just how LONG must I leaving SANIDERM ON my TATTOO?Everyone reacts differently to the heal process. In general you should leave the first piece of Saniderm on her tattoo because that 24 hours after your artist uses it. The length of time will depend on how much fluid your tattoo weeps i beg your pardon can influence the adhesion that Saniderm. If you notice excessive weeping that fluid under Saniderm, adjust Saniderm dressing according to instructions. Many people pick to usage the first piece of Saniderm because that 24 hour and additional pieces that Saniderm for 2 come 3 extr days.

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HOW many PIECES that SANIDERM must I USE?I recommend using 2 consecutive piece of Saniderm in order to enable your tattoo ample time to heal. Your first piece may be used for 24 hours. The following piece need to be supplied 2-3 days . ( i sell additional pieces the Saniderm for 5 dollars) If friend wish, girlfriend may proceed using additional pieces the Saniderm if girlfriend feel her tattoo needs an ext time come heal. If you select to just wear ONE piece of Saniderm follow these basic steps.1. Eliminate the bandage 24 hrs after acquiring tattooed and wash tattoo thoroughly with antibacterial soap ( Dial )2 permit the tattoo dry the end for the remainder of day 2 ( no lotions or creams)3. Day 3 , when a day apply a SMALL amount of white, fragrance complimentary hand lotion or Palmers brand Cocoa Butter to your new tattoo. DO no OVER MOISTURIZE.

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4. Continue using lotion to your tattoo as soon as a day until the tattoo looks and also feels choose normal skin again. 5. gain your brand-new Tattoo!

If you pick to stay 2 piece of Saniderm

1. Remove the bandage 24 hrs after gaining tattooed and wash tattoo extensively with antibacterial soap ( Dial ) 2. Enable tattoo to dry 5 or 10 minutes and then apply the second piece the Saniderm,this second piece you have the right to wear for 2-3 days. 3. Eliminate Saniderm, wash with Dial hand shop and also moisturize once a day v a white fragrance cost-free hand lotion ( Lubriderm) or Coca Butter4. Extr Pieces might be worn if tattoo still demands time to heal. HOW execute YOU remove SANIDERM? The best way to remove Saniderm is to find an edge of the bandage, and then to traction it back over chin in the direction that hair growth. Pulling increase on the Saniderm have the right to be painful, so us don’t recommend it. In part rare cases, people can “stick” come the Saniderm bandage better than others, which have the right to make it an ext difficult than typical to remove. In cases like this, try removing the Saniderm in a heat shower. The warmth will loosen the adhesive, and also make it less complicated to remove. HOW to REAPPLY SANIDERMSTEP 1 Wash her tattoo v DIAL hand soap utilizing your clean hand only. Wash completely to eliminate all lymph and plasma. Pat dry the tattoo and also surrounding skin (use a clean disposable document towel) (lotions or ointments room not necessary). Enable tattoo to air dry for 10 minutes.STEP 2 with clean hands and also in a clean area. Peel turn off the paper backing to reveal the adhesive side.STEP 3 Gently use the bandage to the center of tattoo and also using light pressure apply outward to edges of tattoo. For best results, ensure that the skin is in a neutral and natural position. Use bandage flat to the skin to protect against air bubbles.STEP 4 progressively remove the plastic backing, leaving only Saniderm ~ above the skin.If your tattoo is dry and itchy once you take off your last piece of Saniderm friend may use a moisturizer because that relief. You may use coca butter or white fragrance free hand lotion. Protect against using medicated commodities such as A&D, Neosporin and also Vaseline If friend have any questions or pertains to please contactLunchboxNewLife Tattoos 404 E green St Champaign, IL 61820(217) 367-5320 carolannpeacock.com