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Hart of Dixie returns to the CW tonight with an all brand-new Friday January 16, Season 4 illustration 2 dubbed “The Curling Iron,” and also we us your weekly recap below. Tonight, wade  seeks advice from Lemon  regarding his romance through Zoe . Meanwhile, Zoe concentrates top top work; Brick  and Lemon shot to hide the truth about their love resides from Grandma Bettie; and also Lavon and also George reluctantly join forces to uncover dust on Henry.

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On last week’s illustration Zoe (Rachel Bilson) was excited the Wade (Wilson Bethel) had decided to continue to be in BlueBell. However, she to be struggling with gaining him to notification her attempts in ~ romantic gestures. Brick (Tim Matheson) was surprised as soon as he gets a hit on his door from who from his past. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) and also Lavon (Cress Williams) were on the outs after establish they both desire the same thing: Lemon (Jamie King). Kaitlyn Black also stars. David Paymer directed the episode created by Leila Gerstein. Did friend watch critical week’s episode? If friend missed the we have a full and also detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “confused through Zoe’s (Rachel Bilson) make the efforts to do amends, wade (Wilson Bethel) looks for love advice native Lemon (Jaime King), if Zoe walk her ideal to focus on work instead of she Wade problems. Lemon and also Brick (Tim Matheson) room attempting to keep the truth around their respective love lives a mystery from Grandma Bettie (guest star Maree Cheatham). Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) and George (Scott Porter) begrudgingly work-related together to gain the real scoop top top Lemon’s brand-new boyfriend Henry (guest star Ian Anthony Dale). Kaitlyn Black likewise stars. Michael Schultz directed the episode composed by April Blair.”

Tonight’s illustration looks like it is going come be an excellent and friend won’t desire to miss out on it, for this reason be certain to song in because that our coverage the CW’s Hart the Dixie in ~ 9:00 pm EST! While friend wait for our recap hit the comments and let united state know just how excited you about the brand-new season, for this reason far!

Tonight’s episode starts now – update Page often to obtain the most current updates!

Zoey has taken a pile of pregnant tests – all of them are confident – and she asks herself how this happened because she’s a doctor. Lavon comes in and she hides them and he asks what’s up v her. She states she’s an excellent and he insists she comes over because that breakfast. She tries to say no yet then he endangers to look in ~ what she was hiding. She provides in and also goes come eat pancakes.

Henry is chatting up Dash who’s act a blog profile on him. Abdominal muscle tells Lemon she’s worn down of maintaining the Henry secret. Lemon tells her the he’ll be unable to do soon and the an enig with it. Lemon asks ab if she determined whose pregnancy test she mistook for hers and ab says she hasn’t had actually time come look right into it. Grandma Bettie come in as Henry sits under by Lemon and abdominal muscle runs off for a crueler.

Zoey eats and stares at the door. Lavon asks if she’s expecting someone and she states no then provides a crack about them losing out ~ above the fire department. Lavon says he knows what’s walking on – he think it’s a fight with Wade. She says Wade is no the difficulty on she mind right now. Wade comes in and also says he heard about he and also George ruining the town’s chance to obtain a fire department.

Lavon changes the subject and asks what’s up through him. Wade says he said Zoey he love her and she called him to buzz off. Lavon states he has mayoral organization that’s urgent and he operation out. Go asks Zoey if she heard him say he love her. She says she did but says she expected what she stated – it’s too late because that them and that’s just just how it is. Wade says he’s confused since she claimed she was going to fight because that them.

She states it’s to be eight weeks and a lot of can take place in eight weeks. She storms out. Shelby brings her infant to Brick’s because that a checkup and also he reminds her they were an alleged to save it quiet until his mom leaves town. She states her astrologer told she he’s underestimating her mother. He states his mommy will damage them and Shelby states she’ll love her due to the fact that everyone does consisting of him.

He tells baby Ethel come cover she eyes climate he kisses her. Abdominal muscle comes in and freaks out over the kiss – she want to ask him about the pregnancy test. He says she needs to keep it mystery until Bettie leaves town. Shelby asks her to watch Ethel while lock sneak turn off for a quickie. Abdominal is fed up through secrets and now this. George pertains to the RJ and also sits in ~ the bar down away from Lavon.

Frank states he’s glad they dubbed off their investigation into Henry because he’s a hero and also a saint who sends out his mother two dozen roses every day. Lavon and also George hone in ~ above that together an exciting nugget. George slides down and Lavon states they have to look into St Henry and also his flowers. Zoey finds Delma waiting for she mole removal meeting then freaks the end to check out a baby strapped to AB’s chest.

Zoey states babies readjust everything and are needy and also messy. She states they adjust everything and runs into her office and slams the door. Then she comes back out and tells Delma she have the right to come in. Abdominal muscle tells baby Ethel there room so many many secrets. Abdominal muscle comes come tell Zoey the Delma is off and also gone and also she speak Zoey she observed the pregnant test in Lemon’s folder.

Zoey says she doesn’t understand what she’s talk about. Abdominal tells she she needs to phone call Wade however then climbed is there and also she states Zoey promised to offer a wellness seminar to her scout group. Zoey leaps in ~ the opportunity to to escape AB’s scrutiny and also runs off. Henry and also Lemon are with Bettie and Lemon tells she they’ll excited around her 5 month long vacation much away. Henry and also Lemon tell she they’ll miss out on her.

Cricket come over and says Henry and also Lemon look an excellent together. Bettie speak Cricket she has a lot of fortitude making her big announcement. Cricket says life works out as with Cricket finding a fiance on that watercraft just over time to obtain the money for Fancy’s. Bettie appears to think around that with interest. George goes to the counter at the florist. He’s surprised to watch Daisy.

She says he would understand she was working there if the ever referred to as her after your one and also only date. That asks for information on Henry and also she shuts him down. That compliments her and she won’t listen. Lavon operation over and tells Daisy he doesn’t want her to violate the sanctity of she florist bond, but says it’s details they require for main business. Daisy is much much more responsive come Lavon.

She reminds him that he signed her chest after ~ his last big football victory. She just glares in ~ George but gives Lavon the info. Rose’s scout group are anywhere her with questions about her hair, Wade and also George. She asks rose what she’s supposed to talk to them around and she says sex. Zoey is shocked. Lemon tells Wade she’s going to assist him a bit with his Zoey problem.

Lemon evaluate his actions and what he did to Zoey – sleeping with she then informing her it to be over. She claims he needs to apologize come Zoey, then grovel, climate grovel part more, then come up with a plan for just how he will certainly make it work for them together a couple. He claims she’s right and she states she is and also that he additionally needs a haircut because he looks favor a hermit.

Zoey defines how fertilization and conception occupational in the many scientific terms possible. Increased says it’s Q&A time. The girls begin asking around how young is it s okay to have sex and if you need to be married first. Zoey says you need to wait til you’re 35 and they tell her she didn’t wait that long. They ask her if she had actually sex with Wade, George and Joel. They pepper her through questions.

They ask around condoms and also she says they fail, deserve to expire and also can cause unplanned pregnancy. She walk on a rant and scares them. She then claims if they should engage, they must be safe, pulls out a condom and asks if anyone has a banana. Lavon and also George display up to Priscilla Langford’s house. The maid asks if they have an appointment and he tells her he’s Bluebell’s mayor. She’s no impressed.

He make the efforts to lug up his football victories however she claims she prefers baseball. George appeals to her on a much more personal basis. He claims they don’t have an appointment but they room there to discuss crucial matter through her boss. He says lives and also hearts space at stake. She caves in and says they deserve to talk to grandfather Langford because she isn’t home. They are flummoxed.

Rose find Zoey outside and they talk about her terrible talk. Zoey tells her she’s off her game due to the fact that she acquired something unexpected. She states she acquired a curling iron in the mail and didn’t order it. She claims she likes curling irons however didn’t mean one now. Increased asks if she deserve to return it. Zoey says returning she curling steel is a valid selection but she loves the manufacturer and doesn’t desire to regret sending it back.

She states she has actually room for it in she bathroom. Climbed asks if she’s walk to keep the curling iron. Zoey claims she is but is stressed at the idea of having curly hair because that the following 18 years. Increased says they need to go check out a move and also Zoey agrees. Ab leaves a post for Zoey asking her to speak to her and also saying she doesn’t average to pry but wants to check on her.

Someone asks what she’s talking about and ab has come lie and also cover again. Brick is on the phone with Shelby asking her to stay quiet till his mother leaves town. His mother walks up and also he pretends to be talking to a patient. Bettie hears abdominal muscle tell Lemon no more secrets. She runs off and Bettie corners AB. Bettie says she seems jumpy and asks if she’d like to unburden few of what’s on her mind.

She hands ab a drink she claims is dubbed the fact whisperer. Abdominal muscle sips it and says it’s stiff. Bettie hauls her away and also Lemon and Brick both freak out as soon as they think Bettie is working on worming keys out the Bettie. They climate ask each various other what’s coming on. They lie and tell Priscilla’s husband they’re raising money for the senior center. He hands end a check as a donation.

They take it then ask if he knows Henry. He says they’ve been ideal friends because grade school and says he’s a hero. The asks why they’re asking and he claims he’s date a good friend the theirs. He states Henry is rather a catch and says his mam is constantly saying what a catch he is. George states they need to be close because that Henry to send Priscilla 2 dozen roses a day. The man is shocked and also asks what they’re saying.

After the movie, increased asks if she’s going come tell wade she’s having his baby. Zoey states she knows she has to but needs to number out exactly how she’s walking to handle it an initial and come up through a plan. Zoey says it took Wade eight weeks to agree to have dinner and also she’s concerned what he’ll say once he find out about the baby. She states Wade will surprise her sooner rather than later. Walking is there and also asks if they deserve to talk.– –Wade speak Zoey the he’s sorry and also says the didn’t average that the didn’t to trust her. He claims he was just scared and was pushing her away. He states he’s not 100% sure she won’t hurt him yet knows he’s never ever felt favor anyone the way he feels about her. He states it’s worth the risk. She claims things through them have actually been a roller coaster and also he agrees. She states it wasn’t same to gain upset as soon as he hesitated to get back to it.

He asks if she’ll walk to dinner v him and also she claims yes. He says they have a reservation in 10 minutes and also she laughs in ~ his confidence. Castle head off eight in arm. Cricket order a double mint julep at the bar and also sees Stanley. She asks if she deserve to come pick up her doll collection. He claims she’ll need a snorkel due to the fact that he threw them into Mobile Bay. She’s horrified the he drowned castle all.

Lemon rails at she dad after he admits he’s still v Shelby and also he rails at she for yet an additional fake boyfriend. Bettie tells abdominal she can smell weakness and also tells abdominal she smells weak on her. Brick speak Lemon the his life is empty and also a lot less fun there is no Shelby around. He states he loves her. Bettie tells abdominal muscle everyone in the family is acting odd. She says they’re maintaining things from her.

She tells abdominal to tell she what it is. Lemon tells she dad she’s an excellent at running a restaurant and also won’t permit Bettie make her settle for some man rather of what she’s good at. Abdominal muscle can’t take it it anymore and stands up and also says if she lets one secret go, she’ll allow them every go. Brick confesses to dating Shelby and also Lemon tries to act shocked.

Priscilla’s hubby rants in ~ them about suing them for libel because his wife has actually been the end of the state because that the last numerous weeks when the roses to be coming. But then they see the maid through the roses. George asks to speak to she for a moment. Wade and Zoey room at dinner and she sips wine then remembers she shouldn’t be having actually it and also spits it out. She states there’s something she demands to call him.

He asks to tell her something first. He states he knows they’re walking to work-related out this time due to the fact that he crafted a plan. He says they started off backwards beginning with sex which to be good. He says they have to do things they method they should. He claimed they must date, go to movies and he’ll kiss her goodnight and wonder how soon he should speak to her. He says they need to take points slow.

Wade claims they have all the moment in the world. Zoey claims they can’t and also it can’t take place slow. She stands and also walks far from the table leaving that perplexed. Wade reflects up and finds ab still boozing and asks if she’s seen Lemon. She states she and Bettie and Brick are together in an additional room. She asks if he’s okay and he claims to call her the her advice sucks. That sits and also tells her the problem.

He states he understands women and says really, really, however says once it pertains to Zoey, his mental is choose scrambled eggs. That tells her he told Zoey his setup was to take it slow. Abdominal muscle tells him he’s therefore dumb. She walks off too and also he asks what’s wrong with the females in this time. Ab comes over and also tells Lemon they need to go ideal now. She whispers in she ear and Lemon claims they have to go now.

They zip off leaving Henry and Brick v Bettie. Brick’s mother says he has actually to fulfill Shelby tonight. George and also Lavon room excited to tell Lemon the Henry has actually been cheating ~ above her through the maid and that he’s simply with Lemon long sufficient to get his to trust fund. Then they realize they’re fear to phone call Lemon. They decide to text Dash instead and George go it. Lavon asks if they did right and also George says they had to.

Wade come up and tells lock he demands to get drunk right currently with part men. Lock agree and also tell him come hop into the truck. He does and the 3 take off. Abdominal muscle and Lemon come in search of Zoey. Abdominal says to follow the cookie crumbs and also they find her in the bath tub with a crate of cookies. She claims she’s no okay and she simply wants a an excellent hard drink and also can’t have actually one.

Zoey states she deserve to see she told Lemon and ab says she couldn’t hold one much more secret. Zoey tells she to say whatever she wants to say and also Lemon tells her she needs to clean up however then they kneel down and also tell her the Wade didn’t median to it is in moronic. She says they only thing she and Wade can count top top is bad timing. She states she establish she needs to do this on her own and she claims she’s keeping the baby.

She says that’s why she’s in the bathtub eating cookies. She says she’s for this reason scared and also asks what if her child hates her or she raises a serial killer. Lemon tells her the her mom was mar Poppins contrasted to hers and also they both turned out all right. Lemon tells her she to know she’ll it is in a an excellent mother, a really great mother due to the fact that she’s smart, tough and kind. She says she’ll deny it if she tells anyone she claimed it.

AB tells she she’s so good with Rose and also all her patients and says she’s gained this. Lemon takes the box of cookie away. Zoey keeps a pair saying she can since she’s pregnant. Lemon asks her dad if he’s okay and also she states she heard Bettie summoned Shelby. She asks whereby she is and also he points to the other room. Lemon claims she can’t leaving her alone through Shelby due to the fact that she’ll eat she alive.

He shows her that his mom, Shelby and Henry are singing display tunes. He claims Shelby and also his mom love each other. Walking rants to George and Lavon about Zoey and also says he’s learned his lesson and is done through her. Castle tell that he’s stated that before and also a few times. Lock send Wade to Lavon’s to get more booze. Shelby speak Bettie she knew they’d be two peas in a pod.

Bettie says now that both that them are settled, she can go on her vacation. She hands Lemon her check and tells her an excellent luck with Fancy’s. As Bettie go to leave for the airport, they open up the door and also find invoice there. He tells them a story broke on Dash’s blog about Henry being a fraud. He states he’s gained a GF over in Mobile. Lemon asks him exactly how he can do that and Bill says he’s acquisition him in because that questioning.

Lemon tells him come stop and says he’s not a fraud. She states no an ext than she is. She says they to be in it with each other from the start. She says she necessary the money because that Fancy’s and he claims he required his family members to think he had actually moved on native the girl they uncovered unacceptable therefore they win a deal. Bettie snatches back the check and tears it up climate stomps out.

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Lavon and also George pat a video clip game and also they say it to be a great day – it’s just too negative they both love Lemon. Go is external when Zoey speak him she’s having actually his baby and also that’s why she left at dinner. The laughs and also she claims it’s okay and says she deserve to do it on her own and also doesn’t mean anything indigenous him. That stuns him. He goes back into his house and also George asks if he gained the booze. He claims he just got some interesting news. George yells out – a baby? and Lavon claims – holy mother that God.