We’ve found some fabulous means to score cost-free shipping in ~ Ulta so friend can get all the beauty beauty goodies your heart desires.

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by Lisa DavisJuly 01, 2021

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To speak we’re beauty, beauty product devotees would be a colossal understatement. Indigenous the sweet smells that perfume to the glowing hues that eyeshadows and also polish, us absolutely love cosmetics. And also no keep is better than Ulta for getting that assembly fix. But when we uncover a beauty, beauty product in ~ Ulta the we merely can’t live without, having actually to pay because that shipping really bursts our proverbial bubble.

So, we dug about at Ulta.com to find all the ways to save on shipping costs and still get our products reasonably quickly while continuing to be stress free. Here are the tips to getting Ulta’s cost-free shipping top top your following online purchase:

1. Usage Ulta’s in-store pickup come skip shipping costs

We were super excited when Ulta started giving beauty lovers the alternative to purchase online and also pick up in store (BOPIS). Gain your items faster — check. Conserve on shipping prices — check. In 2019, Ulta available shoppers the convenience of cost-free in-store pickup for online orders. And also it’s accessible to anyone for free, v no product exclusions and absolutely no minimum purchase required.

Here’s just how to usage Ulta’s free in-store pickup:

Shop virtual at Ulta.com or v the Ulta app.Apply your ZIP code to discover out if an object is easily accessible nearby ~ above the product page. If that is, add the article to your shopping cart.At checkout, you’ll have the choice to delivery or choose up her order it at the the next Ulta store. Select the “Pickup” option.You’ll receive an e-mail or text article with step-by-step instructions confirming her order is ready. When you obtain this, you deserve to head come the store. Publish the email confirmation to take v you, together with your ID.When you obtain to the store, just walk in and find the pickup counter (usually in ~ the register).

Note: examine your store’s security procedures prior to you head to her closest Ulta location.

2. Usage Ulta’s curbside pickup come skip shipping costs

In 2020, Ulta added its beauty, beauty To walk curbside pickup to assist customers obtain their beauty assets while staying safe amid the pandemic and also save ~ above the price of shipping.

Here’s just how to usage Ulta’s totally free curbside pickup:

Shop virtual at Ulta.com or v the Ulta app.Apply your ZIP code to discover out if things is available nearby on the product page. If it is, add the item to her shopping cart.At checkout, you’ll have actually the choice to either ship the bespeak or pick it up in ~ the closest Ulta store. Pick the “Pickup” option.You’ll receive an e-mail or text article with step-by-step instructions confirming your order is ready. When you get this, you deserve to head come the store. Print the email confirmation come take through you, in addition to your ID.Drive up and park close to the front of the store and click, “I’m Here,” in your text or email. Note: pick stores have parking spots.Unlock her backseat door or pop her trunk and also an combine will bring your bespeak out.

Check with your neighborhood Ulta store to make sure they’re open and offer curbside pickup.

Note: Curbside-purchased items cannot be reverted in stores. If you should return one order the you picked up using the curbside option, you’ll need to mail it back to Ulta.

3. Check inventory at other Ulta places to protect against shipping costs

If the items you want isn’t available at her usual Ulta location, inspect the inventory at various other locations. Possibly your mother lives closer come a store that has that one product you’ve been in search of high and also low. Or your finest friend stays on the other side that town close to an Ulta keep with the product in stock. You have the right to use the BOPIS or curbside choice while additionally popping in to check out your bestie or have a long overdue visit with mom. You make mother happy and you have actually your product instantly.

Can someone other than me pick up mine order?

Yes. In instances where obtaining to an additional Ulta place is challenging, your loyal mom or trusty best friend deserve to pick her order up. When checking out, just add an alternating pickup person, consisting of their email address. They’ll require the email confirmation as soon as they come at the store.

4. Obtain out-of-stock item shipped for free

The upside of purchase in person at an Ulta keep is girlfriend can get your commodities immediately and also avoid i have lot of money shipping fees. The downside is the you don’t understand what their inventory looks like before arriving. You can end up having items shipped to you anyway ~ going to the store and also learning castle don’t have actually your products in stock. It’s pretty annoying and frustrating. But Ulta has a remedy because that that. If your neighborhood store is out of a product, they’ll delivery it come you because that free. You can have come wait longer than if that had been in stock, but you receive complimentary shipping. Win-win.

Does Ulta offer totally free shipping come stores?

Nope. Instead, they will certainly ship items straight to you so you deserve to avoid a expedition to the store and receive complimentary shipping on items the aren’t in stock.

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5. Authorize up for an Ultamate Rewards membership

The Ultamate Rewards routine is totally free to join and also rewards you because that spending money top top the beauty commodities you’d it is in buying anyway. You’ll earn points per dollar, depending on your rewards’ tier. Being an Ultamate Rewards member will acquire you deals curated to her beauty taste.