Is the implication below that Darth Sidious is able to exert a managing influence over other Dark next users?

Even if he had killed his father, Luke certain wouldn't have actually willingly offered the Emperor, right?


Not necessarily, Sidious is just relying on a factor of the Dark Side and Sith that has been recognized for a lengthy time.

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Dark Siders often tend to it is in much an ext focused ~ above power, frequently forgetting why they dropped in the an initial place. They crave power, thus illustration Dark Siders to come to be apprentices of Sith Lords, who are very powerful. Sith viewpoint doesn't call for the apprentice to important be loyal: in fact, the dominion of Two counts on the apprentice betraying their master. For this reason you need to crave power, and don't should be faithful to your master.

No ns think he's simply being an angry asshole there. He's goading Luke to lash out and fight them, which would typical that he has actually (temporarily) offered in come anger. I m sorry would begin a whole chain reaction thing.

Like, in the Emperor's mind, every you have to do is rest them once. Once Anakin cut off Windu's hand and watched him gain killed, that's it. The fear, grief, anger, extensive cathartic remorse take it over. He's broken and easily manipulated.

Same through Luke. If the tries to death Vader, the Emperor would just talk him right into a bottom spiral.

The Emperor knew he had actually Anakin when he straight-up murdered Dooku. The Windu fracas was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I don't think so, no.

In giving in come his hate, Luke falls an ext and more towards the Dark next (fairly self-explanatory). As he falls much more and an ext into the Dark Side, the is more and more likely to become the Emperor's new apprentice (after he death Vader) = the Emperor's servant.

Your 2nd question is an amazing one. If Luke had actually killed his father, he would have fallen come the Dark Side already and as such would many likely end up serving the Emperor- whether or not it would be willingly, or even if it is or no he would certainly feel conflicted around it, is anyone's guess.

What I constantly understood native the quote is something favor Sidious is obviously expert in using emotional manipulation ~ above people, probably aided by the Force. As Luke gives an ext power to his anger, he makes it easier and also easier for Sidious to affect or destabilize him.

In this case, Sidious is pretty much simply hedging his bets. He knows that Vader is no the perfect apprentice, because of his artificial body not being able to do all the dark side approaches like force Lightning and also because Vader doesn't seem encouraged to overthrow the Emperor. For this reason he watch Luke together in a an excellent position come be influenced to kill his father and also replace him as the Sith apprentice, v a young, healthy body and also the requisite hatred toward Sidious to desire to death him.

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The huge thing is to get Luke started down the path. Death his dad would details send him turn off the dark next cliff, but letting his hate and also anger manage him as we experienced in the fight would certainly be enough to tree the dark next seeds. Climate Palpatine might just as easy keep Luke sinner for a long time, manipulating that further, or let him go earlier to the Rebellion and let him continue corrupting himself and thus sabotaging them. Palpatine might want to have Luke together his apprentice, however there is really no certain reason it has to be ideal then and also there.