Shopping because that a massager for your home have the right to be a tricky task. Occasionally it appears as despite massagers space either too simple or also expensive. The HoMedics Perfect Touch Massage Cushion is one product the combines fair pricing with outstanding performance, transferring all the painand stress-relievingbenefits of ago massage- and also even aid you sleep better. Learn more about this massager by reading our HoMedics Perfect Touch Massage review today!


The HoMedics Perfect Touch Massage Cushion is an intense full-back massage device that additionally performs deep massages on her neck and also shoulders. The Perfect Touch comes through a controller to aid you emphasis on various massage areas, change styles, and heat. The cushion is equipped v a strap to connect it to any kind of chair and can also be offered in the car (if your auto has a two-prong outlet).

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This massager is perfect for relaxing, treating earlier pain, and soothing chop muscles. It’s one of the most versatile and comfortable massagers top top the market, complete of features that make the massage ideal for her body and preferences!


Each of these 4 modes is ideal for different types of human being depending on their preferences and needs. Because that example, people who practice a lot will gain the percussion massage which go a good job the loosening stiff and sore post-workout muscles. Human being with chronic earlier or shoulder pain, however, can find the Shiatsu massage to be much more effective in ~ relieving pain.

The type of massage you select to use is additionally decided by your an individual preferences. If you prefer the intense feeling of a deep-tissue massage, the Shiatsu setting is perfect because that you. If friend don’t reap that level of intensity, you’ll like the roll massage setting on this massage cushion much more.

The allude is this: practically nobody is left out when it involves this massager. It’s ideal for everyone who needs a earlier massager, regardless of your preferences!

Each that the massage rollers can be adjusted to her height. If you’re an especially tall or brief person, this is a feature that you cannot ignore. Massagers the don’t change can leave people who space anything yet normal elevation (between 5’7” and 5’11”) feeling like the massage rollers hit them in every the dorn places.

All you have to do is open up the smartphone app that is compatible v this massage cushion (more on the in a sec) and choose settings that match your body type and height. If you’ve ever used a massager that felt favor it was hurting much more than helping, a negative fit could be to blame. That’ll never occur with the Perfect Touch Massage Cushion since it is designed come fit your body rather of forcing your body come fit the design!

While almost every massager has a heating facet somewhere, this massage cushion has them everywhere. Heat and also massage therapy go hand in hand; warm improves blood flowand helps you relax. The shoulder/neck, lower back, and also seat portions of the chair each have their own heating pad- and you can manage them independently of one another. Need heat on your lower back, however not your neck? It’s just as basic to perform that together it is to obtain heat on all 3 zones in ~ once!

Again, heating elements aren’t a groundbreaking attribute by any means. What sets this massager apart from the pack in regards to heating is the it has heat everywhere, not simply in one spot!

This is one area where poorly design massagers have tendency to autumn the ball. The HoMedics Perfect Touch Massage Cushion has actually a fully-loaded remote regulate with large, easy-to-read buttons. The remote, as with the chair itself, is split into three sections: upper back/neck, lower back, and the seat. Each section of the remote offers you individual regulate over the massage and also heat for that section, therefore you have the right to activate various modes because that each section at the same time!

The upper back/neck and lower ago sections have a “spot massage” switch that let friend zero in on one specific spot and also hold the massage rollers in the position. If you have actually a node in her back, a kink in her neck, or a specific pain allude that is bothering you, this attribute will be your pure favorite! Very few massagers give you together much control over her massage together this one does!

This earlier massager doesn’t miss a spot- your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, and buttocks are all extended by both massage rollers and heat. External of security hundreds- if no thousands- more on a full massage chair, this massage chair cushion provides the closest thing to a full-body massage around.

Massage is a good way come relax, unwind, and also treat aches and also pains without having to look for other creates of treatment. If friend are one of the millions of world dealing v chronic back pain, a massage chair cushion such together this one can lug tremendous relief!f

HoMedics has actually designed a smartphone application that allows you to regulate this massage seat cushion from your phone. The application not only gets rid of the have to use a remote regulate but additionally lets friend customize the height of every roller to fit your body.

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You can even produce your very own massage programs, collection to specific times, massage modes, and parts that the cushion! This is yet an additional layer of regulate that simply isn’t readily available by various other massage chair cushions.