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The original, and also classic, Ghostbusters is just put, one of the ideal comedies ever before made.

Along through the ghost trap and PKE meter, the proton pack is one of the coolest movie props checked out on screen.

With my guide through video I will present you exactly how to make the Ghostbusters" Proton fill on a budget.

Watch my video clip guiding you with the procedure to making your an extremely own Proton Pack!

It"s short, straightforward to understand, and could help greatly!

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Question 1 year earlier


Can a template for a Ghostbusters Proton load work because that this project


2 years earlier on Introduction


Thank girlfriend for your time and also instruction. My eight year old daughter just told me the she want"s to be a Ghostbusters because that Halloween. I uncovered your video clip and it offered me hope the I can actually perform it. In America we have secondhand stores where all of these items deserve to be bought because that pennies ~ above the dollar. hope to have this finished on time;)


Question 3 years back on action 2


Where did you get the size for the base board?


5 years earlier

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you space very an excellent i made the proton gun v wood and also pvc and other stuff and it took me forever! but your idea is method better!