This might kill you with laughter– and also weirdness. Academy compensation winner and also perfect human, Meryl Streep, has a really unlikely twin: Future! Yes, Future the rapper. You need to see the funniest pan reactions to this earth-shattering revelation!

We every knowMeryl Streep, 66, might play anyone, but when it come time because that someone come play her, she might want come look towardsFuture, 31. Someone, somewhere illuminated the world on the reality that Meryl and also Future lookseriously alike– regardless of their difference in age, gender and race. No, like, look at the side by next and try arguing your resemblance. Naturally, the web (where every funny things go come die) take it the realization and ran with it. Inspect out several of the many absurd reactions– you space welcome in advance!

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Ready because that some serious LOLs? Of food you are.

“Future looks like meryl Streep yet black,” one Twitter user wrote, in a practiced observation. “Why future look prefer Meryl streep,” an additional user waxed poetic. One person can have had actually the most logical method of looking at this whole thing. “i wish ns was a senior just so i can make my an elderly quote ‘why future look prefer meryl streep,"” they wrote.

Check out some of the other hilar reaction below.

NatAttacc) October 20, 2015

WHO tf claimed future looked prefer meryl streep bcs that's every I see now

— 彡☆ (
slutoIogy) October 16, 2015

Twitter damaged Future for me, ns can't look in ~ him without see Meryl Streep now

— Crangrape Enthusiast (
alexa_beech) October 14, 2015

So, you’ve checked out the pics, you’ve checked out the tweets.Now phone call us, carry out you think that Future and also Meryl look alike? Or is this just the net being the internet?

—Casey Mink

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