Generally, the asphalt sealer will obtain dry in 4 to 8 hours, however it needs to have stayed for 12 hrs in common weather in order come be completely cured.

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But you need to let the asphalt dried for almost 24 hrs in warm weather conditions.

How to do a cold asphalt patch?

The best method to cover the cracks and also holes top top driveways is by making use of cold patches. The cold patch is created repairing the currently asphalt surfaces.

The cold patches can be used immediately after the repair is done. Cold patches deserve to take approximately 12 come 36 hours to dry and almost 30 to 90 days come cure.

You can follow the below steps come cover the feet or dents by the cold patch:

Please get rid of the loosened asphalt and also clean it with detergent and also water.Pour the cold mix end the hole and make certain it gets extended fully.Make sure the cold mix job is 1.5 inches above the surface.Use a bath towel or temper to compress the mix and if the mix is as well low from the surface, then add much more asphalt.Add some sand come it so it doesn’t obtain stuck.

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You have to wait at least for a couple of weeks if you desire to sheathe it with a sealer.