The ATI GSG-16 can satisfy your MP5 fantasies through the enjoyment the low-cost .22 LR!

picture by Mike Anschuetz

The MP5 submachine gun took over wherein the UZI sub machinegun left turn off in the mid-1980s as the subgun of an option or desire. Ago in 1981 or so, I got my an initial UZI carbine. It to be state the the art earlier then and many of us remember the an enig Service Agent that pulled the UZI SMG native a briefcase to safeguard President Reagan after ~ he had been shoot by man Hinckley Jr. I remember see the HK94, a semi-auto, commercial version of the MP5, approximately 1983, in total magazines and, gift a pan of the Heckler & Koch HK93 and also HK91 rifles, i was interested. The price because that an HK94 A2 in 1984 was $650, $720 if you wanted the retractable stock. The just other places I experienced photos the the MP5 before this were in publications like Ian Hogg’s The Machine-Gun, part gun magazines, and a so late 1960s original in J. Curtis Earl’s machine-gun catalog ago in the late 1970s.

The early 1980s were the moment of full-auto conversions, and these could be done legally at house by yourself, if you had the skills, as lengthy as you possessed an authorized ATF type 1 native the BATF. Many class 2 manufacturers choose Fleming Firearms, S&H, and also Hard time Armory began offering transferable, converted to select-fire, HK94s. By 1985, the MP5, or convert HK94s, began getting here in movies, and one movie which an initial prominently featured the MP5 ~ above its movie poster was the movie Stick starring Burt Reynolds.

By the so late 1980s, the MP5 shoved the UZI into 2nd place as far as movie subguns were pertained to (in a similar way that the UZI shoved the Thompson into 2nd place years before). With the signature of “pro-gun” president Ronald Reagan (who later on supported “assault weapons” bans) in 1986, the Hughes Amendment was signed into law attached come the guns Owners protection Act, and that was the finish of any type of newly produced machine-guns for civilian sales. The NRA vowed to reverse the law, and also after 33 years, we space all tho waiting. Chairman George H.W. Shrub banned all imported “assault weapons” in 1989 (after make the pledge of “No new gun laws!” in 1988) so the was the finish of the HK heat of firearms in their proper configurations. (Funny exactly how Republicans regulate to happen gun manage while stating that they support the second Amendment, isn’t it?)

A catalog listing for the HK94 which appeared in the Guns & Ammo Annual in the so late 1980s. The 1989 MSRP was $932 and also $1,098 because that the A3 model with retractable stock.

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I shooting my an initial MP5/select-fire convert HK94 in the so late 1980s and even had one because that sale at my gun store during that time — the price then to be under $900. In the 1990s, if in in between working in the total industry, I listed firearms and also special effects to the movie industry (, and MP5s got from Stembridge movie total rentals were constantly a favorite. Because that the HBO world Première Movie Rogue Force (1997), certification Michael Rooker and also Robert Patrick, I had six on set, and also for one big shootout scene (filmed over a 10-hour period), i had much more than 90 MP5 magazines loaded all set to go. We went v over 6,000 9mm blanks the day (Hey, young guys and newbies — I never ever used a newspaper loader!).

1997. Vincent DeNiro (center), holding an MP5 while functioning on the HBO civilization Premiere Movie Rogue pressure starring Michael Rooker and also Robert Patrick. DeNiro was the chief weapons Armorer for the film and had six “MP5s” on set for five weeks — all were converted HK94s.

I would go top top to function the MP5 in movies, like display Gems Studios’ The Cutoff, The Prodigy, and also others. In the late 1990s, I ended up being president of among the larger importers that NFA guns in the united States, i m sorry was additionally was among the biggest authorized HK NFA dealers, and the company had dozens the Turkish-produced (under HK license) MKE MP5s the end of bond, as well as dozens that HK MP5 variants. Us even came to be a dealer for the special Weapons heat of semi-auto HK94 copies. I must have actually over 20,000 rounds fired through miscellaneous MP5s under my belt, and also that bring me to the American Tactical Inc.’s GSG-16.

The GSG-16 is made by German Sport firearms of Germany (which is additionally known as a major airsoft-gun manufacturer) and American Tactical, Inc. (ATI) is the exclusive importer for the joined States. Plenty of of the gun’s brand-new and distinctive features, I will be reviewing, were occurred with the assistance from ATI.

The GSG-16 was came before by the GSG-5 heat of .22 LR MP5-type rifles, and this line was modeled after ~ the typical MP5 A2, MP5 A3, and also MP5 SD. I bought a couple of these because that my boys numerous years ago, and I have to admit come sneaking them out, once my boys weren’t looking, ~ above to my property and blasting away. They are very reliable and also fun to shoot.

The GSG-16 presented on top, together with the GSG-5 (middle) and also GSG-5 SD (bottom). Every are very reliable, accurate, and also fun to shoot. Best of all, they deserve to be purchased for under $400 each.

When you choose up a GSG-16, the very first thing you an alert is that it is a lot of lighter than an MP5 or HK94 if you ever held among those. In ~ a tiny over four pounds and 13 ounces, it’s about a pound lighter 보다 an HK94 (or the GSG-5). This, of course, is as result of the comprehensive use of polymers transparent the gun rather of the usage of steel stampings, like the initial MP5. That is 22-round bent magazine is about the same size together the 30-round MP-5 magazines, so that helps with the original SMG look. The next thing you an alert is that it is absolutely an updated, .22 LR version of an MP5.

The ambidextrous safety and paddle magazine release on the GSG-16 room upgrades which come much after that versions of the MP5. The finger grooved grip is a comfortable innovation over the original and also Navy grips, in DeNiro’s opinion.

The rifle attributes an ambidextrous safety, and also a paddle magazine release, in addition to its button magazine release. The paddle magazine release was a sought-after update for owners of HK94s and converted full-auto HK94s in the 1980s and also 1990s, therefore this is yes, really a quite touch. The grip has actually finger grooves and it fits my big hands well. Actually, I choose this grip far better than the original MP5/HK94 tight and much better than the fixed on the navy grip assemblies — it’s quite comfortable for me.

A P-rail extends throughout the top of the receiver and also continues over the forend and a nice-looking fake suppressor covers up the slim .22 LR barrel.

An extra-long P-rail extends follow me the whole top the the receiver and continues over the handguard area, which also has additional P-rails at the 3-, 6-, and also 9-o’clock positions. These extr rails are frequently upgrades at an extra cost. A fake suppressor pipe covers the 16-inch barrel, so the you don’t have actually that ugly “wand” hanging out in the wind, and also it watch good.

Additional P-rails at the 3-, 6-, and 9-o’clock location ensure many of location options for lights, grips, lasers, etc.

A rear-peep sight, adjustable for windage only, is in location of the MP5-type adjustable aperture rear north sight. Ns don’t care for the GSG-16 behind sight, as it is simply sticking up waiting to get broken and without even any protective wings. However, an additional rear sight, with longer distance aperture, is provided. At the very least the former sight has actually protective wings, but again, these wings are plastic and part of the pistol which would certainly be defined as the cocking tube on one MP5 or HK94. The former sight has a labor-intensive way of adjusting for elevation by changing out five front-sight articles of different heights, or another five former sight posts of different heights through a bead-like height if you like those better. This was most likely done come keep expenses down and also reminds me the airsoft guns, i m sorry is GSG’s various other business. If you placed an optic ~ above the GSG-16, there’s not lot need come worry about a plastic vision issue, however I like having the “iron” vision option, therefore ordering a pile of these plastic sights because that spares can’t price much in ~ all.

The plastic rear vision is adjustable for windage only and GSG provides an extra rear vision with smaller sized aperture for distance shooting.

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The plastic front sight is safeguarded by wings and there space 10 sights consisted of with the GSG-16, two types, and at five different heights, together elevation is changed by instead of the sight through the one that functions at the distance you are shooting.

The retractable stock has 4 positions, including fully open and fully retracted. Something may look strange come you around the stock. The paddle-like share release bar is ~ above top instead of on the bottom, choose on the earlier GSG-5 models and also the MP5 and also HK94 series. Actually, ns think this ar works well.