The Saturdays space a british girl team who are ready to tackle America and also have to be attempting to perform so for a while. Castle are very well-known in the UK, controlling to rack up a complete of 11 top ten hits, but have however to acquire a number one, they have actually been therefore close getting number two through songs: "Just Can"t get Enough" and also "Forever Is Over". The five-piece is composed of Una Healy, Vanessa White, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Humes (née Wiseman). Every one of which had actually careers before The Saturdays, return the last two had the best success, because they were in S society Juniors/S society 8.The featured artist is Sean Paul, actual name Sean Paul Henriques, he is a huge hit throughout the world, however still haven"t acquired his solo number one in the UK yet, yet have regulated to it is in on a featured number one which was Blu Cantrell"s "Breathe", guess: v this will certainly be his second featured number among his... Will he ever insurance claim his very own number one?"What about Us" was created by Camille Purcell, Ollie Jacobs and Philip Jacobs. I"m surprised that none of them have ever before been featured on mine blog, and also it"s rarely for unknown songwriter to write a popular song, this may simply push them right into success. Again, I"m unhappy that The Saturdays didn"t get associated with the tune writing, as I think it would certainly make the song much more personal, but they are amazing singers, and have controlled to do this tune have enough emotion, choose they have regulated to execute so with all their singles, astounding me the none of them have actually been co-written through the girls. It"s attractive and similar but various to The Saturdays other songs, this is absolutely going come chart right at the top.This music video has one American theme to it, to interest their American audiences, in the hope to increase up their chart. The band has actually been doing assorted gigs in the us to shot and promote your song, in addition to their TV collection called "Chasing The Saturdays" i beg your pardon is shown on both political parties of the Atlantic.There are assorted scenes in the video, there"s one American high street, a pool, a billiards club and also a baseball stadium. The last is joined by Sean Paul top top the bleachers, and as that raps the girls do dance choreography, i m sorry they perform perfectly. I like how at the end they all collapse as if they"re exhausted.Overall a good song the should give the girls their first ever UK number one.

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And also an accompanying music video that fits well for them, they"re clearly enjoying what America brings. The only problem I have actually that that is no a performance item or a stare piece, and also purely reflecting off who the girl are and what they stand for and it"s pretty much an advent video.
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