Now that my hunter has reached his potential max because that the patch, I"ve chose to begin running him through legacy raids for gold and also glory. Critical night I chose to take on Hellfire Citadel to watch what he was possible of doing.

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At the moment, Erlenmyer is level 120, sporting ilevel 378 gear. He has controlled to pick up 2 385 azerite pieces and completely populated every traits, offering him 2 390 slot items.During the very first solo pass, he was able to complete the raid without any major issues. The just "issue" to be on the first boss (aka save the canons) fight. To success this fight, you must run waves of ammunition off the incoming tanks come the canons the the Kirin Tor have actually captured. Choose up the ammo box offers a brief run speed buff to obtain you approximately the canon and back. Throughout that time, it"s likely that another wave that trash has come in. Ns tried to perform both throughout the hit (kill trash and run ammo boxes). After several waves, they simply stopped coming. I was able to run all of the ammo boxes then and also finish the fight..(new idea because that soloing first achievement)
As the January 8 hours 2019

blue = AOE every targets while standing right here for almost Indestructibleblack = barrage kills include here for turning Tide.

As of january 9th, i am 7/13 completed. High Council, Manneroth and Archimonde should all be easy to solo. Socrethgar is walk to require a little of exercise I believe. Assault and also Gorefiend are probably going to require a team (can"t get eaten and keep aggro also can"t operation boxes and also kill mobs as hunter or warlock). I"ll post an update here when every is completed.update night 1/9
Ran raid again on Normal. I completed 2 of the staying six achievements. Reaper and Doomfire to be as easy as stated. AOE under the council and also wait because that the an initial doomfire to be cast then death him quickly.
Draenor has been freed however the legion is still hanging out.

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"#1-Nearly" ns did what ns mentioned and only dps during the first couple of minutes. Once completed, ns ran the ammo crate (probably 5 or 6) to the canons and they blew open up the door. From my sight, both canons didn"t have a autumn on health. I m so sad the video I to be recording crashed 3 bosses later and nothing to be saved. So i can"t go earlier and check.#6-Belly - There"s no means to solo this the I have the right to see. Typical I never gained sucked in.#8 Socethar - mm, ns think I require a course that has run speed. Druid or perhaps shaman looks favorable. Those ghosts come the end 6 in ~ a time on regular mode. If any kind of catch up with you, or run into any type of obstacle lock despawn. You require 20. Kill construct. Let the rebuild, don"t death ghost boss. When he"s functioning he summons adds through 3 portals. One of those portals constantly has the ghosts. I can slow them, however could no outrun them. I think he ran v the ghosts cycle around 3 times before hopping earlier into the construct.#12-Manneroth, ns was trying to get him to 30%, then still had him targeted and also auto-shot killed him.