So I understand a lot of human being like to to compare Cavill to Hemsworth, yet I assumed we must compare Marvel and also DC"s leading men this time. Who carry out you choose better? Who"s far better in their duties (if you want to make it fair, compare Cavill in MoS to Evans in TFA, as much as you)? Who"s better looking/makes fangirls swoon end more?


together a straight male I need to say those room both an excellent looking dudes.

No choice overall. Lock both love your fans and all the jazz. I prefer Cavill as Superman to Evans together Cap though. His Superman appeared to be much an ext natural while it felt favor Evans had to job-related harder to become Rogers. Hemsworth is spot on as Thor.



Henry Cavill via chest hair

Henry Cavill"s bod is better. Hemsworth and also Evans have the hypertrophy going on but Cavill in reality became an effective to carry out his role.

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Seriously tho, I prefer Evans better. However if the makes any type of sense, Cavill is more likeable in his role. I simply think Evans has a much better presence.

OK kinda confound myself now. Whatever.

Physically? Gotta provide it come Evans. The dude is vast as hell. Cavill"s a bit too hairy (all over) for my taste. And also I"ve watched him in shorts. Don"t like what ns see.

I"m gonna go.

fine Cavill has had actually 1 movie and Evans has had 3, for this reason it"s a bit soon to compare them. Evans also isn"t Marvel"s leading man.

on one hand, I discover Cavill more attractive, and it"s hard to deny the he has a particular presence in MoS. On the other hand, Evans has shown himself to be an exceptional Captain America, and also he"s pretty easy on the eyes too.

It"s a near one, however I pick Chris Evans.

Sunshine, Snowpiercer, and also Push were every great. Did prefer Immortals all that much.

I like Evans better as one actor.

I never thought Evans to be gonna pull off a Steve Rogers the successfully. In the very first movie, he was simply the weak-bodied young he must be; in the second, he played it specifically like the motivational incentive we all know Cap for. Ns still can"t forget his "Hold a gun at everyone on Earth and also call that protection" one-liner. Damn, the was heavy.

As for Cavill... It"s the straight opposite. I had thought that he would pull turn off a Superman fairly successfully... Yet well, head-snap, so.

lol simply kidding. I know Superman has actually killed before. But I still choose Chris. Reeves. Hell, I"d take it George Reeves end Cavill anyday.

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Well, aslong as he had the beard, friend could always say Cavill takes home the "rugged look" award, due to the fact that he kinda looks choose a lumberjack.

ns don"t understand who"s far better looking but Evans is a far better actor and I favor his CA much more than Cavill"s Superman.