The Graco DreamGlider 2 and 1 Glider Swing and also Sleeper is a great enhancement to any nursery. The transitional swing to sleep product market has actually grvery own in recent years through many alternatives now easily accessible for parents.

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I choose the Graco DreamGlider model for the ease of the shift from sitting up gliding to comfortable reclining sleep for your baby. The price is also more affordable than many of the other renowned alternatives making this an extra easily accessible choice for many family members.

As any kind of parent knows, sleep is key to a happy family members via a baby. Anytime you can enable your baby to nap without having actually to move them is a gift. This 2 and one glider provides simply that.

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The Graco DreamGlider receives high ratings across virtual stores and positive comments from parental fees. The many kind of features add to the appeal of this product. For me, having actually a cozy swing that additionally functioned for much longer sleep cycles for our babies was a lifesaver.

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Main Features

The Graco DreamGlider has actually many type of valuable functions. This product is multiuseful and also may also permit you to skip purchasing a bassinet. The flexibility and well assumed out style renders this swing a wonderful alternative to add to your baby registry.

Transitional Seat

The seat of the Graco DreamGlider is its ideal feature. The seat has a soft, washable insert that will certainly save your baby cozy while they swing or sleep. A plush mobile is had to save your baby visually engendered as they glide.

The seat transitions to three different sitting positions. The first seat place is designed to sit up while your baby is awake. A second option permits for a lower recline through the baby’s head still elevated. This may be an excellent option for babies with reflux to remain elevated while they rest.

The last place is for your baby to lay virtually flat for sleeping. The seat can be relocated in between positions with a one-hand also motion. You will have the ability to gently recline the seat without having actually to take your baby out of the seat. This is perfect for transitioning to a resting position if your baby drops asleep while swinging.

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Mechanical Elements

The Graco DreamGlider has several sound options to entertain or soothe your baby. For energetic babies, the glider plays 10 different song melodies and also a range of 5 different nature sounds. The glider likewise attributes a timer so that the battery life is not wasted.

The swing moves in a motion equivalent to a glider rocking chair to soothe baby. The settings include six swinging speeds and also 2 vibration speeds.

Another highlight of this product is that you deserve to use the glider via batteries or an electric plug-in. This saves on batteries yet also permits the flexibility to move the Graco DreamGlider approximately without worrying around a finding a power source.

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Baby Comfort

The Graco DreamGlider is designed for optimal comfort for your baby. The seat is cozy through a snuggly insert designed to sell your baby a soft relaxing area. The mesh, bassinet style sides offer your baby included comfort while likewise allowing your baby to watch out. This is especially helpful for your baby to have a clear see while awake and also swinging.

The selection of melodies and also organic sounds will save your baby soothed and also entertained while the plush mobile acts as a toy and also amazing visual simulate. The transition from sitting to laying offers the included comfort for your baby to not be relocated and also their sleep disturbed.

The Graco DreamGlider is a wonderful option to carry out your baby through feature and comfort in one product.

Parent Benefits

The Graco DreamGlider offers value to parents. According to the manufacturer, the glider is designed to serve babies 5.5 pounds approximately 30 pounds. Depfinishing on the size of your baby, this product will likely carry out worth throughout the initially year of your child’s life.

The washable insert makes this product simple to treatment for if your baby has leakage while swinging or napping. Unprefer a bouncer seat, the glider keeps your baby off the floor and also secure. The optional battery or plug-in adaptability helps parents conserve money on batteries while permitting the glider to move throughout the home or yard without having to be close to an electrical outlet.

The seat contains a 3-point harness for included security. Also, the seat has actually mesh raised sides to store your baby secure while sleeping.

The main benefit to parents is the ability to shift your baby from sitting to resting. When the soothing lullabies and also gliding movement helps baby drift off to sleep, you execute not have to move them to a separate place. You have the right to sindicate recline the seat and allow your baby to nap safely in place.

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Comparable Models

The market for transitional baby sleepers has actually grvery own in current years. This is a popular alternative for parents that need a safe place for baby to rest without having actually to buy multiple commodities. Many type of great quality products are currently available. The Graco DreamGlider is the perfect option for paleas that cannot afford the better finish models. Here are two models regularly considered and compared to the DreamGlider.

HALO Bassicolony Swivel Sleeper

The HALO Bassiswarm Swivel Sleeper additionally receives positive reviews. However before, the HALO Swivel Sleeper does not sell the adaptability of the Graco DreamGlider. The HALO model is designed to occupational bedside as a co-sleeper. It does incorporate mesh siding to see your baby and permit your baby to watch out.

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The HALO Swivel Sleeper does offer 2 vibration settings, three lullabies and also three nature sounds. However, priced at the current price suggest, the HALO model is a lot less affordable than the Graco DreamGlider. If you are looking mainly for a bedside bassinet and also have a big budgain, the HALO design may work-related for your family members.

However, if you require the adaptability of a swing and also nap alternative, the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is not the ideal alternative. You will certainly most likely have the ability to discover a much more affordable bedside alternative to accomplish your requirements.

4moms mamaRoo 4 Infant Seat

The mamaRoo 4 infant seat is the optimal of the line alternative for baby activity and also sleep combicountry seats. This product is designed to make natural movements favor a person holding a baby versus vibrating or swinging choose various other models in this product space.

The mamaRoo 4 uses similar attributes to the Graco DreamGlider. This includes a washable seat cover, adjustable reclining seat, plush toy mobile, and multiple sound alternatives. One included function of the mamaRoo 4 is the capability to hook up an MP3 player to market customized music options for your baby.

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I think the mamaRoo 4 is a far better product choice than the Graco DreamGlider. However before, the mamaRoo 4 is priced well over the Graco model. If budobtain is not a worry, you might opt for the mamaRoo 4. I think that the differences in the Graco DreamGlider and the mamaRoo 4 are sufficient to justify spending the added money.

If your budget does not enable for the mamaRoo 4, the Graco DreamGlider is still an excellent product. Your baby need to be comfortable, safe and rest well in the Graco DreamGlider.

Customer Reviews

Graco Baby 3.4 StarsToys R Us 4.5 StarsWal-Mart 4 StarsTarget 4 Stars


3 seat positions6 gliding speeds10 songs and 5 nature soundsMobile with plush toys3-allude harnessShut-off timerWeight limit 5.5 to 30 pounds


Transitional seat allows baby to conveniently shift from sitting to recliningDual power source gives the option to save on battery lifeEntertainment options save baby soothedTimer allows the alternative to conserve on battery lifeThree-point harness and mesh sides offer included safety


Some reviewers complained that the music and also gliding quit workingThe seat takes up virtually three feet of spaceThe price point may be out of reach for some parents

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As a mother, I extremely recommfinish purchasing a transitional swing to sleep glider. The Graco DreamGlider provides many features that will benefit paleas throughout the first year of your child’s life. My favorite feature of this product is the ease of shift between sitting and also resting.

My child experienced from reflux and had obstacle resting. We supplied our plush swing as his primary sleeping location for the first 4 months of his life. The option to have a area off of the floor with the added advantage of constant movement assisted him to sleep. This was a relief for us.

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The Graco DreamGlider is worth the financial investment. This design is also much even more affordable than many type of various other options available. The top quality and organization of Graco adds to the value of this product. The combination of sound, movement and comfort are certain to provide hrs of entertainment and also rest for your baby.