Honey is among the rarer ingredients in the worlds of Kingdom understanding 3, yet here is wherein players can go to discover it in the game and also use the to cook various recipes.

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as players check out the assorted Disney civilizations of Kingdom mind 3, lock will discover a wide range of ingredients that they can use in the Ratatouille food preparation mini-game. This mini-game, primarily found at Twilight Town, is useful for creating special foods items that give Sora and the gang temporary stat boosts, yet some of the ingredients space somewhat daunting to find.

One ingredient Kingdom understanding 3 players seem to have difficulty finding is honey. However, honey is actually very easy to achieve if players know where come look, however the problem is it"s no readily obtainable until a details point in the game.

To acquire honey in Kingdom mind 3, players should visit the 100 Acre Wood. The 100 Acre hardwood is an optional area that the game that becomes obtainable at roughly the halfway point, after ~ players finish the Monsters, Inc.-themed Monstropolis world. Completing Monstropolis will certainly prompt Chip and Dale to offer Sora a speak to on the Gummiphone, forward a message about how Merlin is at the Ratatouille restaurant in Twilight Town.

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~ above arriving earlier in Twilight Town, Merlin will have Sora take trip to the 100 Acre Wood, making use of the exact same old storybook the players placed together during the occasions of the an extremely first Kingdom Hearts game. ~ above arrival, players can engage in three different mini-games, with the 3rd game enabling them to collect honey as a reward for winning.

If Kingdom mind 3 football player want more honey come prepare assorted recipes, climate they merely need to return to the 100 Acre Wood and keep play the 3rd mini-game. It might be rather tedious ~ awhile, however it"s the best way to gain honey in the game.

In the meantime, Kingdom mind 3 players should keep one eye the end for other rare ingredient while the end on your travels. Many worlds are house to exclusive ingredient that have the right to only be found there and nowhere else, so it"s absolutely worth taking the moment to thoroughly discover each civilization in the game.

Kingdom understanding 3 is out currently for PS4 and Xbox One.

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