The Hamilton Beach large Mouth® luxurious 14 Cup Food Processor is a winner in certain arenas. In ours tests, the performed fine chopping and slicing fruits and also veggies, specifically for this price point. However, if you room looking to use it for tackling hefty duty mixing projects like dough or nut butter, this device is no for you. Additionally, when we liked the “big mouth” feeding chute, us felt the entire system to be harder come use and also clean than others we tested. Us were likewise concerned with the lightweight style when processing much more substantial food items. With all that said, we still think this is great budget food processor.

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You deserve to compare the Hamilton Beach large Mouth® luxurious 14 Cup Food Processor through French fried food Blade (70575) to other food processors in the Food Processor Review.





relatively inexpensive; an excellent performance with chopping, mixing, and slicing; continuous processing through large feed tube
excellent performance; 25-year warranty; 8 attachments; tongue storage; vast feeder tube; big and small work bowls; timer; good customer service
excellent performance; quiet; two occupational bowls; great warranty; broad feeder tube; tongue storage; good capacity; efficient; versitile
8 attachments: 2 "S" blades, dough blade, flexible slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, julienne disc, French fry disc, and also whisking/emulsifying disc Editors" comprehensive Review


Product Background

The Hamilton Beach large Mouth deluxe 70575 Food Processor boasts a big work bowl v 14 cups of capacity and also a 525-watt motor. It come equipped with a stainless steel French fried food disc in enhancement to the appliance’s two standard attachments – the global chopping/mixing blade and the reversible shredding/slicing disc. The huge Mouth model has three different speed setups (1, 2 or 3), and also a pulse (P) setting. The lid is designed v a tiny and large feeder tube the both allow for food items to be continuously processed. The larger feeder pipe is 5" x 3" and is whereby the an equipment gets the "Big Mouth" name. All of the plastic parts and attachments space dishwasher safe and also BPA-free. Suction cup feet aid to stabilize the unit on her countertop.

Performance ComparisonFunctionality

During our tests, we discovered that the Hamilton Beach big Mouth Deluxe® had an enough dry capacity to do most of the work we inquiry of it, and, although us came throughout some customer complaints about its liquid capacity, us felt that 3.75 cup was much more than adequate for most jobs. If you setup on making use of your an equipment for big liquid projects, you may want to consider a an ext expensive option like the Breville Sous cook or Cuisinart Elite arsenal 2.0 16 Cup. We found the knob manage system straightforward to use and also responsive but thought the 4 different speed settings seemed somewhat unnecessary - as you really just need constant processing or pulse.

In regards to attachments, beyond the standard ‘S’ blade for chopping/mixing, we liked having the functionality, compactness, and ease the a reversible shredding/slicing disc. While the French fried food disc to be a pretty bonus, us didn’t think that would gain much use. Also though every one of the discs have convenient finger holes for handling, us still discovered that it was easy to reduced yourself and recommend the you are specifically mindful when handling it.

In addition to the universal 'S' blade, the huge Mouth comes v a reversible shredding/slicing disc and also a French fry disc.

The big Mouth features a small, ring feeder chute (2.5 in diameter) because that liquids or smaller/thinner food items, as well as a much bigger one (5" x 3") the can process bigger pieces of food. If we favored that the feed pipe was situated on the front of the machine, we uncovered that the feeding chute system on the big Mouth to be overly complicated. Over there are numerous layers of parts and also some, to us, seemed rather unnecessary.

The Hamilton Beach huge Mouth Deluxe functions a large feed tube to accommodate entirety fruits and vegetables with a consistent feed.

The 70575 model has actually a standard safety locking system, in i beg your pardon the processor will not start without the work-related bowl, cover, and lid latch securely locked in place. Suction cup feet help to stabilize the unit however we still discovered that it vibrated or jumped on occasion.

Processing Quality

We discovered the Hamilton Beach huge Mouth Deluxe® did fine slicing, chopping, mincing, and also pureeing. V a 4.6 lb base and also 525-watt motor, it had actually adequate strength for every recommended uses. We were an especially impressed through its slicing and also chopping ability. The big Mouth feeder pipe is able to fit a whole tomato and slice the quickly and evenly. That is likewise able to finely chop an onion there is no pureeing it.

During the an ext delicate parsley test utilizing the pulse function, we found that the blades bruised the leaves and left us v a "wet" chop as opposed to the more airy product that we were feather for.

Based on our check of the French fried food disc, as contrasted to the Breville Sous chief French fry disc, the large Mouth go a adequate job but fries differed in size and length. We likewise felt the it was much more wasteful 보다 the much more expensive Breville Sous Chef.


Comparing the French Fries native the big Mouth vs. The an ext expensive Breville Sous Chef.
Credit: mary Griffin

The Hamilton beach did not seem fine made and heavy sufficient to chop the almonds we want to chop – leaving some nuts intact while pulverizing others. Nuts weren’t our just inconsistent outcome, shredding parmesan likewise resulted in various size shreds.

Hamilton coast advises against using this model for dough and other heavy-duty processing projects. Because that chopping, slicing, and shredding, this is a great budget choice, but, if you plan on utilizing your food processor for more heavier jobs, we would certainly recommend security a little an ext and to buy the Cuisinart Pro standard 7 Cup.

Ease of set Up and Clean Up

The Hamilton Beach large Mouth Deluxe® is relatively easy to set-up and also to clean. The assembly was straightforward and also we found the relocating parts smooth to operate. The safety locking system deserve to be a little tricky to figure out at first. Initially, we had to realign the work bowl a few times in bespeak to acquire the food processor come start. We likewise found the feeder tube mechanism finicky. In general, clean increase was fairly easy v the exception of ours parmesan test. The cheese make the lid cloudy and also got caught in the locking mechanism.

Storage Options

This design is straightforward to store and has a retractable cord. Every attachments, through the exception of the French fried food disc, save inside the job-related bowl. Carry out be careful, though, as chisels are exposed and really sharp.

Best Uses

The Hamilton Beach huge Mouth Deluxe® is great for slicing, chopping, mincing, and pureeing. It appears to carry out well v fruits and vegetables. Results with shredding and also grinding were less consistent.


At $80, this food processor was among the an ext affordable options we tested and also we assumed it to be a an excellent value for those ~ above a budget. The comes v a 1-year limited warranty. The vouch is great from the initial purchase date and also covers production defects. Castle don’t offer any kind of refund but will replace or repair the an equipment or any kind of parts the they agree room defective.


Overall, the Hamilton Beach large Mouth Deluxe® excelled at chopping, slicing, mincing, and pureeing fruits and vegetables. The large feeder tube really is quite in terms of fitting a variety of foodstuffs and enabling for a consistent feed. We were impressed by just how well that sliced tomatoes in particular. However, shredding parmesan do a mess and also produced inconsistent cheese shreds. Similarly, trying come chop almonds left united state holding the machine down and also quitting at an early stage with a work-related bowl complete of almond dust also as huge chunks. We uncovered the feeder pipe apparatus unnecessarily complex as well. At this price point, however, we space willing come make part allowances. We think the much less expensive Oster total Prep 10 Cup provides more value and versatility in its food handling capabilities however it is slightly harder come clean. If you space willing to invest a little more, our Editor’s selection Award saw the Cuisinart Pro standard 7 Cup, i beg your pardon is an excellent, smaller choice.

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Big Mouth Duo to add Food Processor 70580

$79.99500 watt motor12 Cup & 4 Cup work-related BowlsTouch Pad Controls

Big Mouth Duo 14 Cup Food Processor with second Bowl 70579.

$79.9914 Cup & 5 Cup job-related Bowls525 watt motorSame knob control system
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