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H3H3Productions In May 2019, H3H3"s Ethan Klein posted a video clip dubbed "Instagram vs. Reality," wright here he referred to as out how heavily photos on social media are edited. He discovered imperiods of celebrities and influencers on social media and also compared them to photos other people had taken.

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He consisted of Trisha Paytas in the video, calling them the "spokesperson for Instagram vs Reality," and also criticized them for the sheer amount of emotional up their photos are given. (Paytas identifies as non-binary and offers the pronouns "they" and "them.")

"Why are you also a design if you"re going to modify your looks that much?" he asked. "It"s choose beauty queen to WWF wrestler in two seconds. You cannot photoshop your heart and soul — remember that."

Klein was trying to make the bigger point that world shouldn"t compare themselves to what they check out on social media bereason, in all likelihood, these stars aren"t mirroring a photo of fact. But some believed he went a little bit far with his jokes, calling one side by side of Paytas "Coachella vs an open casket funeral," and referring to Tana Mongeau as a "manatee."


H3H3productions / YouTube

Paytas didn"t take the criticism lying down, and also hit earlier at Klein in a long string of tweets.

h3h3productions — you are a disgusting piece of s---," they sassist. "Your current video is not only predatory — it"s likewise HARMFUL to young girls."

They told him they"d struggled via suicidal thoughts from a young age, and also bullying have the right to "bring about many kind of girls wanting to take their resides prefer I did for so many type of years."

"Suicide from bullying is f---ing genuine," they ongoing. "I pray to God u never know anyone initially hand also that ends their life from that s---. It"s not a joke. It"s f---ing genuine — u sicko."

They additionally posted a video dubbed "h3h3 is HARMING YOUNG GIRLS!" where they tearcompletely recorded their thoughts from their infamous kitchen floor and also urged Klein to take the video dvery own.

"It simply made me so sad and also upcollection that there"s this 40-year-old guy shaming girls," they sassist. "He would certainly take my one photo where I was glam for Instagram and also compare it to a video clip prefer this or a vlog video wright here I have actually no makeup on. It wasn"t the exact same day. It was totally different looks."


H3H3, Trisha Paytas / YouTube

Paytas sent out an additional tweet, tagging the other half of H3H3, Hila Klein, informing her not to raise the son they were expecting "to be as ignorant as your husband also."

"I would divorce him ASAP as he is leading to so a lot damage to young women," Paytas created. "It"s actually SICKENING. I"ve never been more disgusted. That you stand by him is also even more disgusting."

Klein wasn"t fazed and also retweeted them saying, "Who is this rude person? I don"t acknowledge her from her profile photo. Anyone know?"

He then hammered his point better by posting a very edited photo of himself wbelow he"d neatened up his facial hair, made himself thinner, and gained rid of all the lines on his confront.


Trisha Paytas/YouTube

Just 2 days later on, Paytas tweeted that they wanted to show up on the H3 podactors.

"Omg why didn"t I realize just how funny
h3h3productions was this whole time?!" they ongoing, thanking him for a (non-existent) collab and also saying they were a large fan.

They likewise shelp they wanted to go to Israel via Klein because he "appears favor the dude to perform this through."

Paytas is a self-confessed troll, so these tweets were more than likely little bit more than a ploy for attention.

"I simply have actually this consistent require for attention," they told in a previous write-up. "Maybe that"s a negative point, maybe not, but it"s just how I prosper."

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

In August, presumably after Klein made a comment about them in the H3H3 podcast, Paytas tweeted him as soon as again.

"Why do continuously come for me ??" they asked. "U r a dad currently, maybe like stop picking on girls online for literally no factor ?"

Klein didn"t respond.

In October 2019, Paytas came out as a transsex man, which Klein sassist was 'f---ing insane'

Trisha Paytas, H3H3 Podactors / YouTube

Paytas posted a video clip titled "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)" in October 2019, in which they shelp they"re basically a gay man that likes to dress in drag bereason they are attracted to various other gay males, loves "glam" and also "voluptuousness," and has "penis envy."

Many in the LGBTQ area were upset because they assumed Paytas was making a joke out of transgender concerns, and numerous called them out on social media and in the video"s comments.

Klein also mocked Paytas, calling them "f---ing insane" on an episode of the podactors.

In response, Paytas sfinish several revealing photos to Klein over Twitter, which he dubbed "gross."

Paytas likewise uploaded another video where they shelp Klein was "worse than Donald Trump."

H3H3 Podcast / YouTube

Paytas posted an apology video quickly after their announcement, saying they were "overwhelmed by the amount of backlash."

Klein didn"t miss out on the opportunity to mock them, dressing up in a blonde wig and also red lipstick, and filming a kitchen floor video of his own.

"I wanted to basically apologize to Trisha Paytas, who is such a sweet, genuine person," Klein shelp. "I wanted to, first of all, apologize for saying that she looked choose she was at an open casket funeral, she was the corpse inside of a casket ... You"re so beautiful you"re such a queen."

He ongoing insincecount for another few minutes, impersonating Paytas" apology voice.

"Sorry for saying that you"re not a trans male, even though you have actually F cup jugs that are constantly on display screen," he said. "Mostly I simply desire to apologize to Trisha and say that she"s really warm and also certainly doesn"t look choose she"s been passed approximately as a lot as a bowling round."

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

A short Twitter exadjust in between Klein and Paytas in October 2019 argued they might obtain together to record a podactors. Klein shelp if they were "guy enough" they would come on, to which Paytas sassist they would certainly do it for $18 million.

"You"d certainly execute it for totally free," Klein shelp.

"Apologize for all ur dumb ass trolling then maybe," Paytas replied.

h3h3productions / Twitter

Paytas appearing on the H3 podactors was a turn of occasions nobody intended. It looked like the hosts, and their guest were all having many fun, and they appeared to put their history behind them.

There was one slightly awkward moment where Paytas declared they had actually made no money from their video wright here the declared to be transgender. Klein said he didn"t believe them and also made them pull up their YouTube dashboard. It revealed they"d actually made $8,000.

"You"ve been going about saying in your defence and also on television too that "I don"t make money from this," so why would certainly you do it?" he sassist. "I just think that it kind of undermines that whole dispute that you"re doing this just to tell your story, but plainly you made 8,000 bucks from it."

They all appeared to laugh the situation off and also finished the recording on excellent terms.

"Thank you for coming," Klein tweeted after that. "Despite our distinctions and a couple of rocky moments, it was really fun having actually you in the studio."

Paytas appeared on the podactors aacquire in February 2020 for a one-of-a-kind 'Bachelorette' episode

H3 Podactors / YouTube

Things were quiet in between H3H3 and also Paytas till they came onto the H3 podactors aacquire for a unique episode.

The Kleins determined they wanted to help Paytas uncover love by beginning a "Bachelorette" style dating show.

"Look exactly how far we"ve come," Paytas said in the second episode, among many type of insinuations they wanted to be component of a "throuple" with the Kleins.

Paytas determined some of their favorite contestants by judging their video entries. They also expressed an interest in Hila"s brother.

They agreed to the rules collection by Klein — it was desired they wouldn"t message through any kind of of the contestants in private, but if Paytas did, they would certainly have to let the Kleins know.

H3 Podactors / YouTube

The coronavirus pandemic threw a spanner in the works for the quest to uncover Paytas love, and the show was put on organize in March 2020.

However before, Paytas took points right into their own hands. Out of seemingly nowhere, they started posting photos of them and also Klein"s brother-in-regulation Moses Hacmon on social media.

"Social distancing together," they tweeted via a love heart and two photos of them and Hacmon in their garden.

"At the finish I won the bachelorette. Thank u
h3h3productions," Paytas tweeted a couple of days later on with one more photo.

"Speak this appropriate currently," Klein tweeted back, via a vomiting emoji. "I"m not really mad simply puzzled and also wondering what the actual f--- is going on."

Klein shelp he and Hila had actually no idea what was happening because Hacmon was avoiding their concerns. They debated the issue on their podactors, saying nobody had actually told them anything and they were simply judging the case from what they witnessed on social media.

On the other hand, on April 3, 2020, Paytas tweeted, "Love being family" through yet an additional selfie via Hacmon.

"Sorry Trish however even Jesus below couldn"t fix ur broken a--," Klein replied. Paytas asked him not to troll them for "being in love."

The confusion continued throughout April, with Paytas apparently learning Hebrew and prepping for Passover

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

Hila and Hacmon are both Israeli and also Jewish, and Paytas plainly wanted to show exactly how dedicated they were to their brand-new love by discovering around his culture throughout April 2020.

They posted one video on the Hebrew alphabet, then vlogged aboutprepping for Passover, wright here they bought Kosher foods from the supersector and gained dressed up for the occasion.

H3 Podactors / YouTube

Paytas was incredibly open and also revealing about their partnership via Hacmon on social media, then began accutilizing Klein of trying to damaging it.

"U can"t cut with the earth," they tweeted at him. "We are soulmates. So u can not collection it on fire also if u wanted to. I"ve been trying to be nice and also respectful but soptimal coming for me bro."

Klein then told them to sheight trying to reduced Hacmon off from his family members, "prefer Scientology."

"He"s a huge boy I think he can make his own decisions," Paytas responded.

It looked like Paytas and Hacmon were not supposed to be, and Paytas accsupplied the Kleins of ruining their relationship

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

On April 14, 2020, Paytas posted a collection of now-deleted tweets to Klein. They said he was jealous of them and Hacmon because he never before had actually sex himself, then confusingly sassist they wanted to have actually sex through his dad.

"I"m certain the love of your life Moses is thrilbrought about hear of your intentions to f--- my dad," Klein responded.

Paytas then uploaded a video clip referred to as "h3 damaged my relationship," which they sassist was "among the saddest videos" they"d ever made. They spoke thorough about exactly how a lot they cared for Hacmon and also got in details around their sex life, and also then blamed the Kleins for the relationship ending.

They also declared the Klein"s collection them up on the "Bachelorette" present and didn"t choose contestants they would certainly actually favor.

"B---- you were up right here trying to have actually a throuple via us choose 2 weeks back talking around me being a 10," Klein responded.

In a further tweet, he added: "This seaboy of the BacH3lorette has actually been wild damn!!!"

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

After a quiet couple of weeks, Paytas posted a video clip of them and also Hacmon in their vehicle eating Korean frifinish cheese on April 22, 2020. It"s unclear when the video was filmed, yet they were wearing masks so it must have actually been some suggest during California"s continuous lockdvery own.

The video is called "my unique guest is water," referring to Hacmon"s name on YouTube: Channel Water.

They spoke around judgment, love, and also hate, and Paytas" love of deep-fried food.

H3 Podactors / YouTube

The Klein"s reacted to Paytas" latest videos about them and Hacmon in their podcast on April 25, 2020. Klein shelp he "couldn"t believe" what the case had turned right into.

Klein shelp he had actually no worry with their connection, he was simply still perplexed about what was going on. Hila sassist it all simply highlighted exactly how "human beings need to not collide" and also she was mentally discovering of the whole thing.

"This is so f---ing bizarre," shelp Klein. "That my brother-in-legislation, Hila"s brother, is now in a Trisha Paytas video doing Mukbangs and I didn"t even understand. I don"t also understand that they"re hanging out."

He likewise included a humorous jab at Paytas, saying Korean fried cheese dogs aren"t that excellent.

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

In true trollish fashion, Paytas uploaded a video referred to as "the greatest LIES + HYPOCRISY of h3h3 YET!" shortly after the podcast aired on April 25, 2020. For salso minutes they claimed Klein wants to sleep via them, and protected fried cheese dogs.

After a number of months of snide remarks and also questions around Hacmon and Paytas' relationship, they all appeared to have actually reconciled

H3H3 / Twitter

In spite of some ups and downs, consisting of Paytas analysis out his messperiods to an additional womale on their podcast, Hacmon and Paytas seemed to stay together for a lot of of the lockdvery own. He showed up in many kind of of their Instagram stories, podcasts, and TikToks, and also spent most time at their home through their family members.

Hacmon has actually also showed up in Paytas" vlogs, where they referred to as him their "boyfriend."

However before, points took an unmeant revolve in September as soon as YouTube tabloid news reporter Keemstar invited Gabbie Hanna — Paytas" nemesis — on his DramaAlert display, where she spoke around composing Paytas a song. Paytas and Hanna fell out a while back after Hanna told Paytas" ex-boyfrifinish Jakid Nash she"d heard that Paytas had actually herpes. Paytas has given that made numerous videos asking Hanna to leave them alone.

Keemstar and also Paytas have a background of drama currently, but having actually Hanna on the show was too a lot. Paytas sent a number of videos to him by means of Twitter accutilizing Keemstar of "defending pieces of s--t" and driving civilization to damage themselves.

The reignited dispute appeared to press Paytas and Klein together, as he likewise has actually a unstable partnership through Keemstar. A few days later on, Paytas and Klein announced they would be founding a podactors together, starting on September 15, 2020, referred to as "Frenemies."

H3 Podactors

On a truly surgenuine episode of "Fropponents," where Paytas and Klein dressed up as each various other for Halloween, Dr Drew appeared as a guest to act as a sort of couple"s counselor.

The pair really seemed to revolve a corner, speaking around upsetting words that had been exchanged over their history, and a fiery argument that had actually finished through Paytas storming out on a previous episode.

The session dredged up many Klein and also Paytas" previous, and things obtained pretty emotional at times. But overall, it appears to have done their partnership the majority of great. In episodes because, they both seem to be more comfortable and open up, and also a lot even more respecting of each other"s limits.

H3 Podactors / YouTube

After a brief chapter of peace, Paytas and Klein fell out again on episode 13. An discussion started once Klein discussed that Hila did not want to be talked around on the podcast, as the things Paytas was saying were leading to stress and anxiety in between her and also her brother Hacmon.

Klein tried to describe to Paytas that it wasn"t about them — fairly, it was family tensions and Hacmon not being hocolony via his sister. But Paytas took offense and was incredibly upcollection by the situation. After some discussion, Paytas cried and also walked out on the display, swearing, and also saying that they "hated" Hila.

Hacmon, that had actually gone out to collect pizzas for the present, went back to the chaos. It was unclear whether the podactors would certainly proceed.

Trisha Paytas discusses why she walked off the set of 'Frenemies.' Screenshot

On December 11, 2020, Paytas posted a video clip addressing the blowup between themself and also Klein. They described their frustrations and also also said they had actually apologized to the Kleins.

In a livestream, Hila and also Ethan continued to slam Paytas. After the livestream, Paytas posted an additional video claiming they were quitting the show.

H3 Podcast / YouTube

Paytas returned to the present on December 16, 2020, and apologized for the things they had actually sassist the week prior to. They shelp they had knowledgeable a "meltdown" and had actually overreacted. Dr Drew came onto the present as a guest for a 2nd time and also aided the pair talk with the last episode.

They spoke about Paytas" fear of abandonment, and also just how Paytas pushes world amethod if they fear someone is going to leave them. Klein reassured them this was never before going to occur, and also he was always going to desire to be their frifinish.

"My opinion really is that, I"m always willing to make it occupational, and also there"s nothing you can say or execute or you have the right to say and storm out or whatever before it is, that"s going to make me abandon you," he said.

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

On Christmas Day in 2020, Paytas announced on social media that they had actually gotten engaged to Moses Hacmon, Hila"s brvarious other (and Ethan"s brother-in-law) whom Paytas had actually dated over the course of the pandemic.

"WE"RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!" Paytas wrote in the inscription of an Instagram short article about the engagement. "Ima be a wifeyyyyy."

They likewise posted footage of Hacmon"s proposal to YouTube.

"Congratulations guys this video was really beautiful to watch," Klein wrote in a tweet replying to Paytas" announcement on Twitter.

H3 Podcast / YouTube

Paytas started feuding via among their oldest friends, Shane Dawchild, in January. They spoke about it on two consecutive episodes of "Fropponents," and explained just how Dawkid hadn"t supported them as soon as they told him they had been mistreated by controversial beauty mogul Jefcost-free Star.

Paytas has publicly asserted several times that Star acted favor a "suppose girl" on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas — alleging that he made fun of their skin, bullied them about their weight, and also threw away their expensive Balenciaga sweater. Dawson, meanwhile, ongoing to collaborate through Star.

Paytas has actually made it pretty clear the friendship is over, and also has received overwhelming assistance from Klein. He even posted a TikTok stating that Dawkid, his partner Ryland also Adams, and Star are his "enemies" currently.

Trisha Paytas shelp the H3H3 Podactors crew is upset with them after an outburst on "Fropponents." Screenshot YouTube/blndsundoll4mj

On June 8, Paytas posted a video clip to YouTube announcing that they were leaving the "Frenemies" podcast that had actually aired eexceptionally Tuesday for nine months.

In Paytas" video, they sassist that the H3H3 production crew was unhappy with Paytas" conduct during the latest episode and that recording for the present would pause for the week.

The announcement adhered to a problem over Paytas and also the H3H3 manufacturing crew"s contributions and also compensation to the "Frenemies" podcast that took location on the latest episode,"s Kat Tenbarge reported.

In the video announcing their exit, however, Paytas sassist that the dispute wasn"t the reason for their exit. Rather, they shelp that they wanted the podactors to be a 50/50 partnership that they and also Klein built together, incorporating costs for the podcast collection and manufacturing. According to Paytas, Klein"s place was that H3H3 produces the podactors and also Paytas is "the talent."

"I am honestly gutted over this totality thing, trisha"s video this morning was a total surpincrease to me," Klein wrote in a tweet numerous hours after Paytas posted the video. "I dont really know what even more I have the right to say or carry out. Im extremely sorry to all the fans of fropponents, I know just how a lot it supposed to everyone, I did every little thing I humanly might to conserve it."

H3 Podactors / YouTube

Paytas posted a 2nd video numerous hours later titled "another thing" where they asserted their issues were nothing to do via money, and they wanted even more input right into what the direction of the display was going to be.

"I can not scream sufficient I don"t desire even more money!!!!!!!!!!" Paytas tweeted. "I want to have actually a say in wbelow some of the highlights money goes to bereason that"s what we agreed on. Production expenses."

They likewise denied they had been rude to the crew — something Klein reportedly told Paytas after they stopped filming.

"I held myself together and I can being told I do not contribute anything, I simply display up, he"s the producer, I"m the talent," they said. "All the stuff prefer that was triggering and also I try to host it ago."

Klein then tweeted that the H3 crew was acquiring a barrage of hate directed at them from Paytas" followers, and also he was shedding his "cool."

"The crew has done nothing but support and also work their asses off eincredibly week and also the treatment they acquire is unacceptable," he said.

Klein included that he had actually got to out to Paytas to tell them he "wasn"t happy" through how they had actually taken on the case.

"Instead of talking to me and taking care of it privately, put out another 20 minute video that led to my crew to obtain so much hate they are currently privating their instas," he sassist.

Paytas responded saying they were not "inciting hate" and also they had actually "no issue" via the H3 crew. They said Klein was deflecting from the case because he shouldn"t have permitted the conversation around money to proceed while filming. Paytas likewise posted a screenswarm of a hateful message they had actually received to suggest they were acquiring backlash as well.

"It"s not me pushing ppl away. I felt EXTREMELY disrespected yesterday," Paytas tweeted. "Pushed and pumelted — it"s not walking on eggshells it"s respecting someone once they ask to stop the recording and just not respecting that."

H3 Podactors / YouTube

Paytas ongoing the thcheck out of tweets for another 2 hrs, posting screenshots of their message messages with Klein around their contract details. One specific tweet resulted in considerable backlash from viewers that accprovided Paytas of being antisemitic.

On the other hand, Klein deleted all his tweets and also said he was "going to take a step earlier for the evening."

"At the finish of the day, Fropponents was a beautiful experiment that I will constantly cherish," he shelp. "I"ve learned and also grown so much from the experience and also have Trisha to give thanks to for that. She"s been a dear friend of mine throughout, and I"ll constantly be grateful for all she"s done for us."

He added at the end two emojis which signified a catchexpression he and also Paytas have popularized in the time of their time cohosting Frenemies: "tranquility and love."

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

A few hrs later on, beforehand in the morning of June 9, Paytas sassist they had actually deleted all their tweets too.

"I shouldn"t have actually presented personal conversations," they sassist. "I apologize. I apologize for everything. This got blvery own out of propercent. I don"t desire adversaries. I"ve tried really tough to make amends through civilization I"ve remained in "drama" with. I do not desire it."

They said they were sorry "Frenemies" was finishing this means and also they felt horrible bereason "they"ve been really wonderful to me."

Paytas said the display wasn"t working for them, and also they were going to figure out why. They sassist they weren"t looking for an additional possibility, and also they essential to figure out why they were feeling so overwhelmed.

"I apologize to Ethan, Dan, Ian and also Sam — favor I really carry out," they said. "It"s embarrassing and I"m embarrassed. And a lot of of all you males — prefer it was cool to be back in a famous group for just being me. Like love and also positivity always feels excellent. And this right currently, does not. I"m sorry."

They said they were sad to leave, "yet alas all good points pertained to an end."

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

Paytas additionally posted an emotional video titled "I"m sorry" wbelow they sassist they didn"t desire opponents on the internet — specifically Klein. They sassist their videos were only expected to clarify their belief they are not a rude perchild, and they regretted points acquiring "blvery own out of propercentage."

They included they were really sorry that "Frenemies" was ending, but "it didn"t feel right" to stay.

"Obviously I tackled things poorly," they said. "I"m so sorry. I"m so, so sorry. I let everyone down. I let myself down. I quit. I perform quit. I quit everything."

Paytas said they had never completely reextended from as soon as they insulted Hila in December 2020, which was their "lowest suggest in life."

"Another factor I quit "Frenemies" is that I do not want to be viewed as this perchild which I believed I was painted out to be really early on, once me and Moses started dating — that I was damaging their family," they shelp.

Paytas finished the video by saying they were going to attempt and also remain offline for a while.

H3 Podcast / YouTube

Late on the evening of June 9, Klein posted a video titled "Regarding Trisha Quitting Frenemies," wbelow he gave his side of the story. He said Paytas saying most things publicly had actually put him in a "challenging spot" bereason he wanted to be respectful of them but likewise wanted to settle confusion around what had actually happened.

"And so I say via peace and also love that as a frifinish, I have actually pertained to love and appreciate Trisha, as a partner, I think one of the funniest world I"ve ever recognized, one of the the majority of talented world, among the a lot of dynamic and entertaining civilization I"ve ever well-known," he sassist.

"So creating "Frenemies" through is going to be one of the all-time highlights for me. It"s been such an remarkable ride. I"ve learned and grown so a lot from it on an individual level from , and from you males the audience."

Klein sassist Paytas had asked to hire a whole brand-new crew for "Fradversaries," however did not clarify whether Paytas had actually wanted the original crew fired or not.

Shortly after, Paytasposted two videos referred to as "Ethan"s lies" part 1 and 2 where they watched Klein"s video and also reacted to it. Paytas said Klein must never have actually posted the episode, and denied they wanted anyone from H3 to lose their work. In follow-up tweets, Paytas sassist Klein "lied" and also was "manipulating" the situation.

Klein sassist the H3 crew were willing to film the following day, however he determined to cancel it because he felt everyone was upset by what had occurred during the "Frenemies" episode.

Much of Klein"s video concentrated on money, and also just how a lot it price him to create "Fradversaries." He said he makes no money from the show because he had actually bought $30,000 of new devices when Paytas refused to film in the new H3 Podcast studio, and and has actually hundreds of countless dollars tied up in the merch that was due to be released this summer.

Klein sassist any money he made from "Frenemies" he puts back into the show, yet Paytas debated this in a series of tweets.

They shelp itwas "crazy" and also Klein had actually made "an insane amount of money." Paytas shelp the money for the merch was invested from revenue made from "Frenemies" highlights on YouTube, so they had actually lost their investment as well.

At the finish of the video, Klein shelp he had actually offered Paytas the possibility to offer their opinions around the show and also have actually even more input, yet they didn"t desire it. He likewise said he felt he was Paytas" "punching bag."

He shelp "Frenemies" had been more effective than either he or Paytas ever before anticipated, and he had a lot to say thanks to Paytas for. He said he wasn"t trying to cut them out of his life, and also didn"t desire anyone to "cancel" them.

"I carry out love Trisha as a friend, and I perform desire the ideal for , and I"m certain going to bounce earlier and also execute great," he shelp. "I"m not mad at , I do not blame . This has actually been a frustrating suffer yet ultimately I understand that and I"m willing to forprovide and also forobtain always when it comes to ."

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

Paytas posted their sixth video on the debacle on June 10, titled "this demands to be shelp." They reiterated that they had actually no difficulty via the production crew, and also were leaving to be respectful to them.

Paytas insisted aacquire that they wanted to quit the show bereason of Klein"s conversations through the crew, despite the fact they chose to leave prior to those talks took location.

The video contained TikToks made by Paytas" fans and old "Frenemies" clips they believed showed they were fans of H3 employees.

"Me leaving the present is me reflecting respect for them," they sassist. "I don"t want to be this perchild that people walk on eggshells and feel disrespected. I do not desire to be that person. That"s all I was saying by leaving the present."

Paytas said they thought Klein was trying to paint them as a "monster" via his video, and also they no longer trusted him. They finished the video by saying they were "distraught" by everything that had actually happened.

"Namong this feels good, it all feels really s----y," they said. "I"m appreciative of everyone who functioned on the show, I am."

Paytas posted one more video and over 30 even more tweets, then said they wanted it all 'to stop'

Trisha Paytas / YouTube

On Sunday June 13, Paytas uploaded an additional YouTube video titled "!!TRIGGER WARNING!! *sa* monetization is off for this one (significant topics)." They shelp Klein had made them uncomfortable on multiple occasions by asking them to talk about topics relating to sexual attack and also sex work-related on the "Frenemies" podcast.

Paytas sassist that in the previous they had actually been open about their background with sex work, sexual health, and experiences of sex-related assault, yet that they realize currently that they are "triggered" when these experiences are carried up.

Klein responded to Paytas" video in a tweet, saying "this totality point is extremely upestablishing and also disturbing," bereason he taken into consideration Paytas among his closest friends, and they were currently "making videos accmaking use of me of sexually harassing ."

"Trisha sassist I was sexualizing in the workplace which is the textbook interpretation of sexual harassment," he composed in a follow-up tweet, after some fans accsupplied him of misinterpreting Paytas" video.

Paytas posted over 30 tweets in response saying that Klein was "twisting" their words.

They finished the tirade by saying, "I, also, just want it to stop."

Klein and his parents dubbed out Paytas for showing up on "Mom's Basement," a podcast held by YouTuber Keemstar

Paytas posted 21 TikToks in response to the criticism. Screenshot H3H3 Productions/Drama Alert/TikTok/Trisha Paytas

On Sunday August 15, Paytas, Keemstar, and Klein started trending on Twitter after YouTuber Daniel Keem, aka Keemstar, announced that Paytas would be appearing on the "Mom"s Basement" podactors he hosts with YouTuber FaZe Banks with an image of the three of them.

Klein reposted the picture, and tweeted: "I"m not also gonna front or try to be funny, this just really provides me sad."

Klein and Paytas have a long-standing feud with Keem. They both newly criticized the age gap between Keem and also his girlfriend, with Paytas saying in a YouTube video the 39-year-old was "manipulating and also grooming" his 20-year-old girlfriend. Klein recently said on Twitter that Keemstar mocked his wife Hila"s appearance, and also accprovided him of being responsible for Klein"s momentary YouTube ban.

Klein"s paleas likewise weighed in. His mother Donna — who replaced Paytas as Klein"s co-organize on the podcast currently called "Families" — tweeted that Paytas a "weasel" and also his father Gary sassist that Paytas didn"t have actually "any self respect left."

Paytas posted 21 TikTok videos and also various tweets in response, saying Klein"s comment was simply "an additional gross attempt of making something around him once its not." They sassist in among the videos that they"re "even more Team Ethan than Team Keem," and added that they wore Fradversaries merchandise on the podcast in order to reflect that.

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"We had actually a s---ty finishing, however I"m not going on all these podcasts to spite him," Paytas said. Paytas then went on to address the end of Fradversaries, which they shelp they still have actually "animosity" and also "resentment" in the direction of Klein over.

On Twitter, Paytas said that Klein"s fanbase was "unbelievably toxic" and also "scary." In a later on tweet, they compared the fanbase to a "cult."

Paytas additionally sassist on Twitter that Klein was a "hypocrite" for "giv his platcreates to his paleas to s--- on me."

Before "logging off,", Paytas added that on the podcast, which is yet to be released, they "safeguarded Ethan <...> in many type of methods."

Klein went on to short article a tweet saying fellow YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, with who Paytas likewise has a long-standing feud, asked to be featured on "Frenemies" following Paytas" exit, yet said he never responded, including, "Somethings you simply don"t carry out. I would never carry out that to Trisha."

A sepaprice tweet from Keem suggested Hanna would also appear on "Mom"s Basement."