During Harry's detentions with Umbridge in OotP, Umbridge forces Harry to magically carve the words "I must not tell lies" into the back of his hand with a Blood Quill. In the book, Harry suffers silently, not wanting to give Umbridge the satisfaction of seeing him complain and not wanting to talk to Dumbledore due to being angry at him for keeping Harry in the dark, and lets her continue her reign unchallenged.

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...But what if he told a trusted adult about what Umbridge was doing, like Professor McGonagall and/or Dumbledore, and took one of them (or anybody else) with him under the Invisibility Cloak? Even with the jackass attitude the Ministry has in this book, surely they wouldn't be able to get away with mutilating children, right?

I should note that I've read something like this where it's Hermione who blows the whistle, and I thought it was pretty in-character for Hermione, but I'm looking for something where Harry tells one of his professors about it.

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I forget the title, but there was one I read into where Harry did blow the whistle and it made things so much worse. Instead of punishing Umbridge for torturing children, the Ministry said that Harry did that to himself, which was simply more evidence of how disturbed and unhinged he was. Now that he was self-harming, he obviously needed to be committed to a secure, isolated cell in Saint Mungo's. It was more than a bit dark.

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Sirius finds out in linkffn(9562487) and is FURIOUS

This one linkffn(13643298) Tonks impersonates Harry to gather evidence against her.

This one linkffn(5681042) Harry and Dumbledore set up a recording device and catch her in the act.

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Taking Control by daily-chan

What if Sirius had learned about the Blood Quill and wanted answers, going to Hogwarts to get those answers. Warnings for strong language, Umbridge and Dumbledore bashing and possible OOC-ness. Rating is for possibly considered strong language. Part of the A Bond of Family series

Quidditch Tales by potterlad81

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Heart and Soul by Sillimaure

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