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Hey, everyone my name is Austin Walker, I"m the hold, GM, andco-creator of Friends at the Table, which is an actual play podcastfocused on instrumental civilization building, smart characterization, and also funinteractions in between great friends.

Maybe you recognize some of our actors from among the other podcaststhat we do favor Emojidrome or Waypoint Radio, or you heard usguests on something choose the Great Gundam Project or the GiantBombactors, or you experienced the show"s name in an write-up or had a veryexhuberent friend recommfinish us to you with the majority of excitement.

However you obtained right here, thanks for providing us a shot! I"m going otcarry out my ideal to make certain that we do not squander that opportunity byproviding you some advice on wright here you deserve to start the show!Due to the fact that there is a LOT of display, and also honestly tbelow isn"t just oneexcellent location to hop on--however I perform have some thoughts on what mightoccupational best.

Broadly, we"re an actual play podactors, favor I shelp prior to. Whichimplies we play tablepeak roleplaying games and also story games in orderto tell stories together. It"s type of favor a collaborativewriter"s room with some dice thrown in. Thankcompletely in 2020 a lot ofcivilization already know what that is, many thanks to mirrors like CriticalRole or The Adventure Zone. So I"m going to talk assuming that youhave some concept around what it means to be a podcast favor ours.

If you desire somepoint brief and sweet to obtain to know some of usand the style of stories we tell, then examine out the 3 partFevery one of Magic series which starts at September 1fourth, 2018 inour primary feed. It"s a light, yet melancholy story around magicleaving a fantastical human being and also a good mage and also her companions whoare on a journey to gain back it. It was originally a collection of livestreams which means that things are sort of loose and playful, itall has actually a sort of of Studio Ghibli vibe. And aobtain, 3 episodes, inand out. A good beginning area.

If you wanna stick with fantasy yet desire somepoint a littlemeatier, then let me recommfinish jumping on board via Marielda,which starts on July 14th, 2016 in your feed. In Marielda we beginwith Aexceptionally Alder"s The Quiet Year to build a custom, industrialfantasy setting filled through ingenious inventors, curious creatures,and broken hearted gods, and also then we play out a campaign in thatsetting making use of John Harper"s tremendous Blades in the Dark. Plus,it"s a great jumping on suggest for our currently complete Fantasy seriesSeasons of Hieron. Marielda is a prequel story, you don"t need torecognize anything about Hieron before listening. And as soon as it ends, theepisodes that follow are a clip present of everything that came beforeMarielda, which suggests you deserve to jump appropriate in to the second season foHieron after you complete our campaign of Blades in the Dark.

If fantasy isn"t your thing, then we"ve still gained a lot ofoptions for you. Our existing seachild, PARTIZAN, isfrankly among the best we"ve had actually. It takes place at the heart of acorrupt galactic empire, wright here the very first dreams of revolutionstart to stir in those who live there. We play Austin Ramsay"s BeamSaber in addition to some various other games, and also it"s great. It"s aboutendangered characters, backdoor politicking, and also tremendouslyeffective robotic gods referred to as Divines. If you choose Mobile SuitGundam or Escaflowne or Crusader Kings II, PARTIZAN is the placefor you. Plus, if you catch up, you"ll have the ability to listen week toweek along with the audience which is always really fun. I suggestbeginning at PARTIZAN 00, which is a character production episode, or01 if you want to obtain best into it.

If you desire to hear how we first conceived of Divines, then youhave the right to go means ago to July 15, 2015, when we started COUNTER/Weight,our first sci-fi seachild. We play a bunch of stuff again: We useJeremy Keller"s TechNoir and also Haimsh Cameron"s The Sprawl to followa team of cyberpunks, fixers, and mech pilots, and also we zoom outfrom time to time to usage the factivity rules in Stars Without Numberto follow points frmo a grander, more faction-scale level.COUNTER/Weight is probably my favorite seachild all shelp, but it doesget off to a sort of rocky start, so I absolutely suggest PARTIZANinitially, unmuch less you"re someone that HAS to hear whatever in releaseorder.

Finally, there"s Bluff City, which isn"t in this feed, but itsfirst seachild is cost-free on our Patreon. You have the right to accessibility it by going totinyurl.com/freebluff. Bluff City is an anthology series, wherewe usage a bunch of different games, including Masks, World WideWrestling RPG, Inspecrtres, Fiasco, and also others to tell the storiesof an uncanny version of Atlantic City. It has actually some of my favoritemoments and also characters and player performances, and I reallyrecommend that human being offer it a listen!

There are so many kind of various other points I can reccomfinish, but these areideal jumping on points. If you give them a shot and also favor them, thenhit us up on Twitter at Friends_Table to gain more recommendationsof what to listen to (or ask our tremendous fans making use of the hashtag#carolannpeacock.com.

Like I shelp, we likewise have a Patreon, which you have the right to reach atcarolannpeacock.com.cash, which has actually a BUNCH of various other stuff if youfeel choose supporting us after giving some of our stuff a listen.That contains Live at the Table, a monthly livestream wright here we doone shots of a bunch of various games, Tips at the Table aroundtable Q&A present where we answer your concerns around RPGs,table manners, storyinforming, recording podcasts, basicallywhatever and also anything civilization can ask. And I carry out a display calledDrawing Maps, which is a mix of streamed stuff and podcasts where Ipull back the curtain on my game prep and also also take soem GMingquestions from the audience. ALL of those points I sassist are part ofthe 5 dollar a month tier. There"s even more stuff after that, buthonestly, even simply that stuff is a lot to talk about. OH likewise,also 1 dollar backers acquire the clapcast, which is choose the cuttingroom floor, out of character jovital bits from the warmth upconversation prior to we start doing the main show recordings. It"sall excellent, and it honestly is amazing the level of assistance y"allhave displayed us tbelow and honestly everywhere throughout theinternet.

We are a tiny show--much much smaller than I think civilization mightassume--yet our fans have assisted us actors a pretty big shadow,which rules. So, I hope if you provide us a shot, you"ll see whatthose fans have actually come to love over the years too. And hey, if youprovide us a shot and also it"s not for you, then no worries, you gave it aswarm, and also that"s all I have the right to ask from anyone.

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Oh, and I have to also shout out Jack de Quidt, another member ofthe actors that is likewise an incredible composer who does a ton of greatmusic for the present. You have the right to discover all that music at notquitereal.bandcamp.com,consisting of this song which is the intro to Fall of Magic. Thanks soa lot. Peace.