Find a way to get earlier into the Mother"s watch in Horizon Zero Dawn and also unlock the Shield-Weaver Armor.

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By Kailash last updated Aug 11, 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn is below with a bang. Come surpass challenges and also missions in the game, you need to equip Aloy with the ideal of weapons and armors. One together armor that can rise your defense significantly is the ancient Shield-Weaver Armor. The requires 5 power cells to unlock the Shield-Weaver Armor. One of these power cells is found in the Mother’s Watch, which it s okay close as soon as you exit it. What about the players who missed or didn’t know around the strength cell? Well, over there is a means to get back into Mother’s watch in Horizon Zero Dawn and also grab the strength cell or any type of other let go items.

Horizon Zero Dawn: exactly how to Re-Enter Mother’s Watch

Shield-Weaver Armor requires five power cells. While four of them can be uncovered easily, the one present in Mother’s watch is challenging to acquire. The reason being that some of the players are not conscious of the Shield-Weaver Armor and also some others just miss it. And once a player pipeline the Mother’s Watch, the gates acquire shut down.

Well, it’s no that hard, the temple gateways will reopen through the finish of the Horizon: Zero Dawn and also you can obtain the to let go items. But it needs a many waiting, and who wants to wait. There is an alternative way to get back into Mother’s Watch and grab the strength cell there is no waiting till the end.

All you must do is to rise your way back with mountains approximately the temple and also then just walk earlier in. That is easier said than done, together you will need to jump in ~ the sweet spot come get ago into the temple. Also, there room obstacles in rise the hill that will make the challenging.

There room a couple of ways come avoid any type of obstacles and ensure that you get earlier into Mother’s Watch. Firstly, you will need a mountain to climb. Over there are particular paths on the way back come the temple that block Aloy’s method when on foot but permits to pass as soon as on a mount. The 2nd thing is to have actually patience. Together mentioned previously you will have to find the ideal spot while making a run to with the temple. Hence, it can take a while.

Once you rise the mountain surrounding the temple and also find every the spots, you deserve to simply walk earlier into the Mother’s Watch. Once you are in the temple, take the ideal door, go under the valley, and also then take it the left to uncover the power cell. Collection all the five power cells and also unlock the Shield-Weaver Armor.

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That’s one tricky yet an alternative means to get ago into Mother’s clock if girlfriend don’t want to wait. This will help you unlock Shield-Weaver Armor, i beg your pardon will boost your defense. You should also shot to upgrade her spear to boost your attack damage. This will help increase her character’s level. As soon as you with level 30, you can additionally head in the direction of the Frozen Wilds DLC come experience another adventure of Aloy’s world.