozen = 3 1/2 cups1 cup fresh blueberries = 9 oz = 250 g21 oz (620 ml) deserve to blueberry pie filling = 2 1/3 cups10 oz (285 g) frozen Blueberries equals 1 1/2 cups1 cup canned, drained = 9 oz = 250 g1 litre (US quart) whole, fresh blueberries = 750 g (1 1/2 lbs), whole fresh4 litres (US quarts) fresh blueberries = 3 litres (US quarts), blanched for 30 seconds

Drying equivalents

The following information is reproduced from our sister site, Health Canning. See that website for full directions on drying blueberries.

Blueberries come in vastly different sizes. The dimension functioned through was medium (1.5 cm / two-thirds of an inch wide); your mileage might vary.


Per 1 kg (2.2 lbs / 1 1/2 quarts / 1 1/2 litres) of fresh blueberries that you intfinish to dry, you will need 1 1/2 Excalibur square 15″ x 15″ dehydrator traysA 9 tray square Excalibur with 15″ x 15″ dehydrator trays have the right to process 5.5 kg (12 1/2 lbs) of fresh blueberries at once (depending upon diligent you are at spacing the berries out properly).5.5 kg (12.5 lbs / 8 quarts volume / 8 litres volume) fresh blueberries = 1 kg (2.2 lbs / 3 quarts in volume / 1 litre in volume) driedIf the resulting 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of dried blueberries are stored all in one jar, you would certainly require a jar 3 litres / quarts in capacity.


1 kg fresh blueberries, avg 1.5 cm diameter, = 1.5 litres in volume3 lbs fresh blueberries, avg 1.5 cm diameter, = 2 quarts in volume5.5 kg fresh blueberries (12.5 lbs), avg 1.5 cm diameter, = 8 quarts or litres in volume1 kg fresh blue berries, avg 1.5 cm diameter, = 1.5 litres fresh blueberries in volume = 1 kg / 1 litre blanched and also drained blueberries

Storage Hints


Blueberries are indigenous to North America, though closely related species are discovered in Europe (“Bilberries”) and also in Japan (“Bog Blueberries”.)

Indians in The United States and Canada presented the colonists to blueberries. The Indians had dubbed them “star berries”, bereason blueberries have a little five-pointed star at the bottom. They marketed them, dried in the sun, to the colonists, who would certainly use them in place of raisins and also currants.

The colonists assumed at initially that they were a form of bilberry, which grows in the UK.

Ninety to ninety-five per cent of the world’s blueberries are still created in The United States and Canada.

Blueberries were constantly picked from the wild, till occupational started on emerging improved, cultivated ranges about 1900. Cultivated arrays were initially sent to England in 1946, showing up in Dorset, which has actually considering that become a centre of manufacturing.

Literature & Lore

“You ought to have checked out what I experienced on my wayTo the village, via Mortensons’ pasture today:Blueberries as big as the finish of your thumb,Real sky-blue, and also heavy, and prepared to drumIn the cavernous pail of the initially one to come!And all ripe together, not some of them greenAnd some of them ripe! You should have actually seen!”

— Robert Frost (1874 – 1963). From the poem “Blueberries”, in the collection called “North of Boston”, published 1914.

Tonight I am content. Nopoint even more than an empty house, the warmth, hazy weariness from a day spent establishing strawberry runners in the sunlight, a glass of cool, sweet milk, and also a dish of blueberries bathed in cream.” — Sylusing Plath, American Poet, 1950.

Language Notes

There are three major varieties of Blueberries:

Vaccinium corymbosum, a cultivated variety;Vaccinium angustifolium, a semi-wild one;Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry), largely uncovered in Europe.

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The cultivated variety (Vaccinium corymbosum) is bigger and sweeter than the various other 2.