Throughout the rivers of the island room fish you can catch. First, you\"ll require to gain a fishing rod! together you go v the job of restoring the third tablet computer for the lighthouse, you\"ll rescue Cyril from the pains of hunger. In exchange for a tasty law he\"ll give you a fishing rod. The following time friend walk as much as the leaf of a water body, you\"ll check out an action prompt to cast your line; the video game will automatically equip the fishing rod as soon as you pick the fishing action.

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Once your line access time the water you\"ll see fish shadows swimming about. On occasion you won\"t see any kind of fish. As soon as that happens, cancel your fishing action and recast your line. Ultimately a fish will certainly nibble on your line. Merely wait until you check out a ! flash over your head, then push the activity button on your controller of selection to reel in the fish. Larger fish take much more button mashing than smaller fish.

You deserve to also include bait to your fishing line. Utilizing bait will certainly encourage fish come bite faster, and some fish require particular baits to be attached prior to they\"ll bite your line. Sam sells continual Bait because that 10 G each. The other varieties of bait deserve to be crafted making use of your farm yard Windmill, through the recipes unlocking as you finish Cyril\"s nation Life requests. You\"ll choose the bait from her bag right prior to you cast your line. If you want to usage a various bait, you have actually to totally back out of fishing (press the Cancel button until you can move again), climate activate the fishing action again and pick a various bait.

The types of fish you catch will differ on the time of day and also the season you\"re in. There aren\"t any type of fish that require certain outdoor weather prior to they have the right to be caught.

Gus the Blacksmith has actually two fishing rod upgrades accessible in his shop:

Master Fishing Rod: 10 Softwood Lumber, 10 Iron, 5 Orichalcum, and 10,000 G.Glorious Fishing Rod: 10 Hardwood Lumber, 3 soul Gem, 5 Adamantite, and also 50,000 G

The master rod will randomly increase the number of fish you catch to two rather of just one fish, if the Glorious rod will upgrade the to three fish. The opportunity of catching more than one fish isn\"t an extremely common though, as many of the time I\"ll only capture one fish.

Fish can be transport via her shipping bin, marketed to Sam, provided as gifts, or even used together ingredients for cooking or windmill recipes. Bastian will buy some fish native you because that a higher price than Sam pays, however the chief doesn\"t buy every one of the available fish species in the game.

While you have the right to fish at numerous water spots in the game, you won\"t find any type of fish if you cast your line once standing top top the southerly Beacon Island beach. For s fishing you very first have to fix the pier by making use of 30 product Stone, 5 Iron, 2 Mithril, and also 5000 G. You can then cast your line when standing top top the end of the dock. The pier just south that the lighthouse also needs repair prior to you can catch fish in that salt-water region, which costs 30 Hardwood Lumber, 10 Softwood Lumber, 5 donkey Fur, and 5000 G.

Fish List

There\"s a total of 34 fish species. The in-game encyclopedia will present you a an overview of every one ~ you\"ve recorded it, consisting of its wanted season and also time the day. If you space playing the one-of-a-kind Edition of irradiate of Hope, the encyclopedia will additionally list the largest size and smallest dimension of every fish type you\"ve discovered.

The listed below information is what I\"ve captured in the game. Part fish might show up in locations other than what I\"ve confirmed.

Fish NameSeasonTime the DayLocationBaitSell Price
Rainbow Trout
SummerFall6:00 to be - 4:00 pmBeach PierFarm (Stream)Lighthouse PierMountain (Stream)(None)Normal: 900 GBastian: 1350 G
All YearAll TimesEverywhere(None)Normal: 200 GBastian: No buy
All YearAll TimesBeach Central/Eastern (Stream)Farm (Pond)Mountain (Pond)Mountain (Stream)(None)Normal: 100 GBastian: 150 G
Yellow Perch
All YearAll TimesFarm (Stream and also Pond)Mountain (Stream and Pond)(None)Normal: 200 GBastian: 300 G
SummerFallAll TimesBeach Central/Eastern (Stream)Beach PierFarm (Stream)Lighthouse PierMountain (Stream)RegularNormal: 600 GBastian: 900 G
SpringSummerFall6:00 to be - 4:00 pmFarm (Pond)Mountain (Pond)(None)Normal: 2000 GBastian: No buy
FallWinter4:00 afternoon - 5:00 amFarm (Stream)Lighthouse PierMountain (Stream)RegularNormal: 1700 GBastian: 2550 G
Fall11:00 am - 7:00 pmFarm (Pond and also Stream)Mountain (Pond)GoodNormal: 2000 GBastian: No buy
SpringSummerFall11:00 to be - 5:00 amBeach Central/Eastern (Stream)Farm (Pond and also Stream)Mountain (Pond and Stream)(None)Normal: 600 GBastian: 900 G
Crucian Carp
All Year6:00 to be - 11:00 am4:00 afternoon - 5:00 amBeach Central/Eastern (Pond and Stream)Farm (Pond and also Stream)Mountain (Pond and Stream)(None)Normal:500 GBastian: No buy
Alligator Gar
Summer6:00 to be - 4:00 pmMountain (Pond)TropicalNormal: 11,300 GBastian: No buy
FallSummer7:00 pm - 5:00 amMountain (Stream, in ~ the basic of the waterfall)DelectableNormal: 8500 GBastian: No buy
Green Arowana
Fall11:00 am - 7:00 pmFarm (Pond and also Stream)Mountain (Pond and Stream)ExcellentNormal:4700 GBastian: nobility buy
Banjar Arowana
Fall11:00 to be - 7:00 pmFarm (Pond and also Stream)GoodNormal: 11,300 GBastian: No buy
Golden Arowana
Fall11:00 am - 7:00 pmMountain (Pond)ExcellentNormal: 14,500 GBastian: No buy
Super Red Arowana
Fall11:00 to be - 7:00 pmBeach eastern (Pond)RagnarokNormal: 18,500 GBastian: No buy
The just spot I could find at sight Red Arowana is the pond ~ above the eastern edge of the Beach: eastern area, in between the gap in the map-edge fence. That one pond additionally has Banjar Arowana and also Green Arowana.

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White Crucian Carp
All Year6:00 am - 11:00 am4:00 pm - 5:00 amBeach Central/Eastern (Stream)Farm (Pond and also Stream)Mountain (Pond and Stream)RegularNormal: 1300 GBastian: No buy
SpringFall6:00 to be - 11:00 am4:00 afternoon - 5:00 amFarm (Pond, Raining)Mountain (Pond)GoodNormal: 4200 GBastian: No buy
Calico Goldfish
SummerWinter6:00 to be - 11:00 am4:00 afternoon - 5:00 amMountain (Pond)GoodNormal: 7600 GBastian: No buy
Spotted Gar
SummerFall6:00 to be - 7:00 pmFarm (Pond)TropicalNormal: 4000 GBastian: No buy
Black Bass
SpringFall6:00 am - 4:00 pmBeach Central/Eastern (Stream)Farm (Pond and Stream)Mountain (Stream)(None)Normal: 1000 GBastian: No buy
SpringSummer6:00 to be - 7:00 pmBeach PierFarm (Stream)Lighthouse PierMountain (Stream)(None)Normal: 400 GBastian: 600 G
Redbelly Tilapia
SpringSummer6:00 am - 7:00 pmBeach PierLighthouse PierMountain (Stream)RegularNormal: 1000 GBastian: 1500 G
SpringSummer11:00 am - 7:00 pmFarm (Stream)Mountain (Stream)TropicalNormal: 12,700 GBastian: No buy
All YearAll TimesFarm (Pond and Stream)Mountain (Stream)(None)Normal: 600 GBastian: 900 G
Piraya Piranha
All YearAll TimesFarm (Pond and Stream)Mountain (Pond and also Stream)ExcellentNormal: 1600 GBastian: 2400 G
Electric Eel
Summer7:00 pm - 5:00 amBeach main (Ponds)TropicalNormal: 18,000 GBastian: No buy
Winter6:00 to be - 4:00 pmBeach PierLighthouse PierGoodNormal: 6000 GBastian: 9000 G
All Year6:00 am - 4:00 pmBeach PierLighthouse Pier(None)Normal: 300 GBastian: 450 G
SummerWinter6:00 to be - 4:00 pmBeach PierLighthouse PierGoodNormal: 1300 GBastian: 1950 G
Sea Bream
Spring6:00 to be - 4:00 pmLighthouse PierDelectableNormal: 2000 GBastian: 3000 G
Striped Beakfish
Fall6:00 to be - 4:00 pmLighthouse PierGoodNormal: 2000 GBastian: 3000 G
For the striped Beakfish, was standing in the middle of the pier and also cast phibìc (towards the lighthouse) or south (towards the sea).
Righteye Flounder
SpringWinter6:00 to be - 11:00 am4:00 pm - 7:00 pmBeach PierGoodNormal: 2500 GBastian: 3750 G
Olive Flounder
FallWinter6:00 to be - 11:00 am4:00 afternoon - 7:00 pmBeach PierRegularNormal: 2500 GBastian: 3750 G