Stalso and also his friends sing about their new-discovered, calm life on Planet.Each gem has actually both a spoken and singing role in the song, and also each has an instrument and/or musical… Read More 

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Here we are in the futureHere we are later and also it's brightNothing to fearNo one to fightI can't think we've come so farHappily ever after, below we areOnce upon a time, I believed I'd constantly be in my mother's shadowAnswering for her crimes, I believed I'd constantly be in an endmuch less battleUntil I began to honeA power all my ownThat I can feel thriving stronger eincredibly dayAnd now I've saved the worldNot just that- the entirety galaxy savedWe did it!Here we are in the future!Hey Pearl, hey Dad!Hey Schtuball!Steven! I'm discovering to play the bass
I keep informing her, it's "bass"Excusage me, B-A-S-S spells "bass"You're the bossHeck yes, I am!Once upon a timeI only lived to be of Pink Diamond's service'Til the day the 2 of us snuck down to be on this planet's surfaceWe ended up being our fantasyAnd I was sure she set me freeBut in the finish, I guess I never before left her sideAnd after love and loss and also all the tears that I cried, I find that-Here we are in the future!Hey, buddyI'm heading into town
See you at the concert tonight?Wouldn't miss it for the world!Here we are!I conserved you a seatThanks, Garnet!Hey males, what'd I miss?You're just in time for my favorite part of the storyOnce upon a time, a Sapphire involved Planet with her Ruby soldierSapphire's deadly fate was collection till the Ruby ruburned in to host herSuddenly they were fusingBeautiful, stvariety, confusingAnd tright here I was, a bundle of concerns, so naiveThat if you told me this I never would've thought you then but-

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Here we are in the future!Let me simply save thisHey, any idea what Amethyst is up to?I have eincredibly concept what everyone is up toYou'll discover her if you head to Little HomeworldTake the warp!Woah! Careful dude!Pew pew!One, 2, three, hah!Thanks, Amethyst!Steven! You're simply in time!We're around to install the brand-new warpWhich implies Little Homehuman being is 83.7 percent complete!Only 83.7 percent? We'd better get cracking!I'm on it!Wow, Little Homeworld's flourishing fast!So are you!"Look at me! I'm a young adult!"I love that all these Gems wanna make their new residence on Earth!Wish I'd had this when I first emerged(sung)Once upon a time, I burst to life inside of the KindergartenA product of a battle that I had no concept I had a part inI came out late and aloneKnew nopoint yet my homeBut I understand now precisely that I'm s'posed to beAnd it's a part of this family!So, whaddya think?If I can simply soptimal ideal right here and also beFinally doneFinally usFinally we are in the futureHere we are later and also it's bright!Nothing to fearNo one to fightI can't believe we've come so farHappily ever afterHappily ever before afterHappily ever afterHere we are!