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Even v his psychological disability, Hodor became one of the many iconic characters in the famous saga well-known as “Game the Thrones”—and this is a tribute v a hints of Christmas. Merely put, civilization have grown to love this straightforward man and so execute we; so why no love that more?

Unlike the normal vocabulary that Hodor is used to uttering, this warmth shirt comes with an ext hints the Christmas than expected, such as the Santa hat atop his head, the various snowflake sizes and the dark tree below. His fluffed confront is highlighted across the all-red base, with emblems of residence Stark scattered indigenous the front come the ago (both white and also black) and also some howling dire wolf for good measure.

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While you invest some time in the stables, girlfriend may acquire some dust on you but worry not—as this is quick and easy come clean up, and it comes v a collection of sizes for your choosing. For countless years this man has actually been under the rental of the Starks, however in this case, exercise your freedom and buy now prior to the Yuletide sirloin comes in! 

Material: 100% wool (soft and also breathable)Extra soft fabricPerfect pairing for leggings and also skinny jeansKeeps you warmth in cold weatherDesigned and also constructed for the fit and also comfortHand to wash Cold/Flat DryHigh-definition sublimation printing method covers the whole garmentThis is a Unisex fitted sweater. Sizes space in us sizingOur apparels space all Hand-Made. Hence, please allow a 5% tolerance in terms of shade brightness (on-off screen) and also sewing alignment




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