In “The Sickness,” God of War becomes briefly direct after the occasions of “Behind the Lock.” you won’t have actually any an option in what you do or where you walk — for (really) an excellent reason, mind friend — because that the rest of this journey goal. There are still collectibles and chests to find, though, so we’ll walk you through where to find them.

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A note on God of battle spoilers

God that War is complete of surprises, and that makes guides specifically tricky come write. We desire to assist you with the game. We don’t desire to damn it it. So we desire you to recognize that we’ve written every overview with spoiler in mind. 

If our overview doesn’t show up to gain you every items (a chest, for example), there’s a factor for that. Rather than spoil the reason, our tables that contents and also a large image in the guide indicating spoilers ahead will certainly tell you when and why you discover yourself in that case — in the the very least spoilery means possible. 

Table the contents

The Witch’s Cave


Brok’s Shop


The Witch’s Cave

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Brok’s Shop

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How around that, huh? now you deserve to see why we keep placing that photo in every one of our travel guide — every ~ this allude screenshot shows the large reveal.

Since you here, speak to Brok and also upgrade anything you want. You won’t be able to upgrade the chisels of Chaos or their handles yet, though. If girlfriend haven’t yet, dump part XP right into upgrading your blade skills.

After she done, head into the take trip Room. Walk end to the controls and fire up the bifrost, then take trip to Helheim.


Items in this area: artifact (Family Heirloom 1), Odin’s raven, legend chest (Spartan fee light runic attack), wood chest x4, artifact (Family Heirloom 2), Odin’s raven, artifact (Family Heirloom 3)

Grid see

Once you arrive, head outside into Helheim. Before you start down the bridge, rotate to the right. Pick up the first Family Heirloom artifact 1 from the corner.

Fight off the an initial (of many) waves of Hel-walkers. Best after you fight them, you’ll involved a ring above you. Was standing in the middle and also look increase to uncover an Odin’s raven.

Continue follow me the bridge till you’re clogged by some Hel bramble. Yes sir a Legendary chest on your left v the Spartan charge light runic attack for her Blades.

Burn away the bramble and continue follow me the bridge.

You’ll bump into a handful of Hel-brood top top the other side. Take it them out, then watch along the best side of the leg for a gap. Head through it to uncover a wooden chest.

Continue along the leg a little, climate clean increase the Hel-walkers that attack. Look because that a ledge follow me the left next of the bridge ideal after the ice that juts out from the left side. Climb up, then revolve left for an additional wooden chest.

Grid check out

Keep complying with the bridge until you pertained to a locked door. Revolve left and burn v the bramble. Drop down and also turn right. Burn with some much more bramble, then follow the ledge come the following area. Fight off the Hel-walkers on the other side.

Just come the ideal of the crack you came through, yes a wooden chest under some an ext bramble.

If it didn’t burn away throughout the fight, burn the bramble roughly the base of the tower on the left. Rise up, then job-related your method around come the left. Hop to the other pillar, then climb down.

At the bottom, fight turn off some more Hel-walkers. Once you climbed down the pillar, friend passed a wooden chest. Look up in ~ it native the underside and use L2 + R1 to burn the bramble holding it up. Loop around to the left and also burn the bramble native the other side as well to gain the chest to fall.

Now stand by the obelisk that was appropriate behind you as you climbed down into this area. Loop roughly it while looking at the top. Burn away the bramble over there to knock free Family Heirloom artifact 2.

Continue about to the open up area top top the left. This arena will drop, and you’ll have to (surprise!) hit some more Hel-walkers. Burn away the bramble behind you to unlock a method to climb earlier to wherein you just were.

From that bramble, turn best (toward the left next of the sunken arena) come find another climbing path. Climb up onto the ledge. Before you turn, look right ahead the you come spot an Odin’s raven. Revolve to the right and burn far some an ext bramble to tear down a pillar.

Drop ago into the arena, hop top top the pillar and climb out of there.

Burn away some much more bramble, then proceed through the tunnel. The course will rotate left. Protect against there and look in ~ the bridge up over you. Burn far the bramble on he underside the the bridge to acquire it to drop Family Heirloom artifact 3.

Keep heading forward and climb up the cracked you find to start making your way back approximately the bridge.

At the top, there’s an area behind you the will need you to return here later come access, therefore you can ignore it because that now. Instead, store heading forward and also climb up an additional crack.

The bridge of the Damned

Items in this area: Chaos flame (Bridge goalkeeper drop)

Generally, your fight with the leg Keeper, Mattugr Helson, goes like any other fight versus a troll. He’s mostly acquired the same assaults you’ve seen a couple of times before. She in a scary realm, for this reason this seems choose a scarier fight than it actually is. You’ve acquired this. We believe in you.

If girlfriend have any type of armor or enchantments that will provide you a boost to your frost damages resistance, now’s a great to equip them.

The bridge Keepers most annoying relocate is his ability to teleport — and also he typically reappears in mid-attack. But the great news is you can block or parry a most his attacks.

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Beyond that, simply unload top top the guy. Use your brand-new Blade runic strike as often as friend can. Nothing skimp on your Spartan Rage. Block, parry and also dodge a lot.

Return to the take trip Room

Items in this area: wooden chest, coffin (Inscribed authorize of Providence), wooden chest, Deadly war Handles (Traveler drop), coffin (solid Svartalfheim steel, Etched stakes of Menace), legendary chest (Cyclone that Chaos light runic attack)