When it concerns comfort, having actually a room the is the right temperature is critical.

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Honeywell has released two new 900-series turn fans that room both sure to impress.

Both have similar designs and also appear nearly identical ~ above the surface.


Portable funny for table or floor TurboForce aerodynamic design Air circulation from 27 feet away saves energy
We have actually been testing Honeywell HT series over the past two months. Most has actually it own pros and cons. However we discover the best.In a hurry? optimal Pick is your choice!

Choosing the ideal one for her space is vital – each version circulates waiting differently and the end result (a cooler space) is what the fan needs to deliver.

When choosing in between two comparable products, make certain you understand your space and then choose the fan that will finest suit the area. This will provide you the most satisfying results.


When it concerns two products in the same design series, it can sometimes be difficult choosing the finest one.

While it’s true that the ht-900 and ht-908 native Honeywell have strong similarities to every other, there room a couple of key distinctions that store them apart.

Two that the many notable differences are:

Model ht-900 have the right to be wall-mounted, while the various other cannotModel ht-908 move air as much as 32 feet away, while design ht-900 just guarantees as much as 27 feet

Choosing the ideal one may often come under to these two crucial differences – particularly if friend are in search of a fan to strength a smaller area and want to conserve space.

Having a fan that have the right to mount come the wall, vs one that requirements to sit somewhere, may be the determiner for many buyers.

The an excellent news is, if the isn’t a deal-breaker, over there are numerous other things that these have actually in common, and also additional differences.

The main similarities in between these 2 models are:

Speed settingsHow much the fan can pivot and tiltWarrantyEasy accessibility to the blades for cleaningOverall durability

The key differences between these two models are:

Where it have the right to be inserted (wall-mounted vs stationary top top a table or floor)How quiet the pan runsHow powerful it isThe diameter of the fan front

PRODUCT COMPARISON: Honeywell HT-900 vs Honeywell HT-908


One the the more listed differences between these two models is the size. While castle both sweet the same (2.6lbs), the Honeywell HT-900 version is smaller in diameter at just 11″ when the Honeywell HT-908 has actually a 15″ broad fan.

This doesn’t naturally make one better than the other, but it must be take away into factor to consider when looking at the room where you plan on placing your fan. In a limited space, the HT-900 is the better one because it is 4″ smaller.

However, if an are is not an issue and also you are looking to move air in a larger room or throughout a more comprehensive area, the HT-908 will be the better one based upon size.

Honeywell whole Room TurboForce waiting Circulator fan (HT-908):


Both HT-900 and also HT-908 have the same three rate settings and are donate by the TurboForce design to allow for optimal airflow and power. The difference however, lies in how strong the fan in reality blows on every of the three rate settings.

For the HT-900, the longest street that it guarantees is approximately 27 feet far from the pan – also on the highest possible setting. Because that the HT-908, the same three settings allow the fan to blow as much as 32 feet far from the fan.

Looking at airflow specifically, the HT-908 comes out on top. It is the much more powerful fan and would cause cooling down (or warming up) one area an ext quickly 보다 its HT-900 counterpart.

The smaller the room however, the better the HT-900 would have the ability to handle the job.


The measure up of a fan’s success is much more than just just how well the blows air, the is additionally how quiet it can get the job done. In this case, both models operate an ext quietly than comparable models in your sizes.

The HT-900, while smaller, is, top top average, 25% quieter than its counterparts. The HT-908, despite is larger size, operations approximately 30% much more quietly 보다 its equivalent counterparts.

Measuring and calculating noise level in a residence or office room can sometimes be arbitrary based upon the world in the room.

While it deserve to be declared that the HT-900 is normally quieter to begin with, in this case, the HT-908 appears to it is in the quieter design of the two based on the percentage that noise reduction.

At the end of the work though, both room at the very least 25% quieter than various other fans of your size, therefore either method is a potential win for those in search of quieter fans.

Overall client Satisfaction

While this isn’t a attribute of either fan directly, what client say around a product they have purchased and also used claims a lot about the quality and performance the the product.

While both models carry great ratings overall, the satisfaction through the HT-900 design was noticeably more positive 보다 the HT-908.

The HT-900 was stated to perform as promised, or even better, if the HT-908 sometimes fell short of what was promised.


The HT-900 additionally seemed to punch stronger, even though it to be a smaller sized fan in diameter as compared to its larger counterpart.

Overall, when taking customer comments into consideration, the HT-900 version is the more favored that the two.

This isn’t to say the the HT-908 model doesn’t live as much as the expectations. That had similarly high ratings, but was not as enthusiastically praised.


The key difference in between these two fan models is wherein they have the right to be set up. Both are intended because that indoor use and also are no waterproof or weatherproof.

The HT-900 model deserve to be put on a flat surface and has the capability to be placed to the wall. Unfortunately, the HT-908 version does not have a wall-mounting capability and have the right to only be collection on level surfaces. In this, the HT-900 is the stronger fan model of the 2 by far.

Its dual purpose more than doubles the spaces the it can be used and also it provides it even much more attractive for tiny spaces and also offices because it does not need to take increase floor or workdesk space.

The just thing to keep in mind for the HT-900 is the if you do ar it ~ above a level surface, the ‘legs’ do no have any kind of sticky or soft padding to safeguard the surface ar from scratching.

It is recommended the you acquisition little felt ‘feet’ or location something in between the fan and also the surface – particularly if the is wood or another type of product prone come scratching.

Final Verdict

When it come to comparing 2 products that are similar, the can show up at an initial that over there isn’t one through a distinctive advantage.

While this is periodically the case, it isn’t this time through these Honeywell models; there is one that has actually just a slight edge end the other and also that is the HT-900.

While it has the less-powerful force, it provides up for that in the dual-placement ability, overall customer satisfaction, and the ability to work well in tiny places.

The HT-900 works much better for an ext people due to its small, yet an effective design as compared to the larger, more limited counterpart.


Some that the most common questions potential buyers have prior to choosing the best Honeywell 900-series model are.

Which version cools under a room faster?

Both the HT-900 and the HT-908 deserve to handle room sizes as much as 10×10. Due to the fact that of the bigger dimension and power, the HT-908 can go as much as 12×12 prior to the air circulation may be remarkable decreased.


There are particular factors to take it into factor to consider when feather at her room. If there space odd corners, or a non-standard room layout (e.g. One ‘L’ shaped room), neither fan may do as sufficient a job.

Additionally, smaller rooms may be an ext effectively cooled through a wall-mounted unit (the HT-900).

It is for sure to say the the HT-908 will operate fairly well in small and also medium size rooms and can take on bigger rooms that don’t have many pieces of furniture (e.g. A basement).

How carry out I clean it?

Both models space designed with an easily-detachable front that enables you come clean the blades inside and also the former and ago covers:

To take the fan apart, lay that facedown ~ above a level surface. If girlfriend are putting it on a hardwood surface ar or similarly-covered areas, the is recommended that you put a towel down an initial in stimulate to prevent the fan from scratching the area.Unscrew the back part
Note: the screws room designed to remain inside of the plastic so friend cannot lose them. Perform not attempt to take it the screw the end entirely, merely unscrew until the two pieces are detached.
Gently eliminate the ago from the former cover and cleanTo reassemble, place the back component on peak of the front and also screw them earlier together

How lengthy will it last?

Honeywell models in general are well-known for your dependability and also longevity. If taken care of, both the HT-900 and also the HT-908 have the right to have a fairly long expectancy stretching into years.

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In the case of produce defect or other, non-owner-related damages, both models have actually a 1 year limited warranty.