Welcome!  Hymns have actually been and continue to be a real source of impetus to me.  My desire in this blog is to share unique hymns through my reader hoping the the words will certainly minister come them, especially in times of an excellent personal need.  If among these hymns ministers to you, you re welcome take time to leaving a comment so the I recognize that my blog is helping rather as much as it helps me. Periodically I will also carry out a attach where you deserve to go come hear the hymn played.  So, please sign up with me right here each week and also sing follow me as we prayer God together.

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"But he to be wounded because that our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement the our tranquility was ~ above him; and also with his stripes we room healed." Isaiah 53:5 This powerful verse was the inspiration for cutting board Chisholm (1866-1960) to pen the words come this great hymn in 1941. Chisholm was born in a log in cabin in Franklin, Kentucky. He received his education and learning in a countryside schoolhouse in the area, yet they to be dirt poor and he never got past an elementary school education. However, by the age of 16 he was a teacher. Five years later, in ~ the age of twenty-one, he to be the combine editor that his hometown weekly newspaper, The Franklin Advocate. In 1893, Henry Clay Morrison, the founder that Asbury College and Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, organized a resurgence meeting in Franklin and Chisholm attended and accepted Jesus Christ right into his heart and also life. Later, at Morrison"s invitation, Chisholm moved to Louisville, Kentucky and also became one editor because that the Pentecostal Herald. In 1903, he became an ordained Methodist Minister. Sometime approximately 1903, he likewise married Katherine Hambright Vandevere. As result of ill health, Chisholm was just able to serve one year in the ministry. ~ leaving his to adjust in Scottsville, Kentucky he and also his wife relocated come Winona Lake, Indiana because that the open air. ~ a time in Indiana, that then relocated to Vineland, new Jersey where he sold insurance. He endured from health problems the remainder of his life and had periods of time when he was confined to bed and also unable to work. But over the years much more than eight hundreds of his poems to be published, and also a number of these were set to music and also have found their means into our hymn books. Good Is thy Faithfulness is just one of these. One of his lesser recognized works, this week"s singing choice, is based on Isaiah thing 53. That didn"t actually start as a hymn, but as a brief chorus. He sent it to gospel musician Merrill Dunlop, questioning if he could write a tune for it. However Dunlop saw potential in the tune to become a full-fledged hymn and asked the writer to add some other stanzas. That did so, and also Mr. Dunlop listed the tune. The hymn exalts Christ as our perfect Substitute, dying to pay our blame of sin.

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As we enter another Easter season, take it time this week come meditate on this words which share again the great sacrifice the was made for our salvation. And don"t forget the final verse the victory, "Millions, dead, now live again, myriads follow in His train! Victorious Lord, victorious Lord, Victorious Lord and coming King!" Hallelujah!