Playa del Carmen continues to lure visitors from anywhere the globe. If you, like countless people, occupational a fast-paced job and lead a fast-paced life, on holidays you no doubt desire to kick back, shut your brain off and also just relax! It’s nice not to worry around getting groceries, finding locations to go eat, or really exert much effort at all.

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For that very reason, Playa del Carmen is house to a number of all-inclusive resort. You just pay one level fee and also everything is included: accommodations, food, drinks, entertainment, wait service, and the list goes on. The just decisions you might have to do is whether you desire to lounge poolside or seaside, or i m sorry cocktail girlfriend feel prefer drinking!

Note: plenty of of the all-inclusives have actually a dress password for the specialty restaurants . Sandals and also a t-shirt room not permitted.

Here are a number of the all-inclusive many hotels that room located directly in Playa del Carmen, within easy walking distance to shops and also restaurants located downtown on famous 5th Avenue.

Listed an initial are Adults only Resorts, adhered to by family members Friendly resorts.

Click on any kind of hotel surname for much more information, pricing and also reservations.


Royal Hideaway Playacar


This plush resort has 200 Mexican-styled suites. Each villa comes through its own concierge. There room 6 restaurants, 3 bars, 6 pools, and also a spa. It’s an extremely elegant and perfect for honeymoons, destination weddings, and also anniversaries. Located in the gated ar of Playacar, it’s a really short walk or taxi journey to fifth Ave.

Paradisus La Perla

This beautiful resort opened in November of 2012 and sits right beside its counterpart Paradisus La Esmerelda . La Perla has 394 suites through optional imperial Butler business if you really desire to be pampered! There space 11 restaurants, 10 bars, 24-hour room service, a YHI Spa , 14 massage cabins and also a full service beauty salon together with a fitness center. Every suite comes v a deep soak bath bathtub and rain shower. It’s situated on the north end of the city that Playa del Carmen, away from the hubbub the downtown.

The royal Playa del Carmen

Just a few steps far from 5th Ave is this 513-suite deluxe resort. It has 8 restaurants, 6 bars, one Olympic-sized swimming swimming pool , spa and fitness center. Live music and also nightly entertainment are offered. This is a good choice if you want the all-inclusive treatment however in the heart of Playa–you can explore a bit and also enjoy the city too. No other all-inclusive is so well situated. You can stroll roughly easily and see the best of Playa.


Note: some of these resort have separate part that room Adults only within the resort

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort


This huge resort has 956 Rooms, 8 restaurants (3 buffet restaurants), a 24 hour snack bar along with 9 various other bars, and also 4 swimming pools. The resort is separated into 3 separate sections: the family members section, the pick adults only section and also the ‘Royal Elite’ section. That is also the northernmost resort of all that are provided here. Sandos Caracol is not within reasonable walking distance of Playa, so friend would desire to take the brief taxi ride to gain into town.

Sandos Playacar

The sister resort to Sandos Caracol is this 839-room resort. It has actually several pools , 10 restaurants, and also 7 bars. It’s great for families, as it supplies a infant Club, youngsters Club, and Teen Lounge. There is likewise an exclusive adults only section . This is created of 276 suites located around an adults just pool with swim increase bar; through adults-only dining alternatives and various other exclusive services. Sandos is the most southern resort in Playacar; roughly a 20 minute beach walk or through the grounds the Playacar come downtown.

Playacar Palace

This all-inclusive resort is in Playacar, step I, which practically connects with fifth Ave. It’s located beside the ferry dock to Cozumel, so you’re nearby to all the action! It’s a gorgeous, sleek white and glass building. The majority of the 201 rooms have actually ocean views and also private balconies. Playacar Palace has 3 restaurants and also 24-hour room service. There are 3 Bars, 1 beachfront pool, a spa and kids club, and also is a very family-friendly will with many activities.

Paradisus La Esmeralda

With 510 suites in addition to several swim pools , 14 restaurants, 11 bars, kids Club, YHI Spa and also fitness center, this is luxury resort life because that families! that is situated right beside Paradisus La Perla, on the northern finish of Playa del Carmen. Downtown Playa is about a 30-minute beach walk away, or a brief taxi ride, if you want to get out and shop a little.

Iberostar Tucan

A component of the chain that Iberostar resorts, Tucan is house to 350 gorgeous rooms. That is grounds have actually 4 swim pools , 5 bars and 8 restaurants . This is a fun resort for families and also couples and a an excellent option for beach weddings, romantic honeymoons and anniversaries, etc.

RIU resort Complex

This facility is house to 5 different resorts all within the exact same locality (Playacar), where some of the bars and restaurants have the right to be shared amongst all guest regardless of which RIU friend are staying at.

RIU royal residence Riviera Maya


There are 400 rooms, 6 restaurants (Brazilian, Japanese, Fusion, Mexican, Grill & Steakhouse), 5 Bars together with a 24-hour sporting activities bar, 2 pools including a children’s pool, and spa. This is a well-located, very family familiar resort.

RIU royal residence Mexico

This resort has actually just undergone renovations and upgrading come its 434 rooms. There space 5 pools , 3 bars, 6 restaurants (Fusion, Japanese, a steakhouse, Italian, Mexican), 24-hour room service and also a beautiful spa.

RIU Playacar

The RIU Playacar was totally re-built in 2015. It has actually 396 rooms, 3 restaurants, 3 bars, 3 pools , and also spa. The does no sit directly on the oceanfront but every one of the beaches at other RIU branches are accessible for you come enjoy.

Riu Tequila

Also located simply off the water yet in the same facility of resorts, Tequila has actually 664 rooms, 3 pools , 4 restaurants and also 4 bars. RIU Tequila is also home come the La Piñata Nightclub where you can mingle with guests from every the various other RIU resorts.

Riu Lupita

Lupita is also a few blocks turn off of the beach however is residence to 300 Rooms, 3 Restaurants, 2 Bars, 2 Pools , fitness center, and a cost-free kids club.

The Reef Playacar

The Reef is made up of 202 rooms in 18 various villas. There are 4 different categories that rooms to choose from. Together with 4 restaurants and 5 bars, this pretty will is just a short walk indigenous the hard Rock golf course and famous pedestrian thoroughfare fifth Avenue.

The Gran Porto Real


Located just across the street indigenous The royal Playa del Carmen, this will is in a element spot ideal in the heart of PDC. Friend couldn’t find a hotel, allow alone all-inclusive resort, in a much much better location! the strikes an top pose, jutting out into the only from Constituyentes Street. It’s really picturesque, especially at sunset as soon as the day’s critical rays light up the yellow building and contrast v the aqua-blue water beyond. V 287 rooms, 2 swimming pools, 8 restaurants, 7 bars, a kids and also teens club, this gorgeous Italian-style resort is an excellent for the totality family.

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The Reef cacao Beach

This is a simple little all-inclusive will that is located in the ar of town described as the new fifth Avenue, a trendy district just a quick distance native the action. Component of the Reef will chain, this location has 202 rooms, in addition to 4 restaurants, 3 bars, a kids club, and spa.

Come gain some the the most beautiful stretches of beach and also water ~ above the planet at one of these all-inclusive resorts. Over there are countless factors to take it into consideration when choosing an all-inclusive, so recognize what it is that’ll make your vacation the best for you and also choose accordingly!