Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou marries his girl friend of four years ~ above 18 January. Screen catch from JVR Music International.

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The Love Story

Jay Chou, that performed in Singapore just this previous December, has actually consistently produced songs that appealed to tendency sensibilities while maintaining creative merits, make him among Asia’s many eligible bachelors – till 18 January that is as soon as he married Hannah Quinlivan in a grand ceremony at Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, UK.

The two first met in ~ fashion keep Phantaci, wherein Hannah was working part-time, and which to be co-owned by Chou. Snow, Chou’s choreographer and great friend, takes credit for presenting the couple to each other. And while there was no love at very first sight, Chou has actually said that Hannah nevertheless made one impression on him.

The couple has not spoken much about how their connection developed, however within a year ~ their very first meeting, Jay has actors Hannah in the initial reduced of the music video for his song “How room You”. In 2011, though the pair still did not confirm your relationship, they were seen with each other on numerous occasions and also were also photographed in France, with Chou’s arm approximately Hannah.

By 2013, Jay and also Hannah to be no much longer hiding your relationship. At this point, they have actually been spotted spending your holidays with each other in Japan and Thailand, leading to rumours the the pair has been living together, and also leading some fans and also the media to speculate the a wedding wasn’t so much ahead.

The Proposal

Chou says that he first thought that marrying Hannah while that was having actually a bout the spondylitis, a type of spinal arthritis that has actually caused the to it is in exempted from military service. During a an especially painful attack, it was Hannah that took treatment of him and also stayed through his side, one act the immensely touch the superstar.

Despite a 14-year age gap, the couple has a an extremely amicable relationship. States Jay Chou, “My mental period is about the same as hers and also we just gain along choose children.” image courtesy the Jay Chou’s Weibo.

Notably, amongst Jay Chou’s previous girlfriends, Hannah is the youngest and the one who has actually stayed through him the longest. In an interview v China Times, Chou evidenced that they have actually been date for four years, saying, “Longevity is other special. It’s an ext solid than a whirlwind marriage. … gift together 4 years isn’t simple thing. Being with me is more tiring. It’s tough being her and she’s persisted for so long.”

He later added, “I should do other very far-reaching in my life prior to I rotate 36. Starting a family members sounds quite good.”

Just like exactly how the couple’s wedding would be, Chou’s proposal was traditional, magnificent, and closed come the media. According to apple Daily, the proposal emerged during one of their stays in England: Jay Chou had very closely arranged the moment, there to be fireworks in the sky, that knelt down to one knee for the big question, and Hannah’s answer, the course, was, Yes.

The Pre-Wedding Photos

When it came to planning the wedding, Jay Chou said that Hannah made every the decisions. To catch their wedding moment on camera, the couple hired fashion and also celebrity photographer Liang Su, who has shot photographs for Esquire, Elle, and also GQ, among other publications.

The couple’s love story is a contemporary fairy tale, i m sorry is likewise the design template of your wedding. Images courtesy of JVR Music International

Three the the couple’s pre-wedding photographs were released by Chou’s company, JVR Music, on October last year. The 3 photos were shot in separate areas – Paris, Prague, and Germany.

The very first picture, shot in black and white, reflects the pair in a romantic adopt with a timeless Parisian roofline serving together background. The second photograph shows the couple facing each other with the Vltava River and also the historic Charles leg behind them. The last photo attributes the pair in fairy-tale garb standing alongside a tall white steed as the Neuschwanstein castle towers over them.

The Privacy

Private Party: The couple’s wedding bash, hosted at castle Howard, was exclusive to your 50 guests. Picture courtesy of will Liu’s Weibo.

The wedding was really exclusive, attended only by 50 of the couple’s family and also closest friends. To keep their privacy, the guests to be not also informed whereby the actual venue would be and also were only instructed to be prepared to take it a connecting trip from London. However, keen-eyed fans guessed the location close come the wedding as soon as two the the invited guests – lyricists Vincent Fang and bridesmaid Fion sunlight – posted images of the city on social media. Jay Chou took the unplanned disclose in stride and even gamely posed with his passionate fans exterior one that the venues.

The Venues

The historic Selby Abbey at phibìc Yorkshire became a famous tourist destination amongst Asians overnight after it to be revealed that it to be the venue for the couple’s wedding ceremony. The 946-year old monastery has an iconic Romanesque design perfect because that the wedding’s fairy-tale theme.

Built in 1069, Selby Abbey is among the biggest surviving abbey churches from the medieval period. Image courtesy the SelbyAbbey UK

The wedding agree was organized at the magnificent castle Howard, which was closed to the public for the occasion. Home of the Howard imperial family, the estate attributes a breath-taking landscape and the eponymous 18th century Castle, i beg your pardon is most popularly recognized as Brideshead lock in the TV and also cinematic adaptation that Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel, Brideshead Revisited.

Looks familiar? lock Howard is a popular location because that TV series and films collection in the Edwardian Era. Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The Entourage

Bridesmaid actresses Beatrice Fang and also Fion sun with groomsmen Darren of the Drifters and fitness coach Hulk. Screen catch from JVR Music International

Actresses Beatrice Fang join Fion sun as Hannah’s bridesmaids, while Darren (of Taiwanese band the Drifters) and also fitness coach Hulk served as Jay’s groomsmen. The females wore peach-coloured bridesmaid dresses with above-the-knee skirts if the men wore trim black color suits v pink bow ties.

Jay Chou’s finest man was singer and also composer will Liu, who came v his pregnant wife. Will certainly is a close girlfriend of Jay and also the two attend the exact same church in Taipei, the new Life Church. In an previously interview, Will has said that he and also his wife would periodically read scriptures to Jay once the superstar to be feeling an especially stressed.

The Bride

All pull in white: the bride sparkled with organic beauty and also custom jewellery. Screen record from JVR Music International

The bride wore a white princess sphere gown make by designer Mikael Derderian, special a Tudor-inspired design, cathedral wedding train, and also a heart-shaped cutout on the back. The look to be perfected by a crown and necklace ensemble, apparently costing NT$311.48 million (SG$13.48 million), courtesy the French jewellery residence Chaumet. Transporting a ostrich of white and pink roses, Hannah was led under the aisle by her Australian father, who passed her hand come the wait groom.

Image courtesy of Jay Chou’s facebook Page

Hannah Quinlivan is of Taiwanese-Australian descent; below she is escorted by her father. Screen record from JVR Music International

The Groom

Jay Chou written a unique musical piece for the wedding, which was played during the ceremony. Screen record from JVR Music International

Jay Chou wore a black Alexander McQueen tuxedo featuring a patterned lapel and also an complex bow tie. The groom walked alone ~ above the aisle v a light swank, one hand casually tucked into a pocket. Earlier, that personally managed the rehearsal the the church orchestra, bring about the ceremony come be delayed by a few hours. Jay’s external confidence belied his excitement, as was revealed through his agent, J. R. Yang, that said, “Jay seemed a little nervous. … that was very busy and very happy. Return the rehearsal to be long, he to be satisfied v the wire orchestra’s playing.”

The Ceremony

The couple takes your vows. Screen record from JVR Music International

The wedding is symbolic for Jay and also Hannah, who have already registered their marital relationship in Taiwan last year. Selby Abbey’s natural beauty was intensified by the enhancement of light fixtures, wedding trees, and also the usage of red carpet top top the aisle. Music was provided by a 20-member live orchestra, which played a item that Jay specifically composed because that the occasion.

The ceremony was officiated by a British minister from Selby Abbey and Rev. Abraham Ku, the couple’s pastor from Taipei. The Reverend’s post was themed “The truth of Love”, quoting 1 Corinthians 13 and encouraging the pair to develop their Christian family upon faith, hope, and love. Hannah was moved to tears during Jay’s vows and as he placed the ring on she finger, after which the couple shared a lengthy kiss.

Screen capture from JVR Music International

will Liu, pull in white suit and pants, was Jay’s ideal man. The two room close friends and also attend the exact same church in Taiwan. Pictures courtesy of will certainly Liu and also Darren’s Weibo

After the ceremony, an English afternoon tea was hosted at a hotel, wherein the guests were treated to part light snacks, the highlight being a fondant cake and frosted cookies, several of which to be decorated through the couple’s silhouette or monogram. The party then moved to castle Howard because that the wedding bash, i beg your pardon featured fireworks collection off onto the lakeside sky and performances indigenous a absent band and a symphony orchestra.

Closed to the public: the wedding bash supposedly featured performances from a symphony orchestra and also a rock band. Picture courtesy of will certainly Liu’s Weibo page

Jay and Hannah, reportedly, will host a different celebration of your wedding in Taiwan this March, and also another one in Australia later on in the year.

Fan Reaction

Jay Chou’s enormous fandom has long speculated when their idol would gain married and were happy – although v a tint of sadness – over the news the he is no much longer on the market. The day after the wedding, a write-up titled “Jay Chou obtained Married” to be at the peak China’s major micro-blogging website Weibo. The write-up has generated countless discussions as fans mutual their well wishes come the singer and also their evaluation of his music. A video of the wedding posted on YouTube has been viewed close to 6 million times through over 2 thousand comments.

Jay Chou poses through his fans outside one that the wedding venues. Picture courtesy of Jay Chou’s facebook Page

The singer’s celebrity friends were likewise quick come congratulate the couple on society media. Singer and actress Christine Fan created on Weibo: “It was super dreamy. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Complete of happiness.” also on Weibo, Singer and actor Wang Lee Hom common the exact same sentiments, writing, “Congratulations come Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan on their marriage! Romantic, happy and also full the love.”

Wedding Cost

Apple Daily estimated the price of Jay and also Hannah’s wedding to it is in NT$23 million (S$1 million), which renders it the most extravagant celebrity wedding in Taiwanese history. Accommodation for the guest alone estimatedly cost NT$10 million (S$433 thousand), while expenses for the wedding venues got to NT$8 million (S$346 thousand) and also the couple’s pre-wedding photos price NT$5 million (S$216 thousand).

Expenses for the couple’s pre-wedding photographs, which to be shot across Europe, reportedly got to NT$5 million (S$216 thousand). Pictures courtesy that Wikimedia.

The lavish wedding certainly did not come cheap yet it’s all an excellent with the pop superstar, who after all, to be the third highest-earning Chinese entertainer in 2014.

Staying in the UK

The pair stayed in brother for their honeymoon – although, this time, for partly skilled reasons together Jay Chou is scheduled for the shoot of Now You watch Me: The 2nd Act. The movie is Chou’s 2nd English function film ~ starring together Kato in The green Hornet in 2011. Hannah, who speaks much more English than her husband, will certainly serve as his interpreter throughout the shoot.

Jay Chou as Kato in 2011’s The green Hornet, his first English film. Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Chou is no stranger come England, having commonly visited the country and even do his wedding proposal there. In 2006, he shot the music video for his song “Twilight’s chapter Seven” in London, while shooting the video clip for “Big Ben” in Edinburgh in 2012. According to some of his friends, Chou is considering come buy a residence in Britain, although that does no have any plans to resolve in the country.

Jay Chou shooting the music video for several of his song in the UK. Screen catch from JVR Music International.

The women in Jay’s Life

Though they initially denied their relationship, the couple started dating back in 2010. Photos courtesy of exaggeration Malaysia and Hannah’s on facebook page.

Jay Chou, who has actually a net worth that NT$5 exchange rate (S$216 million) did not have a pre-nuptial agreement with his wife, however told the he and Hannah have constantly kept their finances separate. Together Mrs. Jay Chou, Hannah’s an initial task seems to it is in to assist and keep company to his mother, Yeh Hui-mei, in a home that the 3 will share.

Jay Chou is very close come his mom. His track “Listen to Mama” tells just how he owes his success come her. Picture courtesy the Mar3maze’s Blogspot.

Yeh, who has actually been divorced to Jay’s father, has remained a strong influence come his son’s life, even controlling some the his skilled affairs. Among Jay Chou’s past girlfriends, Hannah to be the one who got along the finest with his mom. In one interview, the joked that his mother has pertained to care an ext for Hannah 보다 him even prior to they were married. He included that his grandmother likewise dotes top top his young wife.

The couple, v Jay Chou’s mother, to be photographed in ~ an alpaca café. The three would regularly vacation together. Image courtesy the 24-7kpop.

Plans because that the future

Despite the couple’s 14-year age gap, the popular music superstar states that they acquire along very well and also haven’t even had any kind of real debate – and that’s not likely going come change.

Regarding their plans to begin a family, Chou said he desires to have actually enough kids to type a band, preferably guys who can be “little replicas” of him. He included that that not vital to him the their youngsters are in ~ the top of your class, just as lengthy as castle have skills that castle are great at.

Jay Chou guarantees to relax one album each year, if Hannah additionally plans to proceed her work-related in show business. Image courtesy of 24-7kpop.

He also said, “If I have actually a daughter, i’ll worry an ext and think around what to do when she gets a boyfriend. If it is a son, I can share mine experiences through women through him.”

While gift a family man probably means that Jay Chou might no much longer work as lot as he offered to, the promised to continue to release an album each year to present his enduring commitment to his fans. But Hannah, who has proclaimed that she would prefer to continue her work as well, can be maintained busy by her domestic role.

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Photographs that a young Jay Chou. The superstar says he wants to have actually sons to whom he might pass on his music legacy. Image courtesy of Adam Kuek’s Blogspot.