With the popularity of rock bands, it is unlikely that this sort of band will ever be spelled banned as the caption affirms.

What is disturbing is the prospering use of band in contexts in which banned should be used.

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Confusing words

Aobtain, the Web is a exceptional place to find such errors, and I have actually viewed band being offered instead of banned more than when.

In one instance, concerning the use of irappropriate keywords, we are told that this practice “might acquire your website band also from many type of search engines.”

Such consumption might show that the writer is unconscious of the visibility of the word banned.

How not to confuse words

Whenever before and wherever before you are writing, you have a obligation to be mindful of the words that you are picking. This awareness, an alert and also questioning mind, and also the usage of a dictionary are standard demands.

Part of your awareness is a understanding of homophones, homonyms, and homographs. Let’s resolve these terms prior to we resolve the band-banned confusion at the finish of this write-up.

Here is a tabulation to assist you to understand also these terms:


(have the right to be a homonym and a homograph)


(deserve to be a homophone and also a homograph)


(can be a homophone and also a homonym)

Pronunciation SameSameSame



(a heteronym or heterophone)


(a heterograph)



MeaningDifferentDifferent Different

Homophones are words that have the exact same pronunciation, but they differ in spelling and in definition.

When they differ in spelling, they are also heterographs (peak, as in mountain peak; peek, as in looking with a keyhole; pique, as in aromaking use of a person’s curiosity).

They deserve to have the exact same spelling, so they are likewise homonyms and homographs (rose, as in flower; rose, as in the past tense of rise).

When they have the very same spelling, it is maybe better to think of them as homonyms.


Homonyms are words that have the very same pronunciation and the very same spelling, however they differ in meaning (bank, as in money; bank, as in a river’s left or appropriate bank; bank, as in a piled-up mass of scurrently or clouds). They can likewise be homophones and also homographs.


Homographs are words that deserve to have actually the very same pronunciation and the exact same spelling while they differ in definition (bear, as in carrying a load; bear, as in the animal). They can likewise be homophones and also homonyms.

They deserve to differ in pronunciation as well (sow, as in planting seed; sow, as in the female pig). In this case, they are heterophones or heteronyms.

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When something is banned, don’t rotate it right into a band

It’s time to “disband” the usage of band for banned, so let’s ssuggest gain the meanings of these words best.

Band also

Here are just a few of the uses of the word band:

The farmer secured the bale of cotton through a steel band also. – Not hefty metal