We have actually a lot of blended feelings around the GPD XD Plus, that a clamshell Android maker that’s known for playing games, primarily retro games using emulation. If you a pan of the Nintendo 3DS, but want something that have the right to play all of your old ROM’s climate the GPD XD is absolutely worth looking at if you don’t mind breaking the bank. GPD are known for creating small portable laptops and android devices, they’re based in Shenzen, Honk Kong and have a an excellent rep of maintaining gamers and businessmen happy. Yet the vain is progressively crushing them and you can tell, they’re not sure just how to handle it.


The GPD XD add to is no tiny handheld, it’s portable, however not bag portable. This comes in in ~ the same size as a Nintendo 3DS, chunky, but portable. It come in a wide number of colours too, our favourite is the deep red which we have owned… twice. This is due to the fact that one the them simply stopped working after 3 months, and also there to be no way to contact GPD because that a solution or also a refund. Us purchased another one and also it’s still alive to this day… just.

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But before we gain into that, let’s talk about the architecture of the GPD XD Plus. Once opened you are greeted with a really clustered layout, and also one the looks prefer it’s game from the mid 2000’s. Among the best features about the GPD XD Plus needs to be the large 5″ screen, this thing is an absolutely blast to play on, that bright, functions well at night and packs a punch once it comes to nostalgic colours. Relocating down to the control panel you have two analogue rod that room actually quite nice come play with, castle rubberised, a an excellent size and also placed fine on the console. This combined with the screen and design that the clamshell makes it simple to pat for lengthy periods of time. Every one of what we just mentioned over is most likely the only decent features about the handheld, the review goes downhill indigenous here, apologies.


Alongside the analogue sticks you have your L3/R3 buttons, volume, strength on, and settings/controller buttons to collection up her play style. Below the her D-Pad and also ABXY buttons which room pretty average, and feel like any type of other Chinese handheld you’ve played with. At the bottom you acquire some disastrous branding and also your choices buttons such together start/select, ago and residence buttons. In the middle of the GPD XD add to you have actually absolutely nothing, simply a large black section of the handheld i m sorry looks as if miscellaneous is missing.

There’s no branding ~ above the top, or the bottom i beg your pardon we choose as the goes well with the high gloss red and also blue versions. ~ above the earlier you acquire your typical ports such together Micro USB, HDMI, SD map slot and more. No USB-C like the Retro Game 350 which is slightly disappointing seeing together this is an ext expensive than a Nintendo switch Lite.

The in its entirety feel of the GPD XD add to is actually pretty good, it fits an adult hand smoothly, the buttons are simple to gain to, the triggers located nicely and everything simply fits the mean adult hand, nothing feels awkward to get too. This is why clamshells have been so popular due to the fact that they’re comfortable and somewhat portable in ~ the same time.

Our only mention of the design is that port button layout, it simply looks favor buttons have been thrown ~ above the challenge of the handheld with no actual idea of exactly how they wanted it too look. They probably say in their meeting and also said “make it look like the rest”. The GPD branding on the bottom look bad, the speaker grills are completely in the dorn place, and the height buttons room too close together so we uncovered us turning UP the volume instead of DOWN numerous of times. It’s simply not a great looking device.

The GPD XD comes v 6000MAH battery i beg your pardon is plenty come play for a entirety day. Since of the absence of a touchscreen that many smartphone gamers use, it conserves a tonne the battery life contrasted to if you were making use of your iPhone, for this reason this permits for considerably much more playtime, and this is why a the majority of smartphone gamers move over to this handhelds, since its simply a lot an ext comfortable video game time.


First we require to cite that this is an Android device running Nougat, an already outdated OS the is right now being update every few months however Android will protect against to update in a year or so. Once the to update stop, this maker will be close to unplayable as result of the laggy’ness that old Android operating systems. You will be able to play your games, yet expect significant frame price drops and also long fill times. Actually intend them currently if you’ve choose one up because the emulation isn’t the best.

So the bulk of this testimonial will be talking around the emulation indigenous the GPD XD, a means of play old retro gamings from one SD card. Because that those the stumbled throughout this testimonial to uncover out exactly how it runs android apps, and general tablet computer stuff, we’re sorry but this testimonial isn’t because that you. This evaluation is aimed at gamers who are generally buying this to play some Android games and emulators.

To pat ROM’s girlfriend will need to get in the Android application store come download an app that can emulate, you will certainly then must install ROM’s onto her SD map for the application to read in able come emulate them. If friend don’t know how to download roms then we indicate looking it increase online, we have a overview for you. Most android gamings will operation okay on the GPD XD Plus, as it comes through a MT8176+PowerVR Hexa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 32Gb Storage. This sound quick, and also it is, yet paired up through the Nougat OS that feels kind of sloppy in ~ times. Correct you can play PUBG, correctly you deserve to play Fortnite top top it but not smoothly. You will come throughout frame drops, lot of of crashes and lots of wifi drops. Those gamings will soon be unable to run on the nougat OS due to the fact that as discussed it will certainly be outdate in ~ 2020.

For those of you favor myself that picked it up purely for emulation you can be a tiny disappointed. It can play most ROM’s reasonably well, but you’re relying on a great quality application for emulation, and most top top the android save apps especially the totally free ones lack quality emulation. And by this I mean you’ll get frame drops, bad sound quality and also terrible element ratio, with limited saves. There’s an excellent ones ~ above the application store yet be prepared to pay part money for it.


You deserve to play many old school gamings on here, Gameboy, SNES, NES, Mega DRIVE, PSP, Dreamcast and more. You’ll have to learn exactly how to map your tricks when you download your ROM’s and that can be fairly tricky because that someone new to these type of handhelds. Nothing is easy on the GPD XD, everything takes some research. You could read somewhere else that the GPD XD Plus have the right to play PS1, PSP N64 and also Dreamcast games, correctly it can, but in . No method well. If anything it’s stroked nerves to play. The handheld is powerful, but not powerful enough for those consoles. If girlfriend stick come the Gameboy, Mega Drive, SNES, and also NES emulation you will do it be love life on this huge 5″ screen. And also that’s every we deserve to advise to use this for. The small console emulation. However that’s why we’ve ranked the so low, due to the fact that $200-$250 because that a console that deserve to just about play those ROM’s well is one absurd quantity of money to play, specifically if it’s v a sluggish Android OS. Friend might also save yourself $200 and buy a Bittboy pocket Go which in reality emulates those games just as well.

Overall Opinion?

Look, our review renders it seem favor we hate the handheld. It’s not a bad handheld, it’s just very overpriced because that what will certainly be outdated in 12 months. The GPD XD plus goes for the exact same price together a Nintendo Switch, just let the sink in for a while… This to be a heavy console 4 years ago, now in 2019 that is not even worth wiping our backside with. Yes, it have the right to play her ROM’s, however not the huge boys such as the N64, Dreamcast and also PSP games. The handheld feels an excellent but the poorly designed. It can attach to bluetooth wireless controllers i m sorry is quite cool, but in every honesty, not countless of use them.

We advise not to choose up the GPD XD Plus. 2019 has been turbulent on the handheld, v the likes of the LDK Horizontal, and also the Bittboy Pocket go V2 coming out, it simply goes to show that various other companies space doing the so much far better for simply a fraction of the price. And the reality that GPD ignored us when one of our consoles damaged just go to display what your customer business is like should anything go wrong with yours. We can’t recommend that to our community, no way.

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It’s a poorly designed, outdated handheld that’s been smashed the end of the park through competition at a fraction of the price. Remainder in tranquility GPD XD.