This hotel was previously known together Travelodge Orlando Idrive. Her adventure in sunny main Florida starts at our newly renovated, non-smoking love Of I-Drive. Located on world-famous I-Drive in Orlando, Florida, our hotel puts girlfriend within straightforward reach of universal Studios, SeaWorld, Wet ‘n" Wild and ...

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This hotel was previously known together Travelodge Orlando Idrive. Your adventure in sunny central Florida begins at our recently renovated, non-smoking heart Of I-Drive. Located on world-famous I-Drive in Orlando, Florida, ours hotel puts girlfriend within easy reach of global Studios, SeaWorld, Wet ‘n" Wild and Disney World, and also world-class shopping and also dining. Take advantage of comfortable amenities like free Wi-Fi net access, HBO, and guest to wash facilities. Ask ours concierge workdesk for direction or help with dinner reservations. Handicapped-accessible rooms space also accessible at our hotel in Orla...

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Wonderful experience

the review 17 august, 2021

My husband and also I stayed here while visiting Orlando. Wonderful hotel, staff was friendly and room was kept clean. Attentive staff, they had an excellent recommendations of what to execute in the area. Will be staying below again the next time we visit!


Fantastic expedition / Orlando mtg.

the review 1 june, 2020

Needed to continue to be at a hotel on worldwide Drive for this reason I discovered the Travelodge ~ above I-Drive. The place is excellent and my room to be super clean and also cold. The wait conditioning worked great!! Love a cold hotel room. Shower and bathroom were clean. I would certainly recommend this hotel to any kind of fellow service traveler.



reviewed 20 march, 2020

Smelled that urine as soon as I entered the room., to expensive for the quality of the furniture, not clean, the floor was with dust and also debris, bad internet was as well slow,( ns waited a totality night to connect), bathroom v mold ( i bought wonderful with Clorox o clean it. The shower head head preserved falling.


Worse continue to be ever!

reviewed 26 february, 2020

ns was booked into this Travelodge hotel through a Wyndham rep, ~ the preferred hotel, blended up my initial reservation, and was completely disappointed. The room was small, unkept, and also somewhat unsafe, for my baby cool daughter, who was follow me for the trip.

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Towel in toilet?

the review 24 february, 2020

There to be a bath towel in the toilet the I had to fish out v a garbage bag, the rack was virtually out the the wall and the shower water pressure terrible. A 20 minute shower head took practically an hour. I reported the concerns with the front desk.


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