God Friended Me Seaboy 1 Episode 10 Review: Coney Island Cyclone

Both he and also his father are essentially doing the same point -- helping those that need them even if they do not know it at first. 

While his father was initially doubtful around the account, he started warming as much as the principle on God Frifinished Me Seachild 1 Episode 9.

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However before, as soon as the next frifinish tip had among his parishioners, he still wasn"t comfortable through Miles intervening. 

He told Ali it was bereason the God Account didn"t equate to the occupational of God, however he additionally never before provided it a actual possibility or saw it in activity. 

A component of me likewise believes Arthur didn"t desire to admit his kid, a non-believer, might know even more around helping his parishioners than he did. 

It"s unlike Arthur, yet the are afraid of the unwell-known was enabling him to dismiss and also judge somepoint prior to he kbrand-new what it really stood for.

Arthur: I acknowledge the excellent your brvarious other is doing and, of course, I desire him out in the civilization helping people. I simply wish. . .Ali: What?Arthur: It was done for factors that are closer to house. Ali: You expect God and also not the God Account.

It"s true, we don"t understand that is behind the God Account, yet it hasn"t simply enabled Miles to aid others, it"s assisted him expand his circle, discover interpretation in life, and reattach with his father. 

It"s carried so a lot positivity into Miles" life, a life that was formerly riddled through doubt.

Once Arthur ultimately honored Miles" repursuit to follow one of the suggestions, and approached it open-mindedly, he observed the magic in it; he observed the goodness Miles put into the human being. Dare I say; he witnessed the light. 


The quote his wife provided to say -- "Everypoint that renders you smile is God" -- beauticompletely summed up the miracles his kid keeps transporting. 

Miles wasn"t just sent out the Booker household bereason they were struggling with the passing of their mother and wife, the God Account knew that Papa Finer would certainly not have the ability to assist them totally. 

Even though 17 years have passed considering that his wife"s death, he"s still mourning and for this reason, blinded by his grief. 

I"d also say Arthur"s a little bit biased because he"s basing his advice on his very own experiences through loss. 

He argued that Mr. Booker run from his loss and also gain a fresh begin because running ameans is much easier than letting the pain in and also feeling it. 

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But that isn"t helping anyone; it"s simply putting a band-assist over the boo-boo and also letting it fester.

Arthur may be offering Aaron man-to-male advice, but neither of them knows what a child who simply lost their mommy requirements. But carry out you know that does? Miles!

Miles" attempt at helping Hanna and Aaron open approximately each other transferred over to some really effective and also emotional scenes between him and also Arthur. 

These two have actually been on the ideal route as of late, yet I preserved acquiring the sense that somepoint was avoiding them from being entirely hocolony. 


It turns out, it was Miles" resentment for how his father taken on their mother"s passing. 

Miles damaged every one of our hearts by informing Arthur he never listened to what he necessary and blamed him for not being there once mother died. 

God Friended Me has actually no shortage of emotionally-laden scenes, but this one was a gut-punch. 

Their heart-to-heart was particularly pivotal bereason Miles revealed it was on his 9th birthday that he quit praying and also ultimately stopped believing in God.

Arthur has actually always hated that Miles is an atheist but finding out he inadvertently made him that means is a difficult pill to swallow. 

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It"s particularly tough because Arthur always thought he was doing the best thing. 

Being a widowed father taking treatment of two youngsters is not a simple situation in which to find yourself.

There"s no ideal or wrong way to suffer grief and loss, so you can"t blame Arthur for doing what he felt was right and also believing that tright here was a bigger plan. 

I wouldn"t say he failed as a parent bereason Miles and Ali turned out pretty great and also inherited many of his traits, however at that minute, Arthur felt prefer he failed. 

Though Miles is best around not being able to readjust the previous, transforms out you deserve to air out overdue grievances and relocate forward.


Arthur and also Miles" journey from estranged father-and-son to forgiving each other made their ride at Coney Island also so much even more coherent. 

God Friended Me constantly succeeds in transferring feel-great, household moments.

You most likely noticed that a recurring design template on God Frifinished Me Seachild 1 Episode 10 was correcting the wrongs of your previous. 

Cara ultimately stepped out of trying to adjust the previous and also looked towards her future, though it took a few dozen world to spell it out for her. 

Eventually, she realized that running into Eli may have actually been fate, however they weren"t necessarily fated to be together aacquire. 

Cara: When we ran right into each various other on the street that night, I don"t understand, it felt choose fate. And we both had adjusted so much, probably we owed it to ourselves to try aacquire. Eli: I still want to. Cara: I know. And I believed I did too. But the point is I do not think we adjusted so we have the right to gain back together. I think we changed so we might keep relocating forward. And I have to save doing that.

Cara was trying to make somepoint happen that when offered to be "it" for her, however because that break-up, she"s matured and grown, and all she was doing was trying to fit the wrong piece into a puzzle. 

Eli was nice, but she was always unspecific around being through him. Anytime anyone asked her around her future with him, she was stumped. 

If she couldn"t convince those roughly her, exactly how was she going to convince herself?

It was a little bit annoying to have actually everyone plant doubts in her mind about the connection because she kbrand-new her reality and knew she had actually to cancel the expedition. She must have simply adhered to her gut. 

Also, Eli has actually been in a full of two to three episodes, and also each time he"s suggested that Cara can be right into Miles. 


I understand the display is trying to make use of eincredibly possibility to carry it back to Miles, yet if your boyfriend keeps bringing up another male, it"s safe to say either he sees something you don"t, or he has actually jealousy worries. 

Both are red flags! 

I"m glad that Cara"s decision to call it off through Eli wasn"t about Miles. Yes, we desire them to be together and also understand they will certainly be ultimately, yet this was all around her journey to fulfillment.

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When Pria, the woman that yielded the college item about Henry Chase, discussed providing up her career for love, you might tell Cara didn"t desire to be the womale that settles.

And especially not for a male she does not love via every one of her heart and also spirit.

Cara"s priorities as of late haven"t been about a relationship; she"s even more excited about her upcoming proactivity at occupational and also more concentrated on her investigative journalism with the God Account than she is about a man. 

I don"t think she"s even ready for a connection ideal currently. 

Miles: And I understand it might sound crazy, however that"s the point about the God Account. It never before does anything without a purpose, also if you can not check out it at first. Arthur: Sounds like you"re talking around belief. Miles: No. No, no, no. I"m talking about proof.

But if it does take place, the connection needs to compliment her ambitions and objectives, which Miles does, by the means. 

Don"t worry folks; I haven"t jumped off the Ciles/Mara train yet! 

I wonder how Miles will react as soon as he finds out about the split! Will he make his move?

That brings us to Falken, the most baffling and intriguing part of the series.

All indicators suggest to Rakesh being best about Falken aka Henry Chase being the guy behind the account. 

Chase doesn"t desire to be found, however if there"s anything this series has actually taught me, it"s that anyone deserve to be discovered with the proper dose of determination. 

Upon digging up Chase"s college records, Rakesh and also Cara found out he wrote a piece about "utilizing innovation to explore humanity" and bringing people together.

Sound like a blueprint for the God Account, right?

As the series starts questioning the mechanics behind the God Account, Rakesh realizes Falken has actually been leaving behind breadcrumbs this whole time. He wants to be discovered. 

According to Rakesh"s research study, which I trust wholeheartedly, each Friend Suggestion meeting point is a coordinate on the map causing a Fibonacci Spiral. 

Cara: Are you sure you do not recognize the name Henry Chase?Miles: No. Why?Cara: Well, if he is behind the God account then tright here must be some connection. A factor why he chose you.

That suggests that Falken would have predicted eextremely single perkid Miles was going to assist ahead of time.

I understand the male was all around predictive analytics, however I"m going to quote Arthur here: "How is this even possible?"

On the various other hand, if you think around it, all the suggestions have actually been either linked to Miles, someone Miles knows, or to one more pointer.

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We have to have known the loop was premeditated when the cab driver drove John Dove, who Miles saved and also who later saved Cara when she gained hit by a cab. 

It"s all linked.

As luck would certainly have actually it, they require another friend pointer to pinpoint Falken"s area, and also it simply so happens to coincide via the autumn finale. 

A current promo for God Friended Me Seaboy 1 Episode 11 reveals that sassist last suggestion will be the drunk driver who eliminated Miles" mom. 

I kbrand-new tbelow was a factor she was getting brought up even more frequently. 

Understandably, Miles doesn"t desire to assist the male. Did he learn sufficient from the God Account to put his individual affections aside for the better good?

I still think Cara is onto something via her theory that Miles had actually to understand Henry Chase prior to. If Falken was searching for the perfect person to aid human being, why select Miles?

Or was Falken a fan of his podcast who wanted to see if he might carry some hope and confidence to Miles" life?

Other Thoughts

Fall in New York looks stunning. I could have to take a expedition out tbelow next year!  I still need Ali to be more than simply the mediator. They all have to begin paying her for these counseling sessions!  Rakesh and Jaya are doing simply fine, so we can put our concerns aside. He likewise said "she"s the one," and also my heart jumped. I love that couple, also as soon as they are long-distance.  Because Miles assisted Hanna prior to the God Account argued he execute so, it appears most likely he"ll continue dvery own this route even after they uncover out the God Account"s identity. I perform think the podcast demands to play a much more considerable role in all of this rather of simply serving as a minute for episodic monologues.