Definition of Answer: An answer is a solution to a question—either created or spoken. An answer is likewise somepoint that is done in response or reaction, and also, a solution to a problem.

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To answer is to write or soptimal as a rerevolve in response to a question, to act in response, and, to be liable or accountable (for something).

Pronunciation of Answer: Answer is pronounced ann-sur.

How to Use Answer in a Sentence

What does answer mean? The word answer attributes as a noun and also a verb.

An answer is a reply to a question, a solution to a problem, and,something that someone does in response or reaction to someone or something else.

For example,

The young boy’s parents did not think his answer to their question around wright here he had actually been all night. (sense 1)Only among her answers on the test was wrong. (sense 2)His only answer was to leave the residence and also think around the case. (sense 3)

As a verb, answer can be provided transitively and also intransitively. The verb answer refers to responding to someone’s question, speaking or composing in response to somepoint, and fixing or offering a solution to a trouble.

For instance,

I did answer all their questions, yet they didn’t seem satisfied through my responses.All the able-bodied and also healthy guys – young and old – answered the speak to to war.After he effectively answered the riddle, he acted fairly haughty.

Additionally, to answer is to make amends for or take responsibility or accountability for.

For instance,

After years of hiding, the middle-aged man was worn down and ultimately determined to answer for his crimes.The lender would never before let him obtain amethod or refusage to answer for his debt.

Phrases & Idioms That Use Answer

Answer to: to report to a boss or exceptional.

Who do you answer to here?

(Won’t/don’t) take no for an answer: refusage to accept a negative response to a question or request.

Answer the cevery one of nature: to go to the bathroom. 

Answer the door: open up the door; greet someone at the door.

Answer to someone’s prayers: the solution to one’s prayers or problem(s); wanted for a lengthy time.

History & Etymology of Answer

The word answer initially showed up in English at some time before the 12th century, according to Merriam-Webster’s.

Answer originates from Middle English using Old English andswaru, which is akin to Old Norse andsvar, definition answer, and to Old English and-, against and swerian, meaning to swear.

Synonyms for Answer

Wright here it suggests somepoint composed or spoken in reaction to a question or request, the following words might be substituted for answer, if the conmessage permits.


When answer is used to describe the achievement or resolution of a trouble, the complying with words deserve to be substituted.


As it refers to an action or habits done in return to another, the following words deserve to relocation answer.

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Outside Examples of Answer


Words answer deserve to function as a noun and also verb. As a verb, it deserve to be offered transitively and intransitively.