In celebration of Thanksgiving, we’ve chosen ringraziamento (masculine, plural: ringraziamenti) together today’s Italian word of the day. Created of the verb ringraziare (to thank) and also the suffix -mento, it converts as thanks / thank-you, thanksgiving or gratitude.

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Below room some helpful verbs you’ll often see paired v ringraziamento:

fare i (propri) ringraziamenti = to thank, to give (one’s) thanksporgere ns (propri) ringraziamenti = to sell (one’s) thanksmandare i (propri) ringraziamenti = to send (one’s) thanksscrivere i ringraziamenti = to create a thank-you (letter)ricevere dei ringraziamenti da qualcuno = to obtain a thank-you native someone

Gli ho scritto due righe di ringraziamento per tutto il lavoro che ha fatto.

I composed him a couple of lines of thanks for every the work-related he’s done.

In an answer to a sort gesture, it is common practice come send a thank-you letter (una lettera di ringraziamento) or a thank-you card (biglietto di ringraziamento), in ~ the finish of i beg your pardon you may see among the adhering to greetings provided the correspondence is formal:

cordiali ringraziamenti = cordial thankssentiti ringraziamenti = heartfelt thankssinceri ringraziamenti = sincere thanks
Sta abbozzando una lettera di ringraziamento. – She’s drafting a thank-you letter.

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Ringraziamento can also be offered in an ironic feeling to to express displeasure or indignation, as in the exclamation Bel ringraziamento! (Thanks for nothing!)

Thanksgiving Day (known as Giorno del Ringraziamento in Italian) is a national holiday that began as a work of giving thanks (fare ns ringraziamenti) and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the coming before year. Although that is celebrated in a number of countries across the human being including the united States, Canada and Brazil, that is not a recognised vacation in Italy.In Catholic theology, ringraziamento is the plot of showing God gratitude because that His kindness.

How come Say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Italian

Buona Festa del Ringraziamento = lit: Happy Feast the ThanksgivingFelice Giorno del Ringraziamento = lit: Happy day of ThanksgivingBuon Ringraziamento = lit: great Thanksgiving

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