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Dust mites and also especially bed bugs room notoriously an overwhelming to remove once they invade your home.

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Today, Sprayway has occurred a product designed to rid your home of bed bugs and dust mites v their great Night spray.

The product is registered through the U.S. Ecological Protection company (EPA).

However, is the product as reliable as advertised?

How to use It

Simply spray the good Night product to her bedding every week when you adjust out the sheets. The spray is fast-drying and is draft to kill dust mites, bed bugs, and a host of various other pests.

For bed bugs, you will desire to usage the spray whereby they nest which is usually on the carpet beside the bed posts.

After a couple of applications, the dust mites and bed bugs have to disappear from your bedroom. The fast-drying spray functions on contact, but additionally residually so that it proceeds to eradicate the pests lengthy after the application has actually been made.


The Sprayway good Night spray functions on a different principle than traditional pesticides which allows it come eradicate pests such as bed bugs and also dust mites there is no harming people or pet in the household.

Long LastingEPA ApprovedEasy come ApplyEffective versus a wide Array of Parasites


There room several reasons why the an excellent Night spray is efficient in gaining rid of stroked nerves parasites and dust mites.

Special Formula: The problem with traditional pest sprays is the they toxicity the bed or living area.

The great Night spray bypasses such classic measures and instead provides a formula that especially kills helminth while no leaving behind any residual poison.

Continued Treatment: Bed bugs and also dust mites have tendency to go into the home when you have actually guests or come back from a trip.

By applying the spray on her clothes and luggage, you can kill the parasites before they have actually a possibility to attack your bedroom and multiply.

Eliminates Wide range of Parasites: In enhancement to bed bugs, the great Night spray is also effective versus fleas, ticks, and also lice. You do not desire to spray it directly on someone with lice, however it can kill the parasite in the neighboring area.


Given the architecture of the an excellent Night spray, there room no disadvantages when it concerns its purpose. The spray is easy to use, economical, and also eliminates the parasites and also dust mites ~ above contact.​

However, that is quite limiting and also cannot be offered to get rid of classic pests such together cockroaches, ants, and also the like.


If you are having concerns with helminth such together bed bugs or have actually allergies that room being aggravated by dust mites, Sprayway an excellent Night spray offers an financial solution.

You deserve to keep a can of the spray in the house to usage on your clothes and also luggage as soon as returning from a trip or when cleaning up a guest room that has recently been used.

It’s also perfect for dorm rooms, hotels, and other places where bed bugs can lurk.

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