This is an additional extremely widespread difficulty we hear defined by customers. Unfortunately this difficulty is not typically a do-it yourself settle like the safety photo sensors we talked about in a previous blog post. However, we have the right to talk about exactly how to diagnose the difficulty so you"ll be knowledgeable around the issue once placing a organization contact.

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FIRST: Try to run the garage door manually

This helps you recognize if the difficulty is pertained to the door or the motor.

The garage door deserve to be operated manually by disconnecting the garage door opener from the door utilizing the red pull cord.


If the door is functioning correctly it have to be basic to lift by hand. This shows that the springs (torsion springs in the instance of the photo above) are working correctly and also are not the concern.

SECOND: If the door DOES NOT open up manually...

We will certainly now desire to take a look at the garage door springs. There are two different types of springs for garage doors:

Torsion spring(s): wound up over the garage door with a bar via the facility of the springs.
Good Torsion Spring
Broken Torsion SpringExstress and anxiety springs: stretch out or extfinish on either side of the garage door above the track


Good Exanxiety Spring


Over-extended expansion spring - notification the warped coils

THIRD: If you do view a broken or warped spring call Overhead Door Company type of of Birmingham.

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Garage door springs have the right to be very dangerous to occupational via. We execute offer them over the counter yet ask that you bring in the old spring as soon as you come so that we have the right to enhance it specifically. This additionally reflects that you understand exactly how to effectively take care of the spring(s), although we still have actually you sign a waiver stating that you understand also the dangers affiliated.

If your springs seem to be in excellent shape, tright here are a number of other options

Once you start to identify these springs and check out what condition they are in, you need to be able to understand a little even more around why your garage door has stopped working and what type of business is necessary to obtain the garage door working again!