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November 30, 2020 by buy it Punkoney, MAT

With the weather turning cold and also the vacation season approaching, I would be remiss no to share some hot cocoa tasks for girlfriend to usage in your preschool this winter. This dominoes hot cocoa video game is a wonderful totally free printable, and also this short article includes five extr ways it can be used!

***This post includes a cost-free printable, so be sure to grab the from the finish of this post.***

Hot Cocoa Learning tasks for Preschoolers


Winter is not my favourite season, however I admit I am attracted to every the stoic wintertime visions that concerned mind.

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You recognize the persons I’m talking about. Beautiful sparkly winter landscapes in the woods…warm fires in a wood-stoked fireplace throughout family dinners…cities lit up in the night with colorful Christmas lights. You know, the Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade winter scenes.

We every loves those scenes, right? but we all know that’s no what the looks like with kids, and certainly not in a preschool setting.

That being said, I do love to offer my preschoolers every the simple joys that the winter and holiday seasons, i beg your pardon is one factor why we do warm cocoa activities. Have you ever met a preschooler that doesn’t love warm cocoa?

No? Me neither.

As a general dominion of thumb, we play exterior every work in my preschool. Also when it’s cold, and also especially if there’s eye on the ground. Periodically that way we come earlier in through red cheeks and also icy hands, so i can’t assist but make my preschoolers some hot cocoa to heat up. Winter here deserve to be long and also joyless since we don’t actually acquire a huge amount the snow, for this reason I favor to carry out this because that my preschoolers at any time the possibility arises.

And what much better way to extend the enjoyment the said warm cocoa than with some warm cocoa activities for preschool?


This post includes a complimentary printable hot cocoa themed dominoes game, yet be sure to review all the means to the end of the post to see five an ext ways I usage this exact same printable in my preschool classroom!

Hot Cocoa Dominoes with complimentary Printable

What I’m loving about these warm cocoa tasks is that you have the right to use them not only throughout your Christmas theme, but also all winter long. (Or if you’re prefer me and also you’re a hot cocoa connoisseur, climate you might use lock year round. Ha, ha!)


Free hot cocoa dominoes printable

The Set-Up

Print the hot cocoa dominoes on heavy card stock and laminate for included durability. Cut apart the dominoes cards, mix castle up, and place castle in a pile.

Then invite her preschooler to join you in a game!

How come Play Dominoes

Start by dealing the appropriate variety of dominoes to each player. This is just how I do that for my preschoolers:

2 football player = 5 cards each3-4 players = 4 cards each

The remainder the the dominoes are placed confront down in a draw pile.

In a classic game of dominoes, friend don’t permit others see what pieces space in your hand. But for preschool, i ask mine preschoolers to place their cards confront up so ns can help them pat the game.

Choose a player to go first. To begin the video game they must choose a card from your hand to ar in the playing field. Carry out not start with a map that has the same shade of hot cocoa on both ends.

The next player need to then add a map from your hand by recognize a corresponding colored warm cocoa and placing it next to the beginning piece.


Players may only include one domino every turn. If the player has no matching dominoes that match an open end, lock must draw a card from the draw pile. If the brand-new card cannot be played, the player’s rotate is over. If the new card deserve to be played, climate it must be play at that time. (Note: if there room no cards left in the draw pile, then the player’s revolve ends without illustration a brand-new card).

Extra note on play Dominoes through Preschoolers

In a timeless game of dominoes, pieces must be put end-to-end unless it’s a twin piece v the very same count or picture on every side. In that case, it have the right to be put sideways, opened up new ends for play.

I don’t worry about this once playing with my preschoolers.

When ns play through my preschoolers, I allow them to location their cards in any kind of direction as lengthy as they room making the match.


Other warm Cocoa activities using this Printable

If you understand me, you understand I love a printable that can be provided in plenty of different ways. It saves me time and money in printing, but an ext importantly, it enables me to distinguish for my students.

Here are five much more learning activities using this warm cocoa printable.

Use these dominoes as color corresponding cards. Usage one-inch colored blocks (or an additional small-ish manipulative) to complement to each side the the card.For younger preschoolers or toddlers, perform #1 above and climate ask, “Are castle the same?” gift able come differentiate in between matching colors or objects is an essential math skill.Add a fine engine element by providing tweezers and also pom poms and using these cards as color matching cards.Take a grasp of pieces and hide them around the room for your preschoolers come find. When found, invite your preschoolers to uncover as plenty of items or toys as feasible that match BOTH colour on the card.Add these cards to a vivid sensory bin. As preschoolers pull the end the piece they have the right to attempt to complement them in different ways.

Grab Your complimentary Hot Cocoa Preschool Printable Here

Think these hot cocoa tasks are something that would compliment your winter or Christmas preschool theme? grab your cost-free printable by click the picture below.

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Then keep reading for even more winter and Christmas tasks for preschoolers!


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